Secret Meeting


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Scene Title Secret Meeting
Synopsis A late night meeting between Magnes and Mohinder to discuss "cooking techniques".
Date December 29, 2008

Abandoned Warehouse

An Abandoned Warehouse in the city. Go ahead, pick one. They look mostly alike.

It's fairly late, and pretty cold, so there aren't many hobos or police patrolling random abandoned warehouses. Magnes called Mohinder up for a meeting, giving him the address of an abandoned warehouse in a district that seems to be full of them. The door is cracked for when Mohinder arrives, and Magnes is sitting with his legs crossed on the ceiling, wearing his red Robin hoody, yellow R and all. He has no glasses on, instead wearing clear contacts.

The first thing Mohinder may notice (being super smart and all) that's a bit out of order about the whole sitting on the ceiling thing, is that his hood is laying down, as if he were sitting on the floor with normal gravity.

Mohinder pushes the door open and is careful to return it to it's barely cracked state when he enters. He can /tell/ something is up, and isn't sure what until he looks in that direction. "Magnes." he says, a smile on his face. "I'm afraid I can't join you up there. But that's impressive to say the least."

"I was saying up here, just in case people I weren't expecting came." Magnes then drops down, a very slow fall that almost looks like he's descending from flight, then he lands a few feet from the scientist. "I'm sure you can kinda guess what I wanted to talk about…"

Mohinder nods "I think I can hazard a guess - although I would be confused. I'd say your ability to fly, not unlike someone else I know, but I noticed that the hood of your jacket didn't I'm afraid I'm at a loss - even after all these years, the permutations of the abilities still leave me guessing." he says, his soothing accent good natured in timbre.

"I can't fly, I just fell really slow, I can fall up too, and jump high. You wanna stand on the ceiling with me? It's really safe." Magnes assures, holding his hand out and looking up. "You just gotta jump with me, then spin when I do."

Mohinder blinks. He's never been offered this before. "Are..are you sure?" he's very interested. Tempted. The grin spreading on his face shows he isn't at all repulsed, but rather totally into it. "You can share your ability?"

"Yeah, when I touch people. But they can only use the one I'm using for some reason." Magnes crouches, getting ready to jump while continuing to hold his hand out for Mohinder's. "I'm really good at this one, it's like flicking a light switch, but you might feel kinda nauseous for a moment."

Mohinder nods and takes a deep breath and takes Magnes hand. "Okay, I'll do my best to keep from embarassing myself."

Magnes suddenly jumps, and if Mohinder jumps, he'll find that he's far more light, almost like swimming in water, but far more freedom. "Now, go upside down!" he quickly says, slowly spinning upside down when they're close to the ceiling, and as soon as that happens, up suddenly becomes down, and down becomes up. It physically feels like the ceiling is the floor as they slowly fall to it.

There are no disorienting physical effects that usually come with being upside down, no blood rushing to the head, no feeling as if you may fall, and even clothing and such all seem to be in their usual places. The ceiling is simply the floor now.

Mohinder blinks, still holding onto Magnes' hand. "This..this is amazing!" he says, looking around fascinated. "I've never experienced anything like this!"

Magnes holds his hand tightly, making sure Mohinder doesn't let go out of enthusiasm. "It's pretty awesome, I can do this with the walls and stuff too. It's kinda like flipping a light switch, then suddenly up and down, left is down, well, I can choose what's down. If this roof wasn't here, we'd fall into the sky. I can do other things too, some I can't control."

Mohinder continues to look around, enthralled. Though he doesn't loosen his grip on the hand at all. "What else can you do, Magnes?"

"Well, you saw a moment ago that I can jump realy slow, and really high. I can control how fast I fall, and how high I can jump, but I've never tried to jump too high." Magnes rubs his chin, staring down at the ceiling in deep thought. "I've accidentally done some things too. Like, I've gotten really afraid, and this one time when I got shot, my body suddenly got so heavy I could barely move, and I think the ground was starting to crack. And sometimes when I throw things, they slow down and sometimes stop in mid air."

Mohinder hmmms, letting his mind work a few moments. "Well then..I think I've figured out what your true ability is, Magnes." he says, smiling in a warm, manner. He loves helping people like this. It's also at these times he feels his father's hand on his shoulder, guiding him, as if this is REALLY what he's to be doing. Being the first contact with people, and helping them discover what they can do and how to use it. Like a Charles Xavier..without the wheelchair. Or telepathy.

Or baldness.

Magnes looks over at him excitedly, eyes bright. "What is it? Am I like, I don't know, some kind of Spider-Man?" he asks, not sure what else to call it.

