Seeing Double


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Scene Title Seeing Double
Synopsis Tracy comes to Molly for help. Molly sees double.. and then Tracy withholds information.
Date August 19, 2009

Matt and Molly's Home

So Matt finally gave over a little gem - go see Molly, his ward, his daughter. She can make the decision for herself about doing what Tracy needs. And Tracy is hoping it's a yes.

So she knows Matt's at work, giving the little girl the opportunity to speak up for herself now on the issue. Dressed in a flattering-cut black dress with a jacket and pearl around her throat? She's prepared for the best. And the worst. She lifts her hand and knocks.

"Who is it?" Molly's voice calls out. She walks towards the door and waits for whoever it is to respond. Wearing a pair of black shorts and a deep red top, her feet are bare and she squints her eyes. Is it Mohinder? But surely he would have a key.
No, it is far from Mohinder. "Molly?" Tracy asks through the door, keeping her face close to the woodward so she doesn't have to shout. "My name is Tracy Struass, I work with…." your father? "Matt Parkman. He told me that I might stop by to talk to you?"

Ok, really.. why should we trust this now Molly? Oh wait! "Oh yeah, he told me about you." Molly says and she opens the door, she moves to let Tracy in. "Hello." She says simply. She isn't sure what to make of this situation right now.

Tracy smiles, as warm a smile as she can manage. Comparatively speaking, it is
warm - but it's hardly as warm as, say, other womens' smiles. She's just not a very warm person. "Thank you," she says, pausing to take stock of Matt Parkman's home. She'll find something, the curtains, the floors, something to tease him about when he's in a better humor. "I hope my timing isn't inconvenient?"

"I have nothing else better to do." Molly says as she shuts the door and locks it. "So what do you want?" She's assuming Tracy wants her to do something.. find someone, it's why most people come to her.

She goes to sit on the window seat in the living room. "Have a seat." She says as she looks out the window.

Tracy is rather surprised at the girl's … well, almost as though it were professionalism. Still, she broaches the topic lightly, sitting down and setting her purse beside her, hands on her knees in a relaxed gesture. Gestures mean a lot, even if people can't realize it.

"Parkman told me….about what you do. I have a very serious problem, Molly, and I need your help. But it's a very big secret to keep - perhaps the biggest one of your life. I need to know that you can do that."

The young teen snorts. "I doubt it's the biggest secret I have to keep." She says, there many things that Molly knows. People take for granted her silence. "But who is it, you want me to find?" She gets up to get her atlas. Not that she really needs it, but it's just in case.

The girl smile softly in Tracy's direction."My dad selling me off now, to do the dirtywork for people?" it's a joke, but there is some bitterness behind it.
Tracy shakes her head, frowning. She doesn't want the girl to think that at all. "Molly, Parkman agonized over telling me this, he really did. But this probably will be one of the biggest secrets of your life." She sighs, a pained, tired sigh, for a moment the woman seems less….bright.

"I need you to find the President, Molly. I need you to find Nathan Petrelli."

"Done." Molly says and she actually grins. "Something interesting." She comments and then closes her eyes. Everyone knows who he is, what he looks like. Molly goes deep within herself and she takes a deep breath. "Alrighty." She says, and then she on the move, out of her body. To find him.

Tracy looks nervous. Parkman will kill her if she damages his kid.

But more than that, Molly is just a kid. And that makes Tracy even more nervous. Despite her cool demeanor, she's always had a soft spot for little rugrats - even if she can't really explain how or why. For a woman not that interested in family life, her maternal instincts run rather deep. She's silent, though, watching, for Molly's sake.

"He's on a jet.. " Molly begins and then her head gets hit with a pounding headache. She cries out and puts a hand to her forehead. Then another image.. wait.. that can't be right.. "Then he's in a motel.." She shakes her head from left to right, the more she tries to look. The harder it gets.

The pain unbearable, Molly breaks the connection and her eyes snap open, tears fall down her face. "There are two of him?" she asks with a gasping voice.
Tracy is sorry she's done this already, seeing the girl. She thought there would only be one of them. One had ot be dead. But there are two of them - that's more than she knew. "Molly, are you alright?" Tracy demands, standing up and moving quickly to get the girl a tissue. "Here, what do you need, what can I get you?" The question about there being two of them is rather ignored. Pointly.

"Answer the question." Molly says and looks up at Tracy, the headache will pass. In time. "I'll be fine, there's been things like this that have happened before." She says and the look she gives Tracy says, 'You owe me that much to tell me what I was looking at Ms. Lady with Black Dress on.'

Tracy sighs a little bit, settling down. "I don't know any more but what you tell me, Molly." She explains, handing over the tissue. It will be one of the girl's big secrets, dammit, and she's not about to give over more than she has to. "It had been my understanding that there was only one." Because one of them had to be dead.

The young teen takes the tissue and tries her eyes. She takes a moment to take a deep breath before she looks at Tracy and shakes her head. "The other one.. where did he come from?" Even though she has no idea which one is the other one.

"Is the President in danger?" her eyebrows raise.
Tracy decides to answer the last question, since it's the most recent and it will allow her to glaze over the first. "I really don't know. I hope everything's okay. I'm sure it will be, I'll make a few phonecalls and have it taken care of. But you've been a huge help to me, Molly. I apprecaite it. Are you sure you're alright?"

"I don't believe my father told you..just how much I've changed.. if he told you at all." Molly says and she stands up. Walking towards the door, "I'm not an idiot and I'm not a little kid."

She rubs her forehead again and opens the door to the place. "Don't come back." It's not meant to be rude, but she has have a really bad headache and.. Tracy isn't leveling with her. "Have a good evening." Always minding her manners, lest Matt grounds her.

"I do hope you'll save the president from whatever danger he is in." If Tracy thinks Molly is gonna drop it, just like that? She's crazy.

Tracy shakes her head. "I don't think that at all, Molly. You're more adult than most women your age, I'm sure. And yes, I'm going to do everything I can to help the President." But she won't tell Molly more than that. She picks up her purse slining it over her shoulder. "Have a good evening. If you do need anything, Parkman knows how to get in touch with me." So much for finding PEter too, but she should be happy that she got something out of this.

"Nice dress." Molly says right before she closes the door. She leans against it and lays her head on the door frame. Her gaze narrowing, Molly goes to find her laptop, firing up the search engine.

She's got some research to do. The thing that Tracy hasn't experienced from Molly, is her persistence.

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