Self Preservation Clause


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Scene Title Self Preservation Clause
Synopsis Kaylee has never met a man with two minds before, so she does a little poking and prodding.
Date January 24, 2010

Ichihara Bookstore

It's hard to say why Mortimer goes anywhere, these days he just sort of wanders, looking for bookstores; when he's not in dreams trying to save people as a favor to Hokuto. Today, after talking to his men about bookstores, he heard of one such store where the owner also does tarot readings. He's not into tarot, but the concept of the store seems interesting.

Walking in, wearing his grayish green trench coat with blue jeans and a pair of black boots and matching gloves, he stops a moment to inhale. It smells like books, lots and lots of old and new books! "Is anyone here?" he calls out, standing there waiting for a clerk.

"Just a moment!"

Comes the shout from some one coming from the door behind the counter. There is only a few more moments, before the door opens as a blonde woman backs out of the room. When she turns, her arms are wrapped around a stack of books. Wearing a charcoal grey turtle neck and dark jeans, her blonde hair, pulled back in a loose pony tail… she looks like she works in a bookstore.

"Sorry about that….." Kaylee trails off with a blink, as the familiarity of the man finally hits her. "Jack? " She sounds almost uncertain of the name, but the memories of the last time she saw that face are fuzzy.

"Mortimer." he corrects, walking over to the counter to lean on it, watching her curiously. He seems a bit more laid back than his other half, reserved and without all the smiles, charisma, and crazy. "I'm guessing we've met before. It's, uh, complicated, but me and you don't know eachother."

"Uh.. okay." The young woman sounds uncertain, but accepts it anyhow. Setting the stack of books on the counter with a soft thump, Kaylee studies th man on the other side. "So what can I do for you today, Mortimer?" The stack of books are left for the moment, as she lifts brows at the man, "Looking for anything in particular?"

Mortimer, whose thoughts are rather loud with questions like 'How do you know her?', and answers like 'None of your business', simply looks around as if everything is fine, idly tapping the counter with his finger. "I think I'm in the mood for some Conan Doyle mysteries. Though if you have any recommendations, I'm all ears."

There is a mild look of confusion on the telepath's face, as she struggles not to show it. "Um…" She glances around at the shelves. "We're still trying to figure out how the owner organized this place… I'm gonna say there was none… " Her tone light as if she's joking. Slipping out from behind the counter, she moves to a set of shelves. "Your best bet is to just…search the shelves." That last murmured as she starts skimming over book spines.

"That's fine with me, places like this are incredible. I could live in her." Mortimer follows, pulling a few books out whenever something interesting catches his eye, then puts it right back. His mind is still in a loud cluster, it seems to almost always be.

«She's hot isn't she? She's no Southern Belle, but…» «I'm sick of hearing about Lola, just be quiet. I'll see if they have vintage Lovecraft books.» «Deal, now look up before she notices you checking her out.»

After that, his mind seems to quiet down, and he sighs, slumping slightly. "Where is the owner, anyway?"

"She's out sick." Kaylee comments lightly, her eyes intent on the books as she tries to not notice that there seem to be two distinct minds. It's fascinating and just totally tugs at her curiosity. A book is tugged off the shelf and held out to him. So lost in her thoughts, she doesn't notice that she's handing him a Lovecraft book.

"I like this little place." Kaylee starts, trying to offer some sort of conversation. "Probably why I jumped at the chance to work here."

"I was just thinking about one of these." Mortimer takes the book, indicating Lovecraft. «At the Mountains of Madness, buy it!» «I am, I am, calm down» "I could use a job myself, currently pretty unemployed, but I'm using what savings I have to buy books and occupy my time." He looks the book over, possibly looking to see just how old this copy is. "What are some of your favorite books?"

Finally glancing at the book, Kaylee mentally cringes, Oops. "My favorite books?" There is a little shrug of her shoulders. "I'm a science fiction.. fantasy type. Whatever catches my interest." This time a Conan Doyle book is offered. "Occasional mystery.. like Dan Brown's stuff." fingers continue to trail over the spines as she crouches lower to look at the stuff on the bottom shelves.

"Dan Brown, I've read a few of his books, certainly an interesting take on the whole Jesus thing." Mortimer takes the Conan Doyle book, nodding in thanks.

«Dan Brown is a hack, you can't keep sneaking a peek at a girl's ass who likes Dan Brown! Have some self-respect!» «Shut up, and I'm not looking, what's wrong with you today? Every time we get into a book store… And there's nothing wrong with Dan Brown.» «Hack.»

