Secret Girlfriend


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Scene Title Secret Girlfriend
Synopsis Elaine parks herself outside of Quinn's flat, waiting for her friend to return from work. For the second time that day, things do not go as expected for anyone.
Date July 01, 2010

Gun Hill: Quinn's Flat

Who knows how long she's been sitting there, but Elaine's planted herself square in front of Quinn's door. Leaning against it, eyes shut, she seems to be resting. She's waiting, it seems for the Irish woman to come home.

When Quinn comes plodding up the stairs from work, she’s not quite prepared to find what she does sitting on her doorstep. She can’t help but frown, her pace slowing as she approaches, eyes narrow. Her silk dress flows as she steps quietly towards the other girl, falling to her knees and poking her. “Elaine~. If you wanted to leave yourself as a package, you didn’t need to actually wait here.”

"Mm..?" Elaine murmurs, opening her eyes as she notes the familiar girl. "Oh, Quinn." She slowly shifts to get to her feet, looking over at the girl. "Sorry, I just wanted to wait for you and I dozed off.. can we hang out?"

“Well, sure,” Quinn remarks, an eyebrow quirked. “We absolutely can. But, I mean… you could have left a note. Or a text message.” A warm smile is beamed at Elaine as she stands, offering a hand. “You didn’t have t’ wait.”

Elaine takes Quinn's hand, pulling herself up carefully. "I coulda, yeah, but I didn't really want to sit alone in my apartment so I thought I'd just wait here so I could be sure to catch you." She smiles. "So.. consider yourself caught?

A bit of laughter is the response. “I’d hate t’ break it to you, Elaine…” And Quinn reaches forward, twisting the knob on her door and revealing that it was unlocked the entire time. “Not the normal way I do things, but I was in a hurry this afternoon.” Pushing the door open, Quinn slips in, motioning for Elaine to follow her. “What’s up?” she asks, even as she makes her way back to her bedroom. “Don’t mind me, I’ve got t’ change real quick. I can still hear you, though.”

It was open. The entire time. Why didn't she even bother trying the doorknob? Well, it wasn't as if Elaine would have broken into Quinn's apartment anyways. "Go ahead, though the dress looks nice on you. I can imagine, though, that you'd want to change after having worn it all day." She moves to go sit on the couch. "I just wanted to come by. Magnes is off doing his secret thing and I just didn't want to sit in my apartment alone all evening."

“Well, it’s only been a few hours. But it gets right hot up in that booth,” Quinn remarks, fanning herself dramatically before she disappears into her room. Rustling can be heard within, the typical sounds of the change of cloth, if a bit strained due to the particular choice of outfits. “Thanks. You’re welcome t’ stay as long as you want. Overnight if you don’t want t’ sleep in Magnes’ room alone, but I only have the couch and my bed.”

Elaine laughs. "Yeah, I bet it does… considering how bad it is when you're out dancing in a club, just being up in the booth I bet it can be pretty bad." She nods at the remark about sleeping over. "That's okay. Even if I just sleep on the couch it's fine. I'd rather just not be alone. Something about being alone that's kinda depressing." She sinks into the couch a bit more.

“Well, it’s still got nothing on actually being on stage. Even just playin’ classical violin and staying real still, anxiousness and the lights can really make you boil.” Quinn pops her head back out, bare shoulders visible. “Yeah, it was like that for me before I got used t’ not having a roommate before. But you can use the bed if you want. I promise I won’t do anything unladylike.” Laughing at her own joke, Quinn pops back into her room. “So! How’s your day been, then?”

"Hey, I don't think anything you'd do to me would be 'unladylike'." Elaine states with a wink. Her question on the day, however, gets a slight giggle from her. "It's been interesting. Got to have that talk with Magnes in the morning. Wasn't expecting to have it until tomorrow, y'know, after he got back, and I think things are okay."

“Well, that’s good. I take it he was willin’ to listen?” Quinn’s voice rings out form her room, followed by a grunt and a thud – hopefully one of her shoes, and not her. There’s the sound of drawers opening and closing, and a moment later she emerges in a loose t-shirt, and a loose pair of pants. “I’m glad it went well, I was kinda worried, t’ be honest.” She stands in her doorway, hands on her hips. “Want somethin’ to drink?”

Oh, shoes. That's a good idea. Elaine moves to tug her own off, mostly so she can shift, drawing her feet under her so she can sit cross-legged. "I was worried too, but it wasn't bad. He was the one that wanted a serious talk, wanted me to say everything I needed to get out, just in case. He's gonna leave that group after this. Told me he would. He's really trying to be careful. I believe he's gonna do it, that he's okay." She grins, suddenly. "A drink would be great, but that depends on if you're offering me a drink or a drink. Though I suppose I could go for both."

