Sensitivity To The Sun


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Scene Title Sensitivity to the sun.
Synopsis Abby brings Raquelle by for a little in home bleaching of Lashirah's hair.
Date September 3, 2010

Gun Hill

Lashirah leans back in the apartment she had sort of taken over at Gun Hill. Lashirah Lee hasn't left the building other than to enter it when bringing in the 'boxes' of stuff earlier. She sighs and finds a spot to sit, and rubs her forehead a little. The storm was still to hot to try going and getting the one thing she needed to use her 'backup' plan. And to be honest, Lash hasn't had caffeine in any real quantity in almost 48 hours, and the withdrawal is not doing her emotional state any favors.

Gun Hill had a new resident, indeed. And apparently she has a benign, so to speak, addiction.

Raquelle isn't told who he's going to be tending to aesthetically and cosmetelogically. Not in the least. Whatever name Lash wants to use is the name that will be used, and her lone request to Abigail was a bit surprising. It also wasn't something that the she figured that a box of hair dye or a couple boxes wouldn't be able to do. You'd need either a chromokinetic, or a hairdresser with the specific supplies.

Abigail knows both, but only the latter was available and a promise to come bearing SUV and hairdresser. Coffee too if the paper cups in the tray was any indication. The flamboyant hair dresser was with the blonde and there's a knock on the respective door to where the former company agent is hiding out. "Hello?" A glance to Raquelle and lift of shoulders.

Raquelle eyes Raquelle where he sits with his supplies slung over his shoulder and another bag dragging behind him. He just eyes Abigail. "I swear baby if this ain't legit…" He wears a pair of dark jeans, purple and black docs, sleeveless black turtle neck and a black leather jacket, fedora perched on his head with a quirk of an eyebrow and a curious expression on his face.

Lashirah opens the door after checking througgh the peephole. "wasn't expecting company. Pardon the lack of decoration." She opens the door inward with a thin smile. "I'm Ashley. Nice to meet you."

"Completely legitimate. It's her birthday, she's a little sensitive to the sun, so… it's not like I could just cart Ashley across the bridge. So this is my present to her! To you!" As Lash opens the door and Abigail grins. "Ashley, meet Raquelle, Raquelle, meet my friend Ashley. Ashley, I present to you, the Guru of hair, the lord of my locks and the man responsible for it when it needs a trim!" She snakes an arm around Raquelle's shoulder, grinning. "Can we come in?"

Lashirah smiles. "Come inside, yes." Not quite what she was expecting… but indeed, this would work well. "Indeed it is. And it's a wonderful wonderful present." She chuckles. "As I said, I pardon for the mess.. still moving in an all." She steps back to allow the pair in, the smile still on her face.
Raquelle eyes Lashirah for a few moments before looking over at Abigail and then back to 'Ashley' and then back to Abigail and he smiles softly. "Hello honey, nice to meetcha, I was told it was an emergency so over I cam quick as I could." He'll follow Abigail in and he chuckles softly.

Hey, it covers Raquelle's ass and this way he has deniability. "I can't just buy her boxes and I thought, hey, if you're gonna go blonde, right, you might as well do it properly, so that if she ever walks into your shop, you won't be a crying mess and your hands in her hair muttering about how you could have saved!" Abigail pantomimes with a cheeky grin as she enters in.

Lashirah laughs softly. "Indeed. particularly with my dark hair… best get it done right!" Her tone happy, bright about the whole thing. She brushes back the dark locks she has currently, then finally takes a sniff of the air… and her eyes light up. "Ooooh, an someone brough coffee too? It really IS my birthday!"

Raquelle chuckles softly and follows after the others with a soft sigh, looking around. "Where do you want me to set up?"

Abigail glances to Lash, this is her temporary hideyhole after all and the woman would know where she wants to set up. "Kitchen I would imagine, yes? Access to the sink and if tehre's spills, well, easier to clean up. Yes?"

Lashirah nods. "Yes, and it has one of the few chairs that might remotely be tall enough." She takes one of the cups of coffee, and sips at it, half closing her eyes at the guilty pleasure of it. She looks to Abigail a moment and quietly wonders what awkwardness she had gotten herself into. But then again, for coffee and a new hair color? It'd be more than worth it. "And yes, if there's a spill in there, it'll be much easier to clean… sink there too." She clears her throat. "Never met a stylist that did house calls before." She finally says with a smile and a bit of a ggigle.

Raquelle smirks gently. "Oh trust me sweetie…you haven't met a stylist like me before." He moves to the kitchen to start getting everything ready. "So we're doing a dye job yes, blonde?"

Lashirah nods a little. "Well… likely a bleach and dye, since, well, I doubt we could get to blonde from my natrual color…" She says it as if she hasn't tried it before. And she hasn't. At least, not recently.

"No.. noooo many people have not met Raquelle and when they leave him or he leaves… well, life us just not the same" Abigail means that in such a fashion that it can't be anything but positive. "I'll be right back, I gotta use the little girls room and when I'm back I'll help with whatever is needed."
Raquelle ahhs softly and pulls on a pair of gloves as he slips a book from his bag, offering it to Lashirah. "Pick a shade then, we'll have to bleach it and use dye to add body to it with high and low lights and the like." He glances towards Abigail and blows a kiss. "We'll be here honey."

Lashirah pages through the book… it doesn't take her long to find the exact shade she's looking for, but she passes by it to keep looking as if she's makingg up her mind, then turns back to it and points it out. "This shade."

Raquelle makes note of the color, squinting before eyeing Lashirah's head and hmming softly before he moves to the sink to start mixing up chemicals and prepping bleach and the like, he even has a cute little mask to cover his mouth and his nose as he works, apron tied around his waist serving as a tool-belt as well filled with combs, brushes, sprays…scissors and razors, he's all prepared. "Sooo…Ashley is it? Happy birthday…"

The soon-to-be-blonde smiles. "Thank you." She says as she sits back, taking the band that was holding her hair back into a pony tail. "You have no idea how much this means to me" She says the words wholeheartedly. He likely never will realize, and that's quite on purpose on 'Ashley's' part. After all, sometimes, the best thing you can do for a new friend… is tell them something safe instead of something scary. "End up making house calls often?"

"Awww, that special hunh? Well we'll get the job done and once I enhance your natural sexiness with gorgeous hair you can tell me how much you love me and we'll call it even." Raquelle drawls with a faint smirk, glancing back to Ashley with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Often? No. Well yes and no, I do for friends but I own a salon sweetie." He nods towards the chair. "Get seated and comfy and put a towel around your shoulders and we'll get started honey."

Lashirah plops herself down and leans back. "When I get everything unpacked I"ll have to find the umbrella then."

"Umbrella? What do you need an umbrella for?" Raquelle squints and gets to work, after all he's got…a lot of work to do after all, little brush…bleachy stuff, time to work /his/ magic.
Lashirah smiles. "The sensitivty to sunlight, silly." She leans back and closes her eyes and lets the man do his job. A little trust goes a long way.

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