Secret Subterfuge


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Scene Title Secret Subterfuge
Synopsis Claire has her mission from Knox and she shares it with Cardinal, the only person who knows what the regenerator has planned.
Date March 15, 2010

New York Public Library

"Richard!" The familiar voice of a blonde regenerator echoes through the library. "Where are you, boss?" Boots scuff along the marble flooring as she moves down the lower level hallway, sticking her head into this room or that looking for the tattered shadow, stopping long enough to see if his thready voice gives away where he is.

For the most part, Claire has been brooding, quiet and moody…. only the shadow remains of her boss knew why. Mostly, she was afraid to give away what she's working on and for her staying away and not talking to anyone helped.

Her blonde hair twisted up in a bun, a pair of silvery sticks decorated with cranes tucked into it, a gloved hand holds tight to a cellphone. A glance goes to it, before she ducks her head into the office holding the security monitors. "Richard?"

"Yes?" Yes? The shadows that linger upon the wall across from the monitors stir, tattered pieces drifting away as Richard turns his attention from them to the regenerator, "Sorry, I was… thinking. What's up, Claire?" Claire?

"There you are." Claire says with a soft relieved sigh, stepping into the security room. Holding her cellphone up, she looks less then thrilled, her tone reflects it, "Knox sent a text." She moves to drop into the chair in front of the monitors, turning to look at the shadow. "If I do this….." She glances at the screen of the cell. "…then I'm in."

Her head turns slightly back towards the wall, but her eyes are on the text message as she reads it for him:

Claire. 211 North End Avenue, Apartment 1801. Go in between 9am and 3pm. Search the house for paper files, specifically documents labeled "VS7101 or CS7102." Resident shouldn't be home during that time, security cameras will be disabled and automatic locks leading up to the apartment will work for you if you send a text to Rebel before going. Apartment door will need to be forced open. Get in, get out, and drop off what you find to a dumpster at the west entrance to Battery Park. If you do this, you're in. — Knox

Blue eyes flick to the wall, "Isn't that a high priced place?" Brows drop a bit and Claire sighs. "Wonder what those files are."

"There's only one way to find out, isn't there…?" A dark little chuckle stirs in the darkness as Cardinal considers the message, "…you'll bring a digital camera, of course, something without a wireless port to take pictures of the documents. Hm. Have you looked up the address to see who's listed as its owner?" Its owner..?

"I…. thought about it," Claire admits with a smile angled at shadow. "But I figure if I look it up, Rebel maybe watching. If they wanted me to know who it was…" She gives a phone a little wiggle, brows lifting in a matter of fact way, "..they would have told me. Wouldn't matter, I need this to get in so even if it was my dad's place, I gotta go in. Looks like I get to practice my lock picking." Thank you, Laura.

"We sure we want me in with them?" The cellphone screen goes black with a push of a button, "I'm willing, I already told you that." She smiles a bit. "Probably the best bet anyhow, since that use to be my life."
"Rebel may be quite powerful, but omniscient… he's not. I'll have someone look into it," Cardinal replies, "And yes… we can't afford not to go in with them, Claire. We need to know what they're doing. They're powerful allies - especially with Rickham there - but… if they start a war before we're ready for it…" Apocalypse…

There is a short nod of Claire's head. "I figured so, just wanted to to make sure boss." She says softly, leaning back in the chair, arms crossing. Taking a deep breath, Claire sighs softly, her expression falling some. "I've been looking at apartments, for when — I leave."

Lips press together briefly. "Few people know the true reason why I'm going the better, I think. Not that I don't trust everyone, but — with Rebel snooping around. Who knows where he might hear if from the others, especially with Alia on his side," A knowing look is shot his way, fingers tuck hair behind her ear, "But… do we tell Liz? This puts her and I on opposite sides of the fence."

"Does it? It puts you keeping an eye on the people she's not certain if we should trust at all," points out Richard, "I'll speak to her. She'll understand… as for apartments… you have the money, or do you need some more?" Some more…?

"In secret no, but," Claire amends softly. "Frontline is government.. PARIAH.. or whatever they are," Easier to think of them as Pariah, truthfully, — is terrorist. So on the outside, yes." Feet are brought up to rest on the top of the desk, leaning the chair back. "If she protests, remind her part of her reason for being in FRONTLINE?"

Grinning she arches a brow at Cardinal, "As for money… I think the government has it taken care of." There is a mischievous smirk there at the irony. "At least for a time, once I'm in… I might have to go underground." Like always.

"I'll make her listen. I'm always able to…" A promise whispered from the shadows, as Richard allows, "…I'll see about arranging a method of communication that Rebel can't listen in on or detect, it may take me a bit." Apila…

Claire smirks at the shadow on the wall, "Of course, she'll listen to you. You've got that way about you, boss. Even like…." A hand moves to wave at his current condition. "I have faith in you, Richard." She smiles softly at him as she pushes to her feet. "Let me know when and if you get things set up, I'll start preparing for the job."

"Hopefully, I don't screw this up." The words are grumbled, softly, her eyes going to the door. " I think that worries me the most about this. I've never done something like this before, I always go in guns blazing and getting the job done. Never done this subterfuge thing."

"You'll do fine, Claire," Richard reassures her, "Just fine. Stop worrying about it and just do it. The more you worry and question yourself, the worse you'll do, because you'll be nervous and off balance." Unfocused…

"Okay.. okay.. your right." There is a soft huff of air and Claire move around the chair, "Getting back in with them, it'll be like riding a bicycle." She glances at the shadow, her expression turning thoughtful. A hand reaches out and fingers skim through the shadow. "This works, I'm gonna miss the place."

"You'll be back." …be back… The shadows twist about her fingers in a lazy contact, and Cardinal whispers, "Just don't forget what you're doing there, all right…?" Don't forget us.

His words get a chuckle from her, "Boss… I doubt you'd let me forget." A small smile is offered to the shadow of a man, "Besides, kind of hard to forgot someone like you or Liz." Brows quirk up a bit as she amends. "Unless someone else succeeds in blowing away half my head again." She tries to play it off as a joke, but it comes out more haunted then anything.

Fingers pull of the shadow and Claire moves towards the door, her expression a touch distracted and lost in thought. "I have some planning to do. You know where to find me if you need me again."

"Alright," Cardinal's voice trails after her, "And you know where to find me…" To find me…

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