Seeking An Invite


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Scene Title Seeking An Invite
Synopsis Magnes calls up Tracy and comes over. He brings unhealthy gifts, asks for an invite, Tracy drops a mini-bombshell, and all ends well.
Date August 21 2009

Tracy's Apartment

Tracy's Apartment, it is very swanky.

People have become much more polite in recent days about barging into her apartment. True, there was the one disembodied voice. And she was kidnapped. But beyond that, people have been knocking. Calling ahead, even, like Magnes Varlane did.

Knowing Magnes was coming over gave Tracy some level of anxiety. The boy made her a little bit uncomfortable, constantly, not because of what he did - just how he was. Never let it be said that she's not polite, and while she is waiting for him, that isn't stopping her from getting some work done. Type type type.

Still wearing his semi-casual suit from earlier in the day when he visited Isabelle's grave, Magnes shows up in the middle of the afternoon, knocking on Tracy's door. He's even wearing a nice pair of black loafers that go well with his blue suit, jacket worn open.

"It's Magnes, I brought a few things."

The problem with people not breaking in is that you have to get up and let them in. She pushes to her feet, chair making a soft groan against the floor as it moves. She crosses the apartment easily, peeking through just to make sure it's him. Not that his body makes it him, but she trusts that it is. Otherwise, she wouldn't slide back the lock and open the door to let him in with that playful smile of hers.

"Breathmints?" She asks, teasing him right from the start.

"No, I'm dating now. I had a real makeout session and I used your technique and everything…" Magnes' cheeks are flushed, but it's only polite to thank the person who saved you from total social humiliation. "And I brought this." He holds up a large plastic grocery bag. "Potato chips, butter popcorn, some sour cream & onion dip, a few cans of orange Game Fuel, and I put my copy of the Iron Man movie in there, which I'm gonna come back for."

He enters after presenting his gifts (except the movie, that's not a gift), and peers around the swanky room, always amazed by it.

"It's a Mountain Dew flavor geared towards gamers, it's really good. I brought all this stuff 'cause if there's one thing I learned from Claire, attractive women like an opportunity to eat junkfood and not have to worry about their figure." That's Magnes' observation at least, moving to take a seat on her couch and start pulling things out. He doesn't sit the cold cans of soda on her table, instead allowing them to float a few feet above. Hey, it's not a coaster, but it works. "I came here for a reason though. I need invitations to the FRONTLINE events."

Whosoever this Claire is, certainly she and Tracy have some differences. Junk food, yes. Stuff she's never heard of? "I'll just have a glass of wine, thank you." She goes to the kitchen, pouring it as she listens to his request. It only takes a few moments, but soon she's coming back toward him, sipping the burgandy drink. She doesn't ask who Claire is. "Why? And why didn't Agendt Dalton ask me himself?"

"Who?" Magnes looks absolutely puzzled, raising an eyebrow at her. Someone like Tracy who's certainly used to him by now could easily tell he's genuinely surprised, without a hint of a tell that he's putting on an act. "And I need an invitation mostly because I'm curious about what's gonna be said and stuff. I wanna see this in person. I can go with you and you can make sure I won't get in trouble, if you want."

"Your boss, Mr. Varlane, and if you're working on his behalf I'd appreciate knowing it." But she is dismissive with that, settling down on the sofa and crossing her legs as she sips her glass leaving the snacks untouched so far. "Why do you want to see this, Magnes? My last understanding was that you werne't particularly fond of the government or some of it's policies."

"Tracy… wait, you're talking about those people I can't remember? You really know who I used to work for?" Magnes asks, appearing genuinely surprised, completely forgetting about his request. "I wrote a note to myself, it told me not to try and remember, I think. But whoever I worked for, I apparently asked to leave and now I can't remember much at all about it."

Tracy smirks, now, amused. Of course she believes him - it's just like Len to arrange something like this. "Well you're probably better off, they've been having a bad time of late." And knowing Magnes has no way to learn about what she told Len also makes her breathe a little easier. "Yes, I know all about the people you worked for, but don't let me ruin your note and goals. I won't breathe a word."

"Well, alright. So, about the invitations…" Magnes decides to let it go, trusting himself to know what's best for, well, himself. "I may disagree with a lot of political stuff, but I'm at a turning point right now. I have to learn everything I can if I'm gonna make a difference."

Tracy sips her wine again, crossing her arms lightly, in a comfortable position. "And what kind of difference do you want to make? And how, more importantly?" Yes, it's not the decicions that matter, it's how you do them. Hitler took over things peacefully to start a massacre - relatively, anyway - while the colonials resorted to all-out war to found what they'd wanted to be a peaceful country.

"I want to give the power back to the police, the power back to the citizens, and most importantly, I wanna take the power away from the criminals. I won't say that I have some grand reason for wanting to go, I really don't have a motive beyond wanting to be there to witness the FRONTLINE events in person." Magnes seems incredibly serious about much of what he says, appearing a bit less brain-addled than he was a few months ago. "All I wanna do is go with you. If I was gonna do anything bad, I'd just fly there without asking, right?"

Tracy smiles sweetly to him. "You know I'd be very displeased if you did that, I think." But, in teh end? She nods. "As long as you have something suitable to wear, then yes, you may come with me to the event. I will expect you to be on your very best behavior, is that understood?"

"Understood, Miss Strauss." Magnes agrees, standing up to head for the window. "Enjoy your junk food, I have a Catwoman to meet, and I should really take a shower and change these clothes."

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