Secretary of State Speaks Out

NEW YORK — At a press conference on the lawns of his personal estate at 9 a.m., Secretary of State Nathan Petrelli offered words of apology to the American public in light of the resignation of Allen Rickham, announced on January 14.

"It has been over two years since the devestation of New York City and the revelations that proceeded it, and some might say that in light of this recent disappointment that as a nation, it will take us longer still to get back on our feet. I don't apologise for Mr. Rickham's decision and the events that led up to it, for I believe he can speak for himself and has done so, but I do apologise to the United States of America for this latest obstacle in the way of the future we're fighting for. A future that allows for the co-existence of Evolved and non, that can only be achieved when there is an example to follow, and a leader to set this example."

Petrelli was the runner-up contender for Presidency during the 2008 election, followed by Republican Senator Andrew Mitchell. In 2006, he announced the existence of the Evolved to the public, and supported the Linderman Act in 2007 that would make Evolved registration a legal requirement. In contrast to Rickham's policies, Petrelli and Mitchell held stances that reflected safety for the non-Evolved public in light of the 2006 New York bomb. Petrelli was nominated as Rickham's Secretary of State on January 6.

In accordance with the Constitution, it is presumed that Vice President-elect Richard Sadler-Matthews will be sworn into Office on January 20. Sadler-Matthews has not yet given a statement or been available for comment.

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