Seduction.. Or..?


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Scene Title Seduction.. Or..?
Synopsis Intimidation.. who really ever knows with Eve?
Date December 2, 2010

Warren's Office

It's still somewhat early, though with curfew, one could argue that it's already late. 5PM, and Warren is sitting behind the desk of his office, staring at his left hand while opening and closing it. He seems as if he's unfamiliar with the movements of his own hand. His blueprints are scattered over the desk, little inventions on shelves all around the office, and Eve has to go through the workers making all sorts of mechanical things for the cover business. His office is on the second floor, and if he didn't want to allow her up there, she wouldn't have gotten past security.

He doesn't remember meeting her, but he does indeed know who Eve Mas is.

A cool demeanor just seems to ebb off of the woman. Regardless on whether or not Warren would have 'let' her up. He would be seeing her anyway. The cotton dress that she wears, with a slit up the side, furls around her as she walks. A long jacket covers her bear arms as she walks, booted feet clunking on the ground. Eyes narrow at the guards with a tilt of her head as she makes her way up to his office.

Light grey eyes scan the place around her lazily as she swings her head, long, raven dark hair flying over her shoulder as she opens Warren's office door. No knock, no greeting. A smile, showing all of her teeth is the greeting that Warren receives. Her hands behind her as she closes the door to his office and stands there. Studying Warren.. no words exchanged yet.

"Say it." She says softly, finally. Hands limp at her side, she won't hurt him.. if she doesn't have too. "Now." Eve Mas.. isn't really happy.

"I meant to clean your garage up when I left, but I've been very busy. I apologize." Warren apparently does know who she is, and he doesn't appear to have the personality of the crazy guy who declared his love for her months ago, he doesn't even seem to recognize you. "Eve Mas, I looked up the owner of the garage while I used it. And you're a friend of Richard Cardinal's, I know that because he specifically said it was his friend's home."

Walking closer with slow, deliberate steps. The seer leans over the desk. Her eyes wide and bright. "Your toys," she speaks in a tone so low, he'd probably have to lean forward in order to hear it. "Are laying outside." She finishes, as her hands curl around the edge of the desk and she then comes to sit on it. Turning so that she's facing Warren, her eyebrows arch.

"The inventor.. invents.. he repairs it all.." she trails off and grins wickedly towards Warren. Eve's eyes travel to the arm and she leans forward to run a finger down the machine arm. "Like it?" is a simple question that she asks the man in a whisper.

Booted feet crossed. They swing back and forth a bit. Not in danger of kicking Warren, but they swing. Back.. and forth.. back and forth.. "Too noisy, if you ask me."
Warren pulls his suit up, revealing not his older bronze arm, but what appears to be some sort of reflective silvery latex-like material. He grins, sitting back in his chair to watch her with a bit of amusement. "You know, I can't tell if you're trying to intimidate or seduce me."

At that comment, her head snaps up and she stares into Warren's eye unblinking. Her face inches closer and she tilts her head, regarding the man with an unusual stare. Her lips part as if she's preparing to say something before..

Her head snaps back as she laughs loudly. Feet bouncing up and down now, when she returns too looking at Warren. "Do you need to be?" an eyebrow is raised and she rubs her forehead. Eve should have taken her medicine before leaving.. damnit. "Careful.." she wags her finger in Warren's face. "You never know what you're getting yourself into."

"Intimidated? No, you're fully within your right to be angry at me for leaving my things in your garage. Though I did improve those vehicles you had in there." Warren doesn't seem very unnerved by her behavior, he did pursue one Elle Bishop for quite a while even after he regained his sanity. "Seduced? Need wouldn't be my first choice of words, but…"

A snort escapes Eve and she nods her head. "Improved? Can't wait to see that." She chuckles and throws a strand of hair over her shoulder. "…seduced." she states softly and then she's cracking her knuckles and crossing her legs. She's not here for pleasure.. maybe another time. Likely not, but he seems interested.. she'll have to keep that in mind.


The name is spoken with a smile on her lips, eyes closed for a second as she says the name of her best friend. It's as if she's saying again for the first time. "How long has it been since you saw her?" She asks with a nod towards Warren. It's the least he can do since he left her garage a mess. That's her sacred place and if Warren desecrates it again.. She wouldn't be asking Warren.. if she could remember.

"Can't say I have any idea what you're talking about." Warren tilts his head at the name of Gillian, appearing genuinely puzzled. "But I know plenty of people who are paid to find other people, if you're trying to find this Gillian person."

That's when a nearby object on the desk is snatched up and thrown at Warren's head. As she throws the item, she rolls off the desk and openly glares at Warren. "Don't.. lie." Especially about Gillian. Eve gives Warren a hard stare before grinning unexpectedly as she opens the door and gives Warren a deep bow. Mockingly so.

As she leaves the office, she stops as a thought comes to her. Eyes wide as she turns her head and waves at Warren. "Ray." Feet tapping on the floor, as if she's reminding herself that she's leaving. "He says hello." With a wink thrown towards the man, the seer shuts the door gently before leaving the hall and smiling up at the guards. "Bye bye." She waggles her fingers at the men as she escorts herself off the property.

Onto the next person on the list.

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