Seeing Colors


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Scene Title Seeing Colors
Synopsis When Cooper shows up to help out Audrey with case files, she discovers she might be getting her sight back.
Date April, 23, 2010

Le Rivage: Audrey's Apartment

Different tweedles hanging around Audrey's apartment, helping deal with the case. People come and go, it's been the most used and occupied that it's ever been since she'd moved in. Joan was still there, handled the call for cooper to come up in the morning, get a jump on going through the files and find stuff on Luke and the connection to Samson Gray that he might have. Coffee burble in the pot while Joan and Audrey argue in the open kitchen about whether Luke will have anything relevant or not, while the other agent has let the cast legged detective in. His namesake is at the door to bark and greet him, while Felix's namesake is plopped on a cushion elsewhere in the livingroom and watching with bulldog amusement.

A urge to call, 'Honey, I'm home.' is resisted when Cooper hears the arguing in the other kitchen. Thanking the door opening agent and takes a moment to ruffle the top of Cooper's head… it was odd to think that. "Hey buddy." He murmurs happily, before swinging his way through towards the kitchen.

At least living in the same building he doesn't have to worry about a coat, so he arrives in dark red dress shirt and the jeans. "Hanson." He offers in greeting, eyes still looking tired. "Any coffee ready. I think today I'll need it." A hand scrubs at the light stubble on cheek, wearily.

"Yeah, there's some here in the kitchen. Joan's about to brave the cold and hit up a grocery store so if you got any requests, let her know. Kill two birds with one stone." The Joan in question exits the kitchen with a list and raised brows. Poor woman for now has been reduced to errand girl and sight reader. Audrey herself is shuffling along in the kitchen, lips moving as she counts steps silently, fingers lightly skimming surfaces so she can reach for cabinet doors and get out cups.

"Precinct had any hits on Campbell or any others attacks, murders, or are we still stand stilling because of the storm?"

A small smirk goes to Joan and the detective gives a small shake of his head, and mouths a 'Go ahead', before turning back to blind agent. "The storm is fucking up everything, it's the perfect time to go on a murder spree." In other words, not a damn thing and he doesn't sound happy about it.

He shifts to the fridge with a creak of crutches and pops the door open to fish out the milk, he's been here enough lately. "It's pretty dull at the precinct… well, more so then usual. Spring will be a bitch." There is disgust at the thought of that game of catchup.

"Springs always a bitch" Audrey's fingers curl around a mug and pulls it down, frowning for a moment, before dismissing whatever was that made her do so and the mug thumps down on the counter before she's moving to try and get a second one. "At least, likely, the amount of petty crimes is down or robberies. The amount of accidents are likely up though, and need to dispense patrol cars to shelters"

"Hence why it's so dull… domestics are way up though. Spousal abuse." Cooper can understand that one, if he had to be stuck indoors with either Ex for any long period of time, he's probably get violent too. "Been getting drug to the ones with kids." Balloon animals for all.

"So where are we going to start today?" He asks curiously, watching her and trying not to interfere with the independent woman. Cooper shifts closer to set the milk on the counter, watching to keep it out of her path.

Audrey's staring at him when he shifts closer. Right at him, instead of in his general direction like has the last week, knuckles white on the handle of a mug.

"Please. Please tell me, that you're wearing something resembling red on your upper body"

"What?" Coopers eyes drop to the dark red shirt he's wearing and plucks at it with the fingers of one hand. "Yeah.. wh — " The question isn't completed as it occurs to him, glancing up at Audrey the detective grins. "Well, well… not so permanent. I guess we can burn those, pamphlets."

A hand lifts and waves slowly in front of her face. "Just a blur? Or shapes?" Cooper sounds curious, watching her carefully.

Somethings waving in front of her face, fairly blurred, but the motion is there and her eye hesitantly follow, one hand reaching up to try and grab for it. She comes perilously close to punching him in the face but stops, then tries to make for the hand again. "Blurry, dark, can make out some color. I thought it might have been my brain playing tricks, they said it might happen, are you waving your hand in front of me cooper like i'm an idiot?"

The fingers of his hand close and it drops away, to grip the crutch again. The NYPD detective backs it up, crutches protesting some. "Ah…." That's a yes… "That's good right? You're seeing thing?" Cooper almost seems to be waiting to be berated. "Won't need to inflict your life with the Tweedles doing your bidding.

