Separation and Anxiety


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Scene Title Separation and Anxiety
Synopsis Veronica gets a new job title. It's both good and bad news.
Date April 11, 2011

The Octagon, Veronica's Apartment

When it all blows over

Can we start again?

When we've both grown older

Will you love me then?

Say you'll love me then

There's a certain, familiar tap before the locks on Veronica's apartment door are opened, to let Brian know there's no need to go hide behind couches or curtains. They've developed a system in the past few weeks. So far there hasn't been any reason to use the signals to use the 'alarm' signals. So far there hasn't been much headway into their cause — Veronica's days have been mostly filled up desk work and physical therapy.

The door opens wide enough to let the slim brunette in and no wider — though there's no one in the hall to peer inside. She looks, at least to the one person who knows her well enough to decipher her moods, a little anxious. Keys are dropped into the little table by the door and she turns to look for Brian.

The days have been…

Well they have been. Television and whatever books Veronica can claim while she's out can only go so far. Brian has been victim to boredome before. But he had a power. He could always be five different places, doing five different things. His mind was constantly engaged. And now…

The elaborate tower of glassware in the kitchen is the profound testament that this young man has been very very bored. Balanced delicately a pyramid tower of glasses hangs in a fragile balance on the counter, threatening to topple over at any moment.

Whenever Veronica would come home in these days she would be greeted with a vigorous enthusiasm. The dull days were only broken up by her arrival and presence.

When she was gone though…

The kitchen besides the glasses is immaculately clean. Though upon checking the fridge Veronica would surely notice that Brian had been rather bold in his exploration of unique snack attempts this day. That was likely followed by a deep, deep, clean to avoid any attention called to whatever weird food he was mixing together to satiate both his hunger and boredome.

Though when she enters, Brian's head has already popped up from the couch, eyes focused on her as she closes the door. In a bounding motion Winters is up and over the back of the couch, charging at the woman who is not only his lover, but in this situation his only entertainment. Swinging one arm around her back, his charge nearly takes her colliding into the door. He is somewhat careful, but his excitement that she's FINALLY HOME may get the better of him.


Though every change

As I turned the tide

Through all my games

You were there by my side

Luckily she's been greeted in a myriad of enthusiastic ways so she's expecting this sort of thing — else Brian might find himself tased as he rushes her. Her arms come up around his neck and she bumps her forehead against his, laughing against his neck.

For Veronica, work is exhausting, even on desk duty, because she has to keep that mask she wears — a mask on top of a mask, really — firmly in place. Her work lately has been coming up with plans and strategies for other agents, since she's been on limited work, courtesy of a certain Roger Goodman, who thought she was a certain Richard Cardinal meeting with Sarisa Kershner.

The webs we weave.

"I've never had a labrador retriever but I imagine it's sort of like this," Veronica says, lips moving against his neck before she tips her head to find his lips. "Hi."

Pressing a kiss down to her lips, he reaches down, going to grab one of her legs and trying to ease her up against him. Lifting her up he grins, glancing back at the couch. "If a labrador did the things I'm going to do to you tonight. I would advise you to get rid of it." Carrying her over to the couch, he goes to set her down gently below him, bracing himself with one arm.

"That would be a bad dog. Besides if you got me good movies, I would be too distracted to be your puppy." His face contorts for a moment. "That's what you called me. Back in the beginning. Your beginning I guess. Not too long ago for me." He plants another kiss on her forehead, pulling back some to look down at her. "Tough day?"

"Gross. Your mind is in the gutter," says Veronica but laughs, not fighting him off as he lifts her, content to let him maneuver her to the couch. She does wince slightly when her weapons make themselves known, squished between the couch and Brian for a short moment before he raises up.

The kiss is met, her hand reaching up to touch his face, her fingers trailing around his jaw, before the question of work is brought up.

"Good and bad," she says, putting her hand on his chest to push him back a little so she can sit up, because unfortunately, business talk is serious business and hard to do while lying flat on one's back on a couch.

"New assignment," she says, brows drawing together as she looks at him. "In Cambridge."

When it all blows over

Can we start again

When we've both grown older

Will you love me then?

Say you'll love me then

"I'm stuck in here all day, where do you think my mind is going to be." As she winces he does allow her to push him back though he goes to slowly disarm her. His hands reaching into her jacket to slowly unclip the holster and remove both her taser and sidearm. The wweapons gingerly placed on the floor beside the couch.

However he does not allow her to push him all the way back. Keeping his ground wiht hovering over her, he frowns lightly. "Cambridge… Like England?" His face belies the instant concern flooding through him all at once. A million questions are emitted from his eyes though nothing is asked verbally just yet.

She moves enough to help him, then wraps her arms around him again, that need to be close, to touch, more pressing than it usual is for her. She shakes her head at the question. "Massachusetts. It's… I'll be the chief security officer for the lab. I think it's where the real mad science is going on, you know? It's a good thing." Her emphasis on the last words more to convince herself maybe than Brian. "I can't do anything where I'm at right now doing desk work. But…"

Veronica is quiet for a moment, her dark eyes flicking left to right as she studies his face. But. It means yet another separation. "I'd have to live on site. The ARK they call it. Arcology. For short." She stops talking, her breath halted in her chest, to wait for his response.

A light smile is granted as she holds onto him. Appreciating being appreciated he moves into her more, listening intently as she explains there is more than one Cambridge. And then the wind flies right out of his sails. His body deflates some, breath leaving him as she explains she would have to live on site. Only so many assumptions can be made. His weight on her increases. "What?" He returns, his voice softer, more meek as if afraid of to ask it for fear of confirmation.

"Is this because of the dog joke?"

It's asked in the same voice though clear he's trying to make light of news that makes the boring day of glass towers look like a parade of merriment. "So.. I'll stay here.. or..?" Though his mind clearly racing he nods. Obviously that's good. That's great, Vee." Forcing a smile for her, it doesn't last very long. "So.. what.. What's gonna happen?"

Veronica's eyes slide away, her expression pensive. Wistful. "You can stay here and I'll come back on my days off," she begins. Her voice is a little huskier than usual, like she's holding in emotions. "Or you can come with and we'll get an apartment somewhere nearby…" Her eyes are beginning to well up and she makes another move to sit up, looking around, maybe for a distraction.

Her eyes fall on the glassware tower, which suits her purpose, and she huffs a short little laugh. "I see you've been busy," Vee says wryly, before looking back.

The tears have been blinked back, the lashes wet with their memory. "I'm still trying to figure out a way for you to get in. Maybe it'll be easier over there. At least there's fewer people who know you."

Will you love me then?

Say you'll love me then

Did you love me then?

Finally he allows her to sit up, falling back down into the couch. He gives a light shrug at her comment, more distracted by her eyes and the liquid gathering there. "We all need projects." He watches her quietly as she fights back the tears, his demeanor visibly darkening as he does so. But then a resurgence is made, a full charge for positive emotions. His thumbs dart up to try and dab out the water from her eyes. "Hey. It's okay."

His smile is bright as he leans in to rest his forehead against hers. "We'll figure it out."

"I just don't want to be apart from you again," Veronica murmurs, her hands coming up to rest on either side of his face. "I don't want to keep losing you. Part of me just wants to run off and forget everything, just find some quiet corner in the world to live with you, but…"


"We've given up too much to stop now," she says, more firmly.

She leans forward to kiss him again, slowly standing and making him stand with her. "I go tomorrow. But we have tonight."

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