Secure In Insecurity


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Scene Title Secure In Insecurity
Synopsis Len informs Liz about Minea's unfortunate occurance — and oh, by the way someone may be coming after her next.
Date May 16, 2009

Outside the Apartment of Elisabeth Harrison

There are probably a number of places that one could go running in the city, so why Len chose to run down this street at this time is anyone's guess. Surely, it couldn't be that he has had someone keeping tabs on Elisabeth Harrison. Must be coincidence. That being said, there's not too many sights one might see going down this particular sidewalk that would look like this. A black, six and a half foot agent wearing a Houston Texans jersey, #81, with dark blue biker shorts, white socks and red running shoes, jogging past a series of apartments.

There may have been some collusion on his part to know that it's quite possible she'll be jogging down this way. As it was, he felt it important that he let her in on what has gone down. He doesn't have on his trademark cowboy hat, hardly appropriate for running, but Len covers his bald head with a bandana with the red and blue steer logo for the Texans.

In truth, Liz's running routine has been spotty at best, but she's been trying to get back to it recently, generally doing her runs in the early morning before it has time to warm up much. Today she's a bit later getting out — not like she knew some creepy agent would be cruising the street looking for her. As she sets out from the door of her apartment building having stretched inside before coming out, Elisabeth sweeps the street visually and sets her pace just as she spots the Texan. Is that? No…. can't be? It is… no one else would run around this town with that bandanna. Crap. Elisabeth sighs and settles into her pace and lets the huge black man catch up (not like she could really STOP him now, could she?)

"Well, fancy meeting you here!" says the approaching cowboy. He is already sweating pretty good as he's been going a couple of miles by this point. Spotty, feh. He could have only hopes she was coming at at some point today. He'd be running all damn day. Even panting, and sweating, the agent has a grin on his face, even so far as to flash her a mouthfull of pearly white teeth. As he approaches he slows to match her speed, and will keep up. "I don't reckon that I have to continue with this pretense that this is an accidental meeting."
Good grief, he's not really going to try the 'fancy meeting you here line,' is he? Elisabeth slants him a glance and smirks. "No. I'm reasonably certain nothing you do is accidental, Agent Denton. So what can I do for you today?"

He gives her an amused expression as they continue to run. Luckily, he's been doing this most of his life, so it doesn't bother him as much to go. He tends to like to get five to six miles in daily. "I assume you can afford us some privacy while we run? Or will your trick not work that way?" He may know and be playing with her, but really — he's no reason to play games with her. At least not yet. The smile, the line, everything is for the benefit of anyone else who might be trying to figure out what Len Denton is up to. Which is probably the reason he does things in such an off-beat manner. They will have a hard time anticipating his next move.

Well, now…. the silence surrounds the two of them as they run. Elisabeth has some concerns now about what he wants to chat about, though. She's not a slow runner, preferring to put in a good several miles herself, but it's still going to be a slower pace than the massive man is probably used to. "You've got about 2 feet on the other side of you to work with, so someone passing on that side could potentially step in, but since we're moving, I doubt it'll be a problem. What's happened now?"

Len decides to get it over with. "Minea Dahl has been mind-wiped."

Elisabeth stops dead in the middle of the street. "WHAT??"

Len continues to jog. "Move. Keep moving." he instructs. He stays fairly close to her. "We need to keep running. Let's go." He starts ahead of her, though keeping his pace slower.

Picking up her pace again to catch up with him, Elisabeth is stunned. "Fuck!" she murmurs as she sets herself beside him. The repercussions here are… "Who? When? What the fuck are you doing about it? Can anything be done?"

Len uses a towel he has around his neck to wipe some of the sweat from his face. He already has a substantial amount around his neckline, soaking into the chest of his jersey. "We've done what we can to reverse the process. I think she's going to be okay, though — I'm told there may be a few glitches. I don't have anything more to tell you about her condition than that." He takes a sip from his water bottle. "Oh, don't worry. I've been given instructions to take care of it and I will. Soon. There are forces within our organization working against us, and now that a member of my team has been assaulted, someone's going to pay. That being said, you need to watch your back. For one, I do not know how deep the corruption is — I've only been given one name. Second, there is no doubt in my mind that someone knows you have been talking with us."

There's a frown as she runs, and Elisabeth asks point blank, "Did they get it from Minea's head?" Because that's the only way she can see they'd get that information. "Unless you're compromised yourself, I don't see any other way for that to happen."

"Don't be naive, Detective Harrison." He glances at her. "We've been in public together. I've been to your office. We have walked down the street side by side and here we are jogging and being chummy."

Elisabeth smirks. "That does not mean I tell you shit — and anyone who's seen the way I deal with Kat Marks would know that already." She shakes her head. "So…. knowing that I'm at risk, you went ahead and did this run. Nice. You trying to get me dead?"

Len grins down at her. "I thought you might need a little excitement in your life, Harrison. Lighten up and live a little." He looks ahead, nearly avoiding topping over tricycle. "Seriously, I have not had the pleasure to see how you dealt with Marks, only what I've read in her reports about you, which is why I approached you in the first place. Besides, you have a knack for cheating death, it seems. You're a big girl and can handle yourself just fine. Doesn't mean I want something bad to happen to you, so I felt a warning was needed." He sucks in a deep breath. "I figure I walk around with a sniper pointing a weapon at my head twenty four hours a day. It's just a matter of when they want to pull the trigger." He flashes his bright smile.

"You're a son of a bitch," Elisabeth says mildly. "Thanks for the heads-up." Yeah… her apartment is definitely getting better damn security. This is getting ridiculous. "Anything else you want to drop in my lap, Agent Denton?"

Len wasn't aware that Liz was one for dishing out compliments. "Other than we should probably find more discrete means to communicate? I haven't anything to add. Felt that I should give you a heads up is all. Don't need karma coming around to bite me on the ass any time soon. I need all the breaks I can get at this point." He starts to jog ahead. "Take care of yourself, Harrison."

"Keep your head down, Agent Denton…" She slants him a glance and there's an edge to her smile that she can't quite help. "Cuz all hell's about to break loose yet again, and I'd hate for good people to get caught in the crossfire." When Phoenix helps take down both the Company and Pinehearst for good measure. Elisabeth peels off from him with the comment, "I'll work on a secure phone for you." After she talks with some people. Cuz her own? Already secure.

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