“Good. I hope he really does. We need him concentrating on the band, since I’m settin’ up a little studio.” Quinn gives a nod, hopping from the doorway and towards her kitchen. “Well, I have water, sprite, Guinness, and peach schnapps. Not of which really mix that well, except maybe the spite and schnapps. But whatever want is fine.” She lingers in the entrance to the kitchenette, looking back at Elaine. “Just… make sure he sticks to it.”

"I vote the sprite an schnapps. That sounds delicious. Heavy on the schnapps." Elaine insists, giggling. "Could use a drink. Interesting day indeed." She does nod. "A studio, huh? That's pretty cool. You can really get the band going with that. I'm sure Magnes will be able to focus more. I think this will take a lot of stress out of his life, getting out."

“Interesting?” Quinn remarks as she dives into her fridge, pulling out two cans of Sprite and the bottle of schnapps. Glasses are retrieved, and she begins pouring. She’s not a bartender, by any means, but she could make a little something. “Did somethin’ besides the talk with Manges happen? And yeah, a studio. I’ve been working on proper soundproofing for my spare room. I figure we can put down a few things together, just t’ get demos for a sound and all.”

As Quinn questions about the rest of her day, Elaine chokes a little bit. "Hung out with Sable for a bit. We were gonna work on her resume, but that kinda flopped since she doesn't really have anything that wasn't paid under the table." She notes the mention of the studio and seizes on that. "Oh, that's such a clever idea. If it's soundproofed you guys can practice a bit in there too, if you don't have anywhere else to work."

“Yep! That’s the idea, and I can play most of the night without really botherin’ anyone.” She grins, coming back into the common room with glasses in hand. One is handed out to Elaine, and Quinn takes a long drink of her own, eyeing the drink for a moment. “How’d talkin’ to Sable go? She an’ talked a bit the other day too. I hope she’s feelin’ a bit better.”

"Yeah, she's definitely doing better, I think." Elaine takes a long sip of her drink. "It was good. Chatted a tiny bit about Magnes, had a good time." She peers back over at Quinn. "Yeah, it went well."

“That’s good, that’s good,” Quinn says, raising her glass in to Elaine. “Anythin’ interesting to talk about? She say anything about that mysterious girl she’s chasing after?” Quinn grins wide, and shrugs. “What’d she think of Magnes?” She sounds genuinely curious at this.

There's an eyebrow raised. "Mysterious girl she's chasing? I dunno for sure about that. What'd she say? Now I'm curious. If I knew there was an interrogation necessary I woulda pried her for information on that." Elaine takes a long sip of the beverage. "Oh, I didn't really tell her about Magnes' super spy business.. kinda tried to distract myself from that today. Although I did learn one thing—Magnes was serious that one night about the threesome."

Quinn snorts, taking another long sip of her drink – to which she hops up, and heads back to the fridge. “It’s a shame he’s gone now, of course. When I’m drinking and would actually be up for it.” The fridge is open again, and a six pack of sprite in one hand, and the bottle of schnapps in the other. Plunked down on table. “But, you know. He can’t win ‘em all, right? Which… somewhat oddly reminds me, anything you wanna do for the rest of our date?”

"Oh, come on. You'd never be able to live it down. It's Magnes. And you'd have to see it, alcohol or not." Elaine raises her glass to the air as Quinn returns with more sprite and the bottle of schnapps. "Now we've got a party alright. And no, Magnes can't win 'em all. You won my date, after all." She nods a bit, looking back to Quinn. "Well, I consider this part of it. I wanted to have some drinks and hang out, at least. Although it might be fun to get out and do something. Maybe something touristy? Despite having lived in New York for so long, I don't think I've done all the things you're supposed to do in New York."

Quinn clinks her glass against Elaine’s, a smirk on her face. Finishing her first drink, she takes a moment to mix up another one. Another initial long sip, and she plops back down on the couch close to Elaine, much closer than before. The glass exchanges hands, and her arm, slips around Elaine’s back. “This is part of it, eh? I can live with that. And Magnes…” she snickers, and shrugs. “I think I could handle it if I had a cute enough girl, and you’d fit the bill.” She winks, nods. “Not that he’d have to see, you know.” She gives a nervous laugh, patting Elaine on the shoulder. “I haven’t seen all of new York myself. I’d love to, though. We could certainly do that.”

Elaine happily takes a big sip, enjoying the taste for a moment. "I'm a big fan of peaches, glad you had this of all things. Peach schnapps tastes just like those peach ring candies you can buy, and those are my favorite. Addictive little things." She murmurs, though the conversation prompts another giggle. "Well, I'd do my best to distract you from it, since you're not quite so fond of them. And besides, I have a feeling he'd mostly watch anyways." Another sip. Oh, right, the date. "I'll have to look up what attractions we've got and I'm sure we can find something fun."

