See You Later, Dick


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Scene Title See You Later, Dick
Synopsis Melissa sits down at Ash's table, and the two spend a meal harassing each other.
Date April 7, 2010

The Nite Owl

Ash steps into the Nite Owl slowly from outside, a hard shiver running through him as he stomps snow off of his boots and pats off of his thick woolen coat. When he's done he looks around the diner, a faint smile touching the man's lips. His footsteps carry him inside, heading towards an empty booth. He stops at it, looking down at the table for some reason before he slips into it and stretches out. His eyes lift as a waitress comes by, the two exchanging greetings and a few kind words, a familiar face it would seem. She walks away smiling and Ash shakes his head in amusement, then leans back to relax and wait.

Melissa comes inside rather quickly. She's still not quite gotten used to the temperatures this far north in the winter, and the fact that she's bundled up in black from head to toe, like a black eskimo, sort of proves that. She stomps off some of the snow before she tugs off the knit cap and scarf, and the coat is unbuttoned. Only then does she start to glance around for a place to sit.

Hmm. Full table, occupado, right by the freaking door which means that there'll be a lot of cold air let in…Aha. There's a table with just one person in it. Ash's booth. She starts over towards him, pausing beside the empty side of the booth. "Mind if I join you? 'Cause I am so not sitting by the door to freeze every time someone comes in or leaves," she says in a southern drawl, before she plops down, even before he has a chance to say yes or no.

Ash was sitting, and staring out the window, watching the world go past out there, eyes thoughtful, and posture relaxed. Until … someone comes up and interrupts his reverie. The man's head turns away from the sight out the window, eyes settling upon Melissa's face. His eyebrows furrow together as the question is asked, and his lips part to reply before she's just plopping down opposite of him. The man sucks in a slight breath through his teeth and looks off to the side, then back to her. "I don't believe I even answered you." He counters evenly, his voice very neutral, not betraying anger, amusement, nothing. He sighs and glances around the restaurant before realizing that there's not much else available. He grunts in irritation, but doesn't tell her to leave. He sits up a bit straighter and looks towards the waitress. He points a finger rather bluntly towards Melissa, indicating she needs her order taken, then turns his eyes back upon her, not speaking, just watching her.

Melissa gives Ash a bright smile as she shrugs, nods, then drops her stuff in the seat beside her. "It's okay. I know you were going to. You don't look like an asshole to me. Besides, who likes eating alone? Certainly not people who come to places like this. It's expected that you'll be talking to someone here. Otherwise you would've gone to some coldly impersonal place where they just wanna get your money and get you out ASAP."

Ash cocks an eyebrow upwards at the words that come out of Melissa's mouth. "Looks must be real fucking deceiving then huh?" He shakes his head, lifting one of his hands up to rub it back over his scalp, fingers scritching through his hair. "I was indeed going to say no. I do like eating alone, and I come here because… this is where I've always come, ever since I was a kid." He looks up as his coffee is brought over, the waitress then stopping to take Melissa's order. Ash offers her a smile of thanks, and takes his mug, holding it in his hands. "Plus the food here is good." He mutters under his breath, lifting his coffee mug to his lips to take a long sip of the steamy liquid. When he lowers it he mmmms softly and sighs at the taste, his eyes going back out the window to the world beyond.

Melissa takes a moment to order before she grins at Ash when the waitress wanders off to get her coffee. "Maybe, but good thing for me, I'm used to assholes. Unfortunately for you, I like people and I'm insanely stubborn. My ass is in the seat, and nothing short of a forklift will get it out until I warm up a little. Sorry." Then she offers a hand out across the table. "I'm Melissa."

Ash leaves his eyebrow raised at her as she grins like that, annoyance flashing across his features, left eye twitching a bit, which tugs at the claw scars on his left cheek, making them shift a bit. He looks down at his mug of coffee, perhaps finding solace within it. It's lifted and sipped from as he listens to her ramble. "Wouldn't be so fucking sure about that." Gets muttered under his breath, probably not meant to be loud enough to hear, but it is, if just barely. His eyes focus on the hand, peering at it before they lift back up towards Melissa's face. "I'll shake hands with you when I get done being irritated." He grunts and goes back to sipping his coffee.

Melissa withdraws her hand and feigns a look of surprise, then leans forward to stage-whisper to him, "You mean it goes away? Really? I thought it might be a permanent state!" Then she's leaning back again and the grin reforms. "And yeah, I'm so fuckin' sure about that. But seriously, what's your deal? Someone run over your dog? Girlfriend dump you? Boyfriend dump you? Or do you just need someone to remove stick B from slot A?"

