Security Slips On Staten Island

An inquiry has been launched regarding the soundness of security in government relocation efforts, with Redbird Security contractors under scrutiny in the wake of FRONTLINE's recent Registry falsification scandal. "We believe that employees of Redbird Security gave false Registrations with the help of Christopher Nash and Elisabeth Harrison," announced Department of Evolved Affairs agent Katie Sebastian.

"This breach of security moves us to remove all Redbird personnel from Staten Island and other Evolved Affairs projects, while they are under our investigation. Not only have these employees broken the law, but we have confirmed that their powers have enabled them to access confidential information. The sensitive nature of the contract itself draws all kinds of questions."

Regarding possible terrorist affiliations, in relation to the accusations leveled at FRONTLINE leadership, Sebastian declined to comment. "It's still too early to jump to conclusions about their reasons. I'm sure we'll extract the truth as soon as we have them lined up in court."

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