Mohinder shakes his head, "From what you tell me, and from what I experience here, plus what I observed when I arrived. I'm deducing you've ability to control the gravity around you. You can lessen it, to do the stuff you're doing now, and you can make yourself much denser or much lighter depending. I'm also guessing you can control the fields of objects around you as well."

"Really? Um, maybe we should get down, just in case I accidentally do something while I'm thinking about my other abilities." Magnes says cautiously, standing and pushing off the ceiling, still holding Mohinder's hand to pull the man with him.

"But if I can do this so easily, why is it so hard to use my other abilities? And, well, why can't I control how long I affect something after I stop touching it? Most of the time it instantly stops, but it's not uncommon for the effects to stay for a few minutes…

Mohinder floats down with you, flipping and moving when he needs to in order to land on his feet on the ground again. "That..I'm not so sure about. I'm convinced a portion has to do with practice and the strength of your ability. You can increase both the potetency of your ability and your control over it by very controlled practice."

"Man, I wish I had the superhero fundamentals…" Magnes complains as he releases Mohinder's hand and crosses his arms. "I mean, most of this stuff gets learned by actually going out and doing stuff, but I don't know how to just make accidents happen, I can't get heavy. I have to learn this stuff if I'm gonna hunt down Sylar's location…"
Mohinder shakes his head, "Trust me, Magnes. Hunting down Sylar is the last thing you want to do."

"I'm not gonna take him in or anything, I need to find his friends and get them to tell me where he is, then I can tell the government."
Magnes explains his plan as if it were that simple. "He tried to kill Abby, I have powers, it's my job to save girls in distress. I mean, what if I end up with a Gwen Stacy, or Spoiler… even though she came back to life, you get my point."

Mohinder ponders this, "To my knowledge, he /has/ not friends and yes, I get your point…but I've dealt with him since the beginning. He won't think twice about bringing all of his power to bear to steal yours."

"Well what are we supposed to do? We can't just let him run around killing us." Magnes sighs and seems to float backward, until he's laying against the wall with his hands behind his head, feet not touching the ground. "He can't be a god, everyone's beatable. What'll we do if he blows up something else like Manhattan?"

Mohinder sighs, "Believe me when I can't tell you anymore than this, but just trust me, the people I work for..they're tracking him..they'll stop him."

"Do you work for like, a team of heroes or something?" Magnes wonders, facinated by the idea. "And there's no way I can help at all? I mean, I have powers. I always thought that when I was a kid, if I had powers, it would be easy to fight crime and super villains and stuff, but now I just have lots of people saying no…"

Mohinder shakes his head, "Nothing so glamourous, I'm afraid. I will see if possibly you could be useful, and if you are, I'll let you know..just promise me you won't go after him. I like you, I don't want to see you harmed. I'd feel'd kill me a little."

"Well, I guess so. I mean, you /are/ a scientist, so I guess if I didn't listen to you, I'd be pretty stupid." Magnes figured, comparing that to listening to Deckard, who said the exact same thing… and all the other people who said 'Stay the hell away from Sylar'. "I'm not just trying to run around in tights and be a superhero ya know, I just wanna make a difference. With great power comes great responsibility, ya know? A great man once said that."

Mohinder nods, smiling and reaching over to pat the young man on the shoulder. "I understand what you mean. It's why I do what I do, too. Perhaps I can help you make a difference, in the right direction. Remember, Sylar's not the only one who's out there trying to hurt people."

"I know, Sylar's just the only one of them who tried to hurt someone that I know. It took like, I don't know…" Magnes pauses, looking down at his skates. "A personal hit to realize that I needed to be doing something."

Mohinder inclines his head a little bit. "It's admirable that you want to do something. Others might be content to stand around and do nothing. I'll do what I can to help you. All good heroes have a super smart sidekick, yes?"

"Yeah, you're like… one of those sidekicks who isn't a girl or a kid." Magnes laughs at his inability to think of a name, then just nods. "You have my number, I think quite a few people do now, though no one's used it yet. You seem like a nice guy, I mean, you /are/ a scientist, so I'll wait and see what you come up with before I go out hunting Sylars."
Mohinder nods, "I appreciate that. I'll try to give you as many updates as I can. It might not be until after the new year. Promise you'll give me that long?"

"I will, I'll try and practice my abilities some, and check on Abby to see how she's doing." Magnes lets himself down from the wall, only being a few inches from the ground, then starts to skate for the door. "You want a lift home?"

Mohinder nods, "I'd appreciate that, sure. Thirty minutes or less, right?" he asks, another smile spreading on his face.

"Yup! And don't worry, I've done this before, it's just like in the Spider-Man movies!" Magnes says with a laugh, holding his hand out for Mohinder's again once he slips outside.

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