After that cluster of loud thoughts, he finally decides to ask, "Is it true that the owner does tarot readings? I don't really believe in that stuff, but I thought it'd be interesting to try."

"His newest one has been the most interesting." Kaylee comments lightly, her voice taking on an amused edge. "But then…" She glances over her shoulder at him and grins, "I like mysteries revolving around our nations and the myths and legends. Secret societies and clues hidden with in the nations capital.. kinda fun to read." Another Lovecraft book is handed over, showing the randomness of the shelves. "Not for everyone though… Some people get all uppity about things like that. But all I can say is.. shut up and enjoy the ride. It's fiction for a reason."

"The tarot readings? As far as I know she does. With her out sick, I've only dealt with the man taking care of her investments." Kaylee glances at the sign and shrugs. "Haven't really even met her even if she is my boss."

"I know a thing or two about secret societies." «We lead one!» «You lead one.» He takes the other book, following while he listens, still impressed by any rare gem he comes across and pulls out.

«I hate this woman, I know what you're thinking! We both have to agree before you go using your body for things, we agreed!» «Just because I think something doesn't mean I'm gonna do it. Can't you go to sleep or something? And look, she got you another book. Lovecraft isn't bad, but I think I outgrew him.» «I'm older than you!»

"Have you seen National Treasure? Those are movies you need to shut your brain off for, but I like how they're kind of a dumbed down version of a Dan Brown story, but with American history." He runs his fingers across the spines of a few books, hmming. "I never got around to seeing if those movies are based on books."

Chuckling, Kaylee straightens and moves to the other side of the row. "Well, they are made to be family movies… so they have to be dumbed down to a point, but yes…. I have seen them." Her head pops out from behind the row and she states clearly, with a quick lift of her brows. "And I liked them." Little does Mortimer know, she's provoking the other voice in his head. The young woman is like a cat with a new toy to bat around. Another Conan Doyle book is offered, "Read this one yet? Never read either author really."

"I prefer Conan to Lovecraft. Lovecraft is nice, but sometimes I need a break from the madness." Mortimer reaches for the book, looking it over with a shake of his head. "I don't think I've read this one, or if I have, it's been so long I've forgotten."

«Let's just leave, I can't take this woman anymore, she's just… she likes such stupid things! She's so terribly inane. You know, it's her job to like books, she's not as interesting as she seems!» «She's interesting, but I already said that doesn't mean I'm gonna try anything. And what do you know about dumb girls? You're the one who drools over Lola every chance you get. You realize she's probably screwing around with a guy who's not you, right?» «You take that back you filthy fucking liar! I'll kill you!» «Good luck with that threat.»

"I'm sorry, I'm getting a bit of a headache." He raises his hand to his forehead, gently shaking it. "Any chance we can find a place to sit and talk a bit more?"

The telepath seems rather distracted and she almost misses the question, a small amused smile on her lips as if she's thinking of something funny. "Hmmm?" Eyes focus on Mortimer. "What? Place to sit? Ah…" She glances around looking at one of the nooks that Hokuto has stacked with books. "Um.. sure hold on." Moving to pull stacks of book off of it. "I admit.. I'm a family movies type of person." Poke poke poke at that internal voice. "I hate movies at are dramas.. or you know.. about serial killers seeing how many times they can slice up a person…. there is enough of that stuff in real life."

"Personally, I prefer to laugh." Kaylee grins. "Nothing overly stupid though." She motions to the now cleared nook.

Mortimer sits back into the nook, patting the spot next to him, just relaxing with his eyes closed and head laid back against the wall. "I'm not much of a drama guy myself, unless there's a good mystery surrounding it. Serial killers are a bit of a cliche, there are mysteries other than murderers."

«She doesn't know a damned thing about anything, seh's just some air headed blonde! If you do bang her, I never wanna see her again!» «That's not up to you, and no one said anything about banging anyone.» «But she makes a good point about serial killers. They all think they're special. It takes a real man to be a spree killer and just kill for the sake of killing.» «Not the 'spree killers are better than serial killers' rant again…»

"I like an intelligent comedy, or horror comedy. But most horror movies are basically comedies with blood and guts, really. Look at Child's Play, especially the ones after the first." He chuckles lightly, opening his eyes to glance over and see what she's doing.

Crossing her arms, Kaylee leans a shoulder against one of the shelves, but she doesn't move to sit. "I like intelligent comedy.. or a good.. dark comedy.. You know the action or suspense films that are not suppose to be funny, but somehow they end up making you laugh?"

