Self Saving Princess


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Scene Title Self Saving Princess
Synopsis Magnes and Monica finally meet and he learns a lesson about saving princesses.
Date June 2 2010


The first day is always a hectic experience, trying to impress the boss, trying not to screw up, trying to remember to smile at the customers, cursing yourself for not wearing comfortable shoes, it's a madhouse. For Monica Dawson, though, it's a mix of welcome break from the life of vigilantism, and also… a huge bore. Remembering to refill the Cokes is not exactly as thrilling as chasing down gangsters or getting shot at.

Of course… getting shot at has it's downsides, too. …Like bullet holes through your shoulder.

Letting out a sigh as she steps out of the employee door of The Windsor Knot in Harlem, Monica rolls her most recently wounded shoulder as she takes a glance up at the night sky, chuckling lightly at the the lack of visibility in the city. Ah, home again. It is during this contemplation that a pair of men much bigger than the lone female take it upon themselves to shove the woman down an alley. There is a surprised and alarmed yelp from her, just before one covers her mouth with a hand.

Suddenly there's a, well, dynamic entrance. Magnes, wearing his long black zipped up leather coat, blue jeans, black snow boots, and his makeshift winter clothing mask of a long red scarf covering his mouth and nose, and red oval goggles, lands.

Gravity pushes snow behind him, and he dramatically points. "Stop right ther—"

It's just a few moments too late, as it turns out. The damsel, as it turns out, is a self saving princess, as Magnes' words get cut of with a 'HIYA!' from Monica just as she's landing a spinning kick to one of the criminal's heads. And he drops. There is another one, of course, but his nose is currently bleeding and he's muttering hurtful insults at the woman.

"Uh…" Magnes clears his throat, straightening his goggles with both hands. "Well then, looks like my work is done here." he says in an ironically heroic tone, then pulls his scarf down to offer her a smile and a hand as the men start running away from the asskicking. "Are you… Batgirl?"

Monica glances over to Magnes, as if to assess if he's also in need of an asskicking. But she seems to decide not. In fact, his words get a crooked grin from the woman. When the others start to run, she calls out, "Yeah, you better run!" So intimidating. Well… it must be more so, if your ass just got kicked.

Turning Magnes' way again, she drops into a more relaxed demeanor. "Batgirl? Not last time I checked. But… who are you supposed to be?" That hand is taken and given a firm shake in greeting. "I do like the coat. Very dramatic."

Magnes looks down at the knee-length coat, having a bit of a large goofy grin at the compliment. "I'm just Magnes J. Varlane. Though I'm not supposed to introduce myself with a J anymore, my bandmate says it's not cool."

He looks back at the running men again, then back to her. "Where'd you learn to fight like that? I mean it doesn't take a genius to tell you could take me in hand to hand if I don't use abilities."

"No J, huh? Why not? it's sorta got a ring to it. Like Michael J. Fox or Samuel L. Jackson. You know?" Monica glances toward the running men as he does, but looks back to him at his question. "Oh… it's just something I picked up. A lady living alone in a city like this? It's good to know how to protect yourself." She gestures the way the men fled, "Case and point, yeah?"

"Yeah, just glad I don't have to be everywhere at once. And I like my J… never thought of it like that, those are two perfectly cool guys with middle initials!" Magnes seems almost excited, like he has a new defense up his sleeve for said bandmate. "Anywhere I can walk you? Not that you need it. I'm not used to watching the thugs get beaten up."

"Yeah, especially Jackson, he's totally badass." Monica punctuates this with a nod of her head. "Uuuh… I was just going to head up the street, get some coffee and then back home again. I suppose some company wouldn't be awful," she says with a chuckle. "You can tell me about this gig you've got going on."

"Oh, I was just flying around, looking for people to help. The snow's melting and people are bound to start having accidents." Magnes is apparently going to follow, considering he slips his gloved hands into his pockets and simply follows her. "As for my band, we're still getting it aff the gound, but we still have a few things together while we find our 'sound'.

"So you're musician by day, vigilante by night? I take it you're registered? Flying around and using your real name." There's a pause there. "Or, well… is it your real name?" Monica blinks a little, then looks over at him, "Oh, lame. I didn't introduce myself at all. Monica. Monica Dawson."

"Ah, uh, I wouldn't call myself a vigilante, I'm just flying around, looking for people to help. I've been doing it all through the blizzard. And technically I'm an intern too, but I haven't been in contact with my boss since this all started." Magnes reaches into his jacket, then pulls out his registration card, holding it up for her. Gravity Manipulation. And it is indeed his real name, according to the card. "Monica, huh? Nice name. I guess it would be nice to be a hero, I mean if I had the guts to go out and do that sort of thing. And a cool costume would definitely be required."

"Through that huge storm? Wow. Brave and crazy," Monica says, but it's with a sort of indulgent tone and a smile to boot. "And intern for what? I'm sure everyone around here was just as rocked by the storm… jobs and all that, seems like it would all fall apart." When he pulls out his card, she leans over to take a look at it. "Huh. Well, that's pretty cool. Just on you or on everything?" Looking back to him, those last words make her smile dip sideways, "Well, you're pretty close already. I mean, all it takes is the drive to help people. Or see criminals behind bars. And /definitely/ a costume."

"And resources, you need resources to be a vigilante or you won't last very long. Look at Batman, for example. And intel." Magnes sounds as if he's thought on this quite a bit, sliding the card back into his pocket. "I can control things around me, but I have better control if I'm actually touching."

Monica contemplates that for a moment, her head tilted to the side. "Resources would certainly /help/. But look at Spider-Man. At least, early Spider-Man." She chuckles at bit, though, at the other's apparent planning. "Well, that's just cool. You get the awesome of being able to fly but with extra stuff, too."

"You read comics? That's awesome." Magnes is apparently more impressed with comic reading than flying at the moment, giving himself a once over when she mentions his ability. "Are you, uh, y'know, like me?"

"Yeah, it's a recent… my little brother likes them." Monica lifts an eyebrow at that question, and then her expression falls into a smile. "What me? I can't manipulate gravity to save my life."

Magnes laughs, quickly shaking his head. "No no, I mean, Evolved." He wipes the tears from his eyes with the back of his glove, staring curiously for the answer. "And I think I'd get along with your brother, consideriny my massive collection."

"Is that the new small talk line around here? Instead of how's the weather, we have what's your ability?" Monica pauses when they reach the door of the coffee shop. "Don't count on it. He's a little punk," she says, but with obvious affection. "Ah… thanks for the walk, Magnes, I think I can take it from here. Good luck with the band and… well, everything else."

"I can't help being curious, I'm a comic geek! Never know when I might meet someone with metallic claws." Magnes holds the door for her, nodding. "I'll see you around, then. It was nice talking to you." He offers a smile and a polite nod.

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