“Well, peach schnapps is one of the main ingredients in a redheaded slut,” she replies, winking at Elaine, her arm attempting to slide down to the other girl’s midsection. “Along with Jaeger and cranberry juice. It’s m’ favourite and one of teh few I actually know how to make. Unfortunately, I’m a bit out of the others at the moment, otherwise I’d make a few for us.” She giggles, a hand to her own cheek. “Ah, I had a few before I left work. It’s always amusin’ when someone hears I have a standing order on redheaded sluts.” A mirthful laughs follow, and Quinn rolls her shoulders.

“Which, uh, actually reminds me of somethin’ I heard Magnes said.” Uh oh.

"Well, I wouldn't really call me a slut, but.." Elaine grins. "I hear Jaeger packs a punch, not sure how many of those I could handle. Though that's your drink of choice, so… you've got the redhead and the schnapps, at least." The arm is noted a bit, and when Quinn mentions Magnes, there's a tiny bit of a blush. She thinks she knows what's coming. A long sip of her drink. "Oh?" She questions, testing to see if it's what she think it is.

“Well, like…” Quinn wrinkles her nose, and her gaze turns to her glass for a moment, as if for encouragement. And it comes when she decides to to just down the rest of it, true Irish style. “He said, like… that you’re free t’ sleep with mee an’… Sable if you want.” A hand reaches up to rub her face. “An’, like… Sable was all encouragin’ me t’ go for it. And I dind’t know if you knew this, but I didn’t, like… want you t’ think that was why I got you at the auction or anything.” A paused, and a hand moves to her mouth to cover a belch. “And if you didn’t know that I just made a huge ass out a’ myself.” She leans over and begins to fix another drink, her cheeks a red that matches the drink she spoke of earlier.

And there it was. Elaine's blushing as well, though she notes Quinn going for another drink. "Mm, don't drink too much, though you definitely seem much more relaxed with a few in you." She pauses, watching Quinn carefully as she sips a bit of her drink. "Yeah, I heard that too. And I know that's not why you got me at the auction. You're a good person, Quinn, and you don't need an expensive date for something like that." She's enjoying a bit more of her drink as well, clearly relaxing. "Anyone ever tell you how cute you are when you blush, Quinn?"

Quinn’s eyes widen a little bit, at each of Elaine’s comments, and her blush only deepens. “I- you’re kidding, right?” She sounds just dumbfounded. She eyes her drink, but at Elaine’s suggestion, she places it back down on the table – though the glass is already a good third empty. “I-uh… well, I think you know what I think of you…” There’s clear nervousness in her voice.

There's another sip of Elaine's drink, casually, mostly as if for a bit of encouragement before it's also set down on the table. "There's a reason I flirt with you a lot, Quinn. Sure as hell it's fun, but it's not like there's nothing to it. I really like flirting with you and all. And you make it very easy cause I know what you think." She giggles. "You afraid of me now, Quinn?"

“A-Afraid? No. But…” She blinks, tilting her head. She exhales sharply, wrinkling her nose. “I think you’re really cute, you know? If Magnes wasn’t such a good friend an’ in the band, I’d be really freakin’ jealous of him.” She’s not exactly she why she’s confessing all this. It’s just kind of happening. “Actually, I still kinda am. But, like- I dunno. It’s… kinda weird?” This conversation feels a bit familiar to her.

"That's kinda why I always worry about flirting with you, mostly cause I'm worried about hurting you, which is something I'd never wanna do." Elaine looks back over to her. "It's weird enough that Magnes was okay with it all. I mean, it's Magnes, so I can understand it, but… I'd never really had much of an opportunity and all my teasing aside it's a little odd to have… well, there's no restraints."

Quinn laughs a bit, shaking her head. “I… I’m a lot harder t’ hurt than people seem t’ think. I’ve heard it a few times recently, actually. Do I really, like… come off as fragile sometimes?” She seem to be genuinely asking, and eyebrow raised. “Ah, well… I don’t know about no restraints.” She’s speaking more for herself than Elaine. “But, I mean, like….” Her gaze turns back to her drink, eyes narrowing it as she tries and wills the alcohol into her bloodstream.

"Oh, no! I didn't mean you were fragile, I just…" Elaine looks over at her. "I wouldn't think of doing something with you unless I knew how you really felt about it." Then Quinn mentions the restraints and Elaine goes a bit white. "Right, uh, it's probably make it complicated or something anyways…" She reaches for her glass again.