Even as she talks, her ability slips into his mind. You know Jack, if you have something to say to her… you should say it to her… not behind her back.

The telepath continues to talk as if nothing happened mentally. "Just really not into any hack and slash really. I mean… war movies are okay… even overly bloody. The grittiness of war right?"

Who the hell are you? I'm crazy, but I thought we had a handle on this… Mortimer himself doesn't seem to notice the exchange, instead beginning to idly thumb through a book while they speak. "I've never been much for far movies, I think I just like to lay back and relax, even if it's with a hack and slash horror. But I need some wit with my hacking and slashing. I have to say, a guilty pleasure of mine are Fred Savage movies."

Me to know and you to find out. The feminine voice purrs, the tinny quality make it sound like Kaylee and not at the same time. Your quick to judge people. If I had any say… well, I'd say you like your woman trashy with no 'real' intelligence.. or at least what you think of as intelligence.

Kaylee seems to be giving what Mortimer says some thought. "Fred Savage? Really?" Kaylee chuckles a bit. "What about cop movies?" She asks keeping the conversation up, finding it a touch fascinating what is going on.

I like a woman that knows she's a woman, but has just a hint of wit and class that keeps me interested. And I know what real intelligence is, and real intelligence isn't a Dan Brown novel! Jack has no idea how, but he suspects he's either talking to a figment of his imagination, or Kaylee, somehow. But if you're so great, prove it.

"Cop movies are fine, but not too serious. When cop movies get serious, they tend to follow a formula." Mortimer closes his book, opening another to read the introduction, but stops to laugh. "And don't knock Fred Savage, The Wizard is a great movie to watch on a lazy sunday."

"Mmm… " Kaylee makes the sound in her throat not totally convinced. "Maybe. For me it depends on the cop movie. Okay… how about…." She turns her head to the side a bit and grins. "Romantic comedies?"

Never said I was so great. There is a moment of mental silence. Nope, never said that. I just prefer to not be talked about behind my back. But… I do find it interesting, dear Jack, that you find Lola of all people classy. There is a hint of soft mental laughter. It does make me wonder about you.

My Southern Belle has more class in her pinky toe than you do in your whole body! I'd gut you if I was still able to kill people. I'd gut you and tie your insides to a fan and make absolutely sure you stay conscious for the whole thing! What do you know about class? My Southern belle is a real woman. Jack sounds incredibly defensive of Lola's honor, but even with all this going on, Mortimer seems as relaxed as he can be.

"Romantic comedies…" he gives that a bit of consideration, hmming while staring down at the book. "If I'm watching them with a woman, they're a bit more interesting. But I think I see them as more of a mood setter than anything else."

"Mood setters? Nah… I like them for laughing personally." Kaylee's comments with a small shake of her head, while Jack gets to her mental laughter. "Not to set any mood. They have such an outrageous view of relationship. So unrealistic most of the time, as romance is such a concept lost with time."

I'm a dangerous woman, Jack. The words are whispered to the spree killer in Mortimer's head. Looks can always be deceiving.

"Ah, great, self-preservation clause. I feel threatened." Jack says, not in his mind, but from the lips of his own mouth. "Wait, I feel threatened by a hot book store clerk. Alright, now I just feel embarrassed." He shakes his head, sitting the books aside, then casually lounges against the wall, eyes shamelessly scanning her up and down. "I don't know if that was all in my head or you were doing something, but I can't hurt you anyway. You're lucky." As for another mind, she can't hear one quite yet.

"Interesting." Kaylee murmurs at the change, smile tugging to one side into a smirk, her pose continues to be casual. "So I take it, that it is Jack now?" She asks looking him over this time. "Good to know that you can't hurt me." Eyes narrow some. "My apologies for pulling you out like that… call it…. curiosity."

"Last time I met you, this was the man I met." Kaylee sounds rather amused. "What happened to break you into two minds?" A brow arches curiously.

"Yeah I'm Jack, I like it better than Mortimer, he's the chickenshit who can keep that name." He rubs his temples briefly. Now that he's in control, his thoughts are very loud and erratic. He wants to kill her and sleep with her, and his mind seems to be at odds with which he wants to do more. Apparently he has a thing for strong women, or wants to kill them, it's hard to tell. "I'm not sure, been trying to figure that out. I blew up that Primatech place, then I woke up a few months later with my head inbetween a stripper's thighs at this place called Burlesque. I find out that this pussy has been in my body the whole time. As far as I can figure it out, he's me if I grew up without my ability making me crazy, when I had my ability."