"Wonder how long it'll be before it completely clears up." His eyes narrow at her in thought.
"Don't jinx it" Blinks hard, frowning when the blur drops away, just leaving the impressions of other things.. "Cooper, don't tell the tweedles. Not yet. If I am" And she is. "We'll just.. we'll just wait and see if it gets better. Besides, it's not like I can get anywhere and Parkman's got other more important things to deal with than a homesec agent who can see shapes in the dark and guess that you're wearing red" She's downplaying it, just a little, not wanting to get her hopes up.

He makes a motion like he's zipping his lip, but then realizes — duh — she can't see it. "My lips are sealed, Hanson. Never saw a thing… and no… that's not a pun. That last added quickly, lest she throw a mug at him. "It's hopeful though."

"So… ah… coffee? Want me to get mine?" He asks carefully, knowing he might be poking at the rabid blind dog of an agent, but he figures one step at a time. "Oh hey, you ever talk to that one agent?" He asks bows lifting slightly with curiosity. "The one on the notice? Sawyer or whatever?" He glances out of the kitchen. "Judging by the fact we're going to go over files still… " He turns back to her with a small smirk, even though she can't see it, "…it means they didn't yank the case away."

"Sawyer. She's in, She's tracking down Campbell actually, so if the cops come across him, they're to treat him with kid gloves but apprehend. Apparently he's evolved, he was giving sunburns to folks in a park where Ivanov was looking for someone and came across him." His coffee cup is pushed in his direction for him to deal with. Then hers, for him to pour. From the state of her hands, the red patches and scrapes, she's been trying this independent thing. One can imagine what her knee's look like.

Kind of hanging on the crutches as Cooper pulls the mugs closer, his eyes falling on her hands noting their condition, but the detective is slowly learning what to not mention — that is one thing. Don't point out her weakness. Instead he sets about pouring the coffee, hers first before getting his own. "Somehow, from what I've read of Junior. All the extra hands you can get on this for Senior, might not be a bad thing."

"That whole father like son, kinda of thing. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree?" A sip his taken from his mug and the detective sighs happily. Coffee is one of those things Cooper can't live without, much like those damn sugary donuts.

"Only the son is better at it, or maybe just collected more abilities to compensate. I don't know. Right now, what I do know, is that we're racing against the clock to find him before he is nearly unstoppable like his son. We need to find a negator is what. Find a pre-cog and see if they have an idea of where he might strike next. Negator to negate him, before danger sense can trigger off and scare him off"

A couple more sips are taken, the detective shifting around to lean against the counter and ease the pressure on his armpits. "Some tall orders there. I guess the database is the best bet there." Cooper glances at Audrey, brows lifting a touch and he seems amused. "Danger Sense… Like spider man huh?" His head shakes slowly. "No wonder he's getting away so easily."

"Like spiderman. There you go cooper, research. See how folks in the comic books got past Spiderman and his danger sense" She levels a finger in his direction then is derailed by waving her own hand back and forth, squinting to see if that might clear things up instead of the sense of motion and different in shadows and the slight color to fuzz. "I better get more than this back"

"Oh yeah…" Coopers voice falls into a flat tone. "Just how I want to spend my evenings, pouring over comics for research. What do I look like a geek living his mother's basement?" The sarcasm heavy in his voice, before he takes another sip. His tongue catches a drop of coffee left on his lower lip.

"You'll get it back." Cooper says with confidence, watching her wave that hand. "Your too much of a hard ass to let it get the better of you." The grin he's wearing audible in his voice.

"Careful, or I'll punt you off my balcony Cooper. Come on, you can pick up where Joan left off and I'll try to figure out what rude hand signals you are doing at me" A gesture to head on back to the table, as she herself, starts to pick her way back. Hopefully, soon, she won't need to shuffle her steps.

She may still smack him with a red and white stick though.

"Pfft.. you'll only do it cause you know it's true.." Cooper looks at the coffee mug in his hand and leaves it on the counter so he can move to follow her. Chuckling, he shuffles and swings along. "So what story am I reading you today, Hanson? Tell me it's something better then the bland crap from yesterday." Turning slightly, he drops into the indicated seat and props the crutches against the table.

"Oh joy… " Cooper says brightly, as he eyes the stuff on the table, with a less then amused look. "More bland crap."

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