“I-um… well, I mean, it’s not like I’d fall for you or anything. You’re a pretty girl I enjoy bein’ around, but I know you love Magnes, you know?” Which is her roundabout way of saying I’m fine with it if you are. Or something. “But, I mean…” she scratches her cheek. “It doesn’t have t’ complicate things.” This is something else she’s been telling herself lately. “Lord, I am amazed I am even considering this.”

Elaine sets her glass back down, turning to face Quinn fully. "You know, you really do have a problem with not being headstrong enough, even with the alcohol. You should've done this five minutes ago." With that, Elaine's hand makes it's way up to Quinn's jaw, tilting her face towards her as she proceeds to lean in, locking her lips to the other woman's without another thought.

Quinn’s about to start talking again when Elaine’s hand finds her jaw, and she seems entirely caught by surprise as she is drawn into the kiss, eyes wide to match. It takes her a minute to acclimate before her eyes slowly close, arms slipping up Elaine’s back, one up by her should and the other sliding a bit up the back of her shirt and on her bare back. She certainly makes no attempt to pull back or fight, and instead only presses herself a bit more into the act.

Elaine is more than happy to let Quinn adjust, just because she's pretty sure it's something that could take a while. Once the Irish woman relaxes and even moves into the kiss, Elaine's free arm slides around her waist, pulling her in closer, lips staying pressed intently against Quinn's.

For her part, Quinn lets her lips part as she moves the kiss along just a bit more, sighing contentedly as she does. Both hands now positioned on Elaine’s back, Quinn suddenly breaks away, and she’s red as a tomato, breathing heavy. In almost the same instance, confidence renewed by both the kiss and the amount of alcohol she’s had tonight, her hands move to Elaine’s side, and then lift up, attempting to take her shirt with them.

The question is, is she red from the kissing, the alcohol, or embarrassment? Elaine doesn't seem to care, though she's more surprised at Quinn's sudden gesture. She shifts a little, letting the other woman tug her shirt off before she looks back, panting a little, eyes questioning if Quinn's okay continuing. Despite the blaring obviousness of the removal of her shirt.

Tossing the top to the side, Quinn stares at Elaine for a moment, blinking a time or two before a sheepish grin crosses her face. “I really cannot believe I’m doing this.” And before there’s a response, she leans into Elaine, finding her lips lingering for only a minute before she trails down to her neck and collarbone, hands beginning to… roam.

And as soon as Elaine opens her mouth to comment, there's Quinn again, finally having the opportunity to shut her up with a kiss. The lips on her neck gets a nice reaction, namely in the sharp intake of breath as soon as the lips meet skin, her own hands slide their way down to rest on Quinn's sides.

Quinn’s array off kisses continue along Elaine’s neck, often lingering at the base, only pausing when Quinn leans back for a breath. Eyes closed, she finds way to Elaine’s back, and her hands set to the task of relieving Elaine of more of her clothes, only pausing when Elaine’s own hands reach he side. She reaches back, guiding Elaine’s hands to the edges of her t-shirt, and smiles.

The kisses cause a pleasing little shiver to run down Elaine's spine, shifting a little to help Quinn with her clothes before she shifts, grabbing the end of Quinn's t-shirt. With a tug, it comes off and Elaine lets it drop to the floor, noting the sight as she relieves the Irish girl of her garment.

Quinn lets out a shiver of her own as the her shirt if removed, shifting as necessary to make the process easier. She leans back in, mouth parted in a long, somewhat breathless kiss to Elaine as she finishes her other task, and Elaine relieved of one more piece of clothing. She leans back, a wide smile on her face as a hand is placed on Elaine’s stomach. “I don’t think you need to worry about sleeping on the couch, tonight,” she quips, and after a reluctant moment, she slides over and up off the couch, a hand offered to Elaine. “Come on, before I lose my nerve.”

"Somehow I didn't think I was going to end up on the couch when you offered to let me sleepover." Elaine comments, a slight smirk on her face before she takes the hand and gets to her feet. "If you're afraid of losing your nerve, I can always take the schnapps with us to bed…"

Quinn pauses, glancing at Elaine, at the schnapps, and then at Elaine, tilting her head and blinking. After a moment, a smile forms. “Aaah…no, I think you’re good for keepin’ my nerve as you are…” It felt almost like a Sableish thing to say, but considering that this was partially her fault to begin with anyway, it fit. Squeezing Elaine’s hand, Quinn somewhat roughly jerks it as she starts back towards room, a momentary half stumble as they pass the couch. Yeah, all that alcohol’s really starting to kick in. Probably just in time.

“You know, Elaine,” she says with a wolfish grin as she pauses at the doorway, “I can totally be your secret girlfriend, if y’ want.” It’s said remembering their conversation from the other day, and Quinn just seems pleased as punch as she says it.

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