Ash doesn't believe the look of surprise for a moment, the snort and roll of his eyes shows that rather clearly. He keeps his big hands clasped around his mug of coffee, now about half empty, his fingers warming against the porcelain mug. "nah, it's pretty omnipresent when obnoxious fucking people are around." The little tirade about what his problem is only earns a raising of his eyebrows, a faintly amused look crossing over his face before his head is shaken. "Do I look like the kind of asshole that would own a dog?" Nope, no response to the boyfriend, girlfriend, stick comments, just the dog comment. His mug is lifted and drained before he lifts hsi hand and waves to the waitress. That same hand then lowers and scratches lightly along the scars on his cheek before settling onto the table. "And what's your problem? Not busy enough with your own life? Lack of love interests? No one wants you around? So you gotta go pester other people?" There's a spark of mischief in his eyes, and while yes he's being an asshole, he's kind of sort of being friendly by playing into the banter.

Melissa busts out laughing, a bright, happy sound. "Oh god. Not busy enough? Honey, I'm busy enough for three of me. This is like the first hour I've really had to myself in a week. Had five minutes yesterday, but not an hour." She shakes her head, waiting until she has coffee, then she picks it up and sips, giving a sigh of pleasure at the heat, if not the taste. She did leave it black, after all.

"Got a love interest, or at least a sexual one. And I can't get away from people I know, which isn't really a bad thing in general. You? You're just the lucky one to be sitting by yourself at a table away from the door. That's all."

Ash doesn't react to the laughter, at all, he just sits there, stoic and silent while he waits for his refill. It comes with her own coffee, the woman bringing the coffee pot and pouring him out a fresh cup. H is own is black as well, and he seems to enjoy the taste of it. He nods his thanks to her, then his eyes pull back to the blonde at his table, listening as she speaks. "Yeah… lucky…" He grumbles, rolling his eyes towards the heavens in a 'why me?' manner. When his gaze comes back down to earth he settles it upon the woman, sipping from his coffee cup. "Didn't answer the question lady." He comments off handedly to you, a smirk lifting the corner of his lips, waiting to see now if she answers the question about him owning a dog.

"I didn't? Oh, the dog thing." Melissa shrugs and leans back, still holding the cup and taking another sip before she does answer. "Everyone can be a dog person. Nothing about you says you wouldn't have a dog. Just maybe like, a rottweiler that you train to 'kill' more than a poodle or something. And the name's Melissa, remember? Totally not a lady."

A sly little look enters his eyes at the protest to being called a lady, and his head dips in acknowledgement of the statement, not that he plans to honor her request. "So Lady… I might be a dog person? Why would I need to train a Rotty to do my killing? Wouldn't that take all the fun out of it?" He lets his right eyebrow slide up his forehead some, his lips quirking up into a smirk once again. His mug is sipped from, slowly, bit by bit the dark beverage disappearing. His head turns, eyes glancing over as the Waitress approaches with his food, a simple burger and fries, a big burger, but a burger none the less. He smiles and thanks her before he sets about prepping the thing, ketchup and all that going on under the bun.

Melissa doesn't react to being called lady a second time, just rolls her eyes at his next comment. "Oh yes, because killing is soooooo much fun," she says dryly. "But those are the kind of dogs that assholes tend to have. Unless you wanna be totally shocking and own like, a pomeranian or some little furball. Or a yappy chihuaha or somethin'."

Ash doesn't reply vocally to the comment about killing being fun, or well, the mocking comment that is. Instead he just raises a questioning eyebrow at her, the man's features not masking his amusement. He sits there, looking at her like that until she goes on about the dogs. "I wouldn't be able to handle a dog. Too much responsibility to take care of another living creature like that. I'm the kind of guy that plays with a puppy at a friend's house for awhile, thinking about getting a dog, until I see how much crap is involved. No… not an animal lover myself." He lifts up a french frie, waving it at the air before it's popped into his mouth. He then picks up his burger, holding it in the air before a bit bite is taken out of it.

Melissa shrugs. "Well, probably a good thing that you're not. Me? I like dogs. I'd hate to see one abused because you got irritated with it. Or because you got irritated by someone else and decided to have some fun."

Ash narrows his brows slowly at the accusation that he'd abuse a dog. "What kind of fucking person do you think I am? I wouldn't beat on some helpless fucking dog just cause I was pissed off about something…." He shakes hsi head, rather… miffed now it seems. He puts his burger down and begins to munch on his fries, his jaw tight and his eyes on the plate in front of him. His shoulders are rather tense as well, his hands moving with a bit of stiffness to them. He apparently, didn't like that comment one little bit.

Melissa cocks her head, brows lifting slightly. "Glad to hear it. But you gotta admit, you've not exactly shown me the softer side of the asshole," she points out. "Hell, you haven't even been nice enough to give me your name. Guess that means I'll have to pick one for you. Hmm…Jerky McJerkface? Nah, too cute. Sweetie? You know, like fat guys are called Slim and bald guys are Curly?"

Ash doesn't seem all that interested in giving his name out either. He sits there and drinks his coffee, ignoring her for a good minute before he turns his eyes and peers at her. "I don't give my name out to people I don't know." This is an honest statement, there's no hint of snarkyness, or assholeishness behind the comment, just that simple statement with the sound of truth behind it. He looks down at the table, setting his coffee mug down and picking up his burger again. "Friend of mine used to call me Han after Han Solo, you can call me Han if you need something to call me."