He grabs the first Lovecraft book Mortimer was given, popping it open to start reading right there. "We couldn't control it, we both kept blacking out and the other was taking over, then this woman came to us in some weird dream, and long story short, we compromise to control this body. We have a lot of rules that we can't break. I can't kill innocent people, and, well, my rules change a lot, but he's not allowed to do anything that might hurt Lola. I should add a rule that he can't screw air-headed book clerks." Despite the fact that he wants to do the same thing.

That last gets a chuckle, "If it helps your cause.. I have no plans to screw either of you." Kaylee gives a little flick of her wrist as she states simply. "I'm trying to cut down on the bad boys… especially the really crazy ones."

"So.. tell me about this weird dream?" Kaylee asks after a moment of watching him flip through the book. "Kind of curious to know if it's the same sort of stuff I'm dealing with lately." Eye narrow as she really considers Jack, her ability checking for the other part of him. "Would this weird dream be something like a nightmare?"

"Now you don't have to be too hasty to agree with me." Jack quickly back-padels, not looking up from his book. "But I'm faithful to my Southern Belle, even if I never see her, and she doesn't like me too much." He shakes his head, and looks up. "The nightmare. This sexy Asian woman came into my dream and helped us out. We kicked this Nightmare Man's ass, and now she helps us go into other people's nightmares and fight the guy. This isn't me being crazy, by the way. And the other me isn't crazy, at least on the surface. I say that because he's crazy by proxy of me existing, even if I'm the original."

"Still have no plans with sleeping with either of you." The words have an off-handed quality. Arms unfold and Kaylee kind of makes a circling motion with a finger. "But back the rest of that up.. Nightmare Man?" Her look is skeptical as she studies him. "Small city. I've heard my boss' buddy talk about the Nightmare Man. Not to mention I about drowned in the bay in the middle of winter trying to get away from him in a nightmare."

"Yeah yeah. But the Nightmare Man is some guy who goes into dreams and tries to screw people up. Since I owed her for fixing us, I agreed to help her." Jack stands, stretching before leaning down to grab the pile of books. "I'm sure my other half is gonna come back and talk to you, but I'm in control now, so I don't have to sit here and listen to you."

"Fine by me Jack." Kaylee shrugs a shoulder, pushing away from the bookshelf. "Come on.. I'll ring you up and then you can leave." She finds the whole thing good fun, "Well, with hope we won't have to run into each other in those dreams. You don't want to get caught in mine… Somehow I don't think you or him are the type to fight temptation." It's a mild insult, her booted feet carry her to the counter.

"I don't fight temptation, I indulge, something he doesn't know anything about." Jack sits the books on to the counter when they get there, and that other consciousness can be felt, but it's almost like feeling a sleeping mind. "Dan Brown…" He shakes his head a few times. "I can't believe you."

"Know what Jack?" Kaylee ask brightly, "I'm a touch tired of you.. So…" She picks up on of the books, glancing at the cover. Then she looks up as her mind slips seamlessly into his, "Mortimer. I'd like you to come out again and talk to me. Jack.. you can sleep." The words to anyone else, sound normal. But to Mortimer and his split personality there is that desire to do what she says.

Staring blankly down at the books on the counter, Mortimer looks over at her in confusion, like a deer in the headlights. "Oh god." is the first thing he says, as if realizing something horrible. "Did anything happen to you? I'm sorry about that, I can explain…"

A hand lifts to stop him, "It's fine Mortimer. Jack and I had a little talk." Kaylee makes it sound like what happened was no big deal. She starts punching the keys on the register, ringing up the books. "But next time you talk to him." Glancing out of the corner of her eye, she continues. "Tell him he doesn't want to indulge my type of temptation." She had just proved the power of temptation really.

"That will be $33.45."

"He's too hung up on his 'Southern Belle' anyway." Mortimer shakes his head, more confused than anything, as it all just seems so out of context to him. He reaches into his pocket and hands her a fifty, then waits for his books to be bagged. "I'll stop by again some time, glad you're not afraid or anything."

"So I noticed." Kaylee chuckles a bit as she bags the books. When she turns to get his change, she comments "I know Lola.. I think he sees her through some rose colored glasses there." The change is offered over, before the bagged books.

"You have a good day, Mortimer and thank you for coming by."

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