See A Need, Fill A Need



Scene Title See a Need, Fill a Need.
Synopsis Wendy needs a fix, and since she'd be stupid to ask someone for refrain and has no one to bring her some, she's calling for the next best thing and hope it works.
Date October 25, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

John has gone off to go make calls, arrange time off of work - which means talking to her parents and then talking to his secretary - and parents are off in the cafeteria getting something to eat and drink and a reprieve from the room. Peyton had to take off and deal with thing which she understood. She didn't expect her friend to spend every waking hour here. Wendy's confidant enough in her drugs and the nurses to be alone. That hasn't really been the issue with her.

Dopey eyes look down to her hand that's swathed in gauze and medical tape. She can be grateful for the fact that she was talking out of her left ear and holding it with her left hand, the cellphone, when Danko shot at her. She can still work with her art. It'll be hard and it'll be a bit till she can, but she can still do it. Her ear was a whole other ball of wax that she hadn't even looked at yet. She'd refused any mirrors, and there was, she was told, a few surgery's to repair it, reconstruct it once her parents got the plastic surgeon in from somewhere out west.

What no one here could fix was the hunger for something that wasn't food. The painkillers they were giving her were a really good distraction, kill the pain or at least subliminate it under a thick blanket of metaphorical wool. But even they were starting to loose their usefulness. She wants refrain. She wants something else too, that has a name. The second thing might be a whole lot easier to get here in the hospital as opposed to the first. Something about bringing in freshly raised illegal drugs seems a surefire way to get her to rehab. Into a lot of trouble. The low grade fever she was sure wasn't just the infection that she was fighting off with drugs.

Brain muzzy with the fresh round of drugs that will likely send her into coma land for a few hours, Wendy reaches for the phone, pressing buttons on the phone and bringing it up to her good ear.

Please Logan, pick up the phone.

Wendy glances to the door and then to the TV set to some evening Drama as the phone rings. Please be there.

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