"Han?" Melissa studies him for a moment before she shakes her head. "I don't see it. Sorry, can't call you Han. Not sure what I should call you though. And hey, you know me. We've been here for ten minutes now insulting and verbally poking at each other. It forms a bond," she says, nodding solemnly.

Ash shrugs his broad shoulders to her statement of not seeing it. "It applied at the time. We had the entire cast pretty much." He chuckles a bit, his eyes on the burger as he takes a bite and chews slowly. Only once it's swallowed down does he speak again. "I don't know you, and you have no fucking clue who I am. Best if it's left that way, trust me. Just enjoy the banter, the prodding and poking, and the food Melissa." He pulls his eyes up from the table to meet her own, settling his gaze there.

"Well that's just not fair. Now I'll have to sit and pout cutely until you feel like an ass for not giving me your name," Melissa teases with a grin, giving her coffee a bit more attention. "And wow. You can laugh at be nice! Maybe I should have a heart attack from shock instead of pouting."

"You'll be sitting there for a long fucking time pouting then lady." Ash resumes eating his fries, rather quickly demolishing the small pile of them in front of him until it's just his half eaten burger left on the plate. His attention swings out towards the waitress and he calls out to her for more fries, offering a smirk when she makes a snarky comment back about him eating like a pig. He shrugs and doesn't repute the comment, and turns his attention once more to the woman at his table. "I can laugh, doesn't happen all that much, but I can. Being nice… not so sure about."

"Hey, for a minute you weren't being a jackass, so I think that counts as nice…sorta," Melissa says with a shrug. "But hey, I got enough problems without trying to turn an asshole into Prince Charming or something. So you wanna be fun-free, be my guest. Me? I'm gonna enjoy life, even if it kills me."

Ash shrugs his shoulders again, his hands lifting in the air, only to drop back down to the table. "Don't know what you want from me. I'm not a friendly guy, I'm actually talking to you, and if you knew me you'd realize how fucking amazing that is." He picks up his burger one handed this time, takes a bit off of it and swallows after a couple chews. "I'll never be fucking Prince Charming, can tell you that much right now. And it has nothing to do with /wanting/ to be fun free. I just don't have room for it in my life. Trust me, I wish that were otherwise, but it's not." He does smile though, when she makes the comment about enjoying her life. His head tilts forwards. "Good, do that. I'm glad some people are able to. Makes me feel better knowing some people actually do have good lives."

Melissa shakes her head. "Never said I had a good life, just that I was gonna enjoy life," she points out. "And everyone has room for fun. Some people just prefer to be all emo about things rather than making their own fun."

Ash doesn't reply to the statement about everyone having room, he just smiles a sad little smile, and there's just… a certainty on his face, he knows there's no room for it in his life, and he doesn't see the need to argue the point with anyone. That can be read on his face. He pulls in a slow breath, then lets it out and shrugs nonchalantly. "Dunno what to tell you lady." It's spoken softly, just before his last mouthful of cheeseburger is pushed into his mouth to be consumed. It's washed down with the last drink of his coffee, and he then sits there and watches her.

Melissa shrugs. "There's nothing to tell me. I'm not gonna tell anyone how to live their life. Not my place, and it's unbelievably arrogant to think that you know better than someone else on that subject. Now, I'm arrogant, but I'm not that arrogant."

Ash pulls in a slow breath and lifts a hand up, his hand rubbing at his forhead slowly. "Well,t hen call me fucking arrogant. I know a damn sight better than you do what is and isn't able to be fit in my life Melissa. And you're just as arrogant, you just told me that /everyone/ has room in thier life for fun, so how is that not saying you know better than I do?" He lets his hand fall away, one single eyebrow arched skeptically at her. "Seems to me like you need to check your own words miss."

Melissa rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "That's not what I said. I said that it's arrogant to believe that you know what's best for someone else's life. And everyone does, but that's not telling anyone how to live their life. Fun can take all of five minutes. Never said they had room for lots of fun."

Ash blinks a few times, slowly. "I didn't tell you how to live your life. I didn't even make a comment on your life. So… not sure at all where the hell you're gettign that idea." He grunts heavily, and begisn to push his way out of his side of the booth, the big man wriggling until he's able to stand up, which he does. He looks her way, then walks over to the counter and pays the waitress, for both of thier meals she might notice from the exchange of money. He then turns and begins to walk towards the door, no goodbye nothing.

"Now you're just trying to be difficult," Melissa says with a sigh. "See you later, Dick," she calls out to him. It seems she's found a temporary name for him after all!

Ash lifts a hand up in the air, and no it's not a hand waving good bye, it's a hand with a raised middle finger. Then the man pushes the door to the Nite Owl open and slips outside.

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