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Scene Title Serendipity
Synopsis "It's like when you fall into a pile of shit and end up finding a unicorn." In which people are shot, and one person dies.
Date January 6, 2009

Dockside Warehouses, Queens

Queens. Specifically, Queens near the docks, and the warehouses. Dina's delivery girl tonight, not a role she's particularly thrilled in, but you take what you're given. The brunette walks towards the warehouses in the distance, bundled in a bulky jacket. It serves the dual roles of armor against the cold and concealment for various lovely toys.

The transmission intercepted mentioned two freight cars to be delivered tonight in a warehouse off the docks. Maybe it was Helena who made the logic jump as to what might be in those cars, or maybe it was Cat. Either way, it was enough for Helena to convince Ben to come along on this adventure, and Brian is of course, one of the best you could have and a potential sneak-and-grab.

Helena is dressed in dark clothes, nothing to conspicuous for a girl out and about a rough locale at night. Her bright hair tucked into a watchman's cap, and she's well aware of the presence of Brians loitering about, even if they're not directly with her.

Ben is dressed very much like a Ben, which involves jeans, a sweater, and a jacket. And his little tuque. And a bag for some medical supplies. He pokes himself in the chest. Body armor's something very new and very sobering for him. Poke, poke.

Dark hair makes for less trouble in this sort of operation, Cat hasn't needed to hide hers under headgear, and so she wears none, but she does have it pinned up neatly so it won't be in the way. Her clothing is dark, her upper torso protected by the kevlar gear underneath her coat and shirt. In her ear there's the radio piece used during the action in Rickham's defense, and elsewhere the microphone for speaking into it. No guitar case for this. Just a duffelbag carried by hand. She follows along some distance behind, waiting for word by radio from the person who took point.

Who needs radio when you have Brian? And Brian. And Brian. One young man is with each of them. The rather thuggy dressed Brian walking quietly with Ben, his Desert Eagle tucked into the back of his jeans.

With Helena, Brian has a very long black jacket on. His shotgun strapped closely to his back, the coat mostly concealing it. His hands are tucked into his pockets, a questioning glance set to the blonde girl.

Finally there's a Brian standing with Cat. He wears a hoody and jeans, a simple .40 tucked into the back of his pants. All three remain quiet and a tad nervous.

Dina has the advantage, at least, of not being publically known as Vanguard. But she's not aware of the surprise party, either. She continues down the street, approaching closer as she looks about, eyes sweeping the street, just to be certain.

"What is it?" Helena asks Brian softly, when he gives her that odd look. Her hoodie hides her kevlar well, and she's gotten used to the feeling. Which is kind of sad, really. But just as she's waiting on his answer, her eyes flick across the street they've just stepped onto, something makes her abruptly squeeze Brian's wrist. "That girl!" she hisses, "I've seen her before!"

Ben is carrying his never-used-on-a-person gun. In his jacket pocket. He narrows his eyes and squints down at Dina. She looks very small and unthreatening, which makes his brow furrow. He looks back at Helena and Brian.

"What's going on?" Cat asks the Brian standing next to her, as she moves to set down the bag she's carrying and extract the items inside it. It's a silent weapon, which might be useful in the operation at hand, the making of less noise than firearms. And she makes a mental note to finally inquire about getting her hands on such things. With silencers.

Brian just shakes his head at Helena's question. "Nothin'." He answers softly, walking beside her quietly and confidently. Well.. semi-confidently. When she squeezes his wrist, Brian immediately steps in front of Helena, wrapping his arms around her to make it impossible for Dina to get a glimpse of her face. To outsiders it will just look like a couple suddenly decided to make out.. Without the actual making out. "Did she see you?" He asks ever so quietly.

The Brian by Ben remains silent, tucking his hands into his pockets. He jerks with his head to the other man as if motioning for him to be followed.

"Are you.. fucking kidding me?" Brian asks in harsh whispers, with wide eyes. He simply stares down at Cat and her weapon that is drawn. "Cat.. With all due respect, this isn't fucking Lord Of The Rings. What the hell are you doing?!" The young man asks, his expressions simply.. amazed.

Dina slows just a bit. It's not that she has any solid surety, but you don't make a career as a terrorist without being paranoid. Odd part of town to start making out in. Odd enough at least that she quickens her pace, and slides hands into the pockets of the jacket.

Being appearing small and non-threatening could also apply to Helena. She's momentarily baffled when Brian embraces her, but understands quickly. "I don't think so." she says, and softly into her mic, "The brunette further down the block. I've seen her before. She's likely noticed me and Bee, from the way she's slowed down, but we need to see where she's going. I wish I could remember exactly where I saw her face, but I doubt it's coincidence."

Ben adjusts his grip on his bag, blinks, and moves to follow Brian without comment. The other guy does get an inquisitive look, however. Like what are we going to do, anyway?

It isn't yet out of the bag she was carrying, but is visible to the Brian with her. Cat halts in taking it out, and gives him an 'oh please' look. "It's effective at distance, I'm a decent shot with it, and it's quiet if we need to use weapons." She gestures with her head at the gun he has, just before asking pointedly "Does that thing have a silencer? Can you say it won't give us away by being loud, and possibly draw cops?"

Then, at the sound of Helena's voice in her ear, she attempts to sight the person referred to.

Continuing to hold Helena, in place, Brian just stares at her as Helena makes her orders into the mic. He wets his lips nervously, waiting for now.

Hell if I know, is the shrug that Ben receives. Though he is making his way long ways, trying to get on the other side of Dina with Ben in tow.

Cat gets a very incredulous look. "Are you serious Cat? Thousands of gangsters for millions of years have been using the shoot and run strategy. It works pretty fucking well. How many thugs do you see pretending to be Robin Hood?" Brian asks, still shocked that she's actually bringing a bow and arrow. He glances over his shoulder to Dina again. Though he doesn't need a radio.

She's not aware of the various-and-sundry conversations, but she's uneasy. So just to be on the safe side, Dina swings into the nearest alleyway. This neighborhood's got so many large buildings and narrow alleys that it should be fairly easy to ditch pursuit, she figures. Or at least to make it more obvious.

Helena considers. "Cat, you and Brian see if you can get an up and over viewpoint. Ben and Brian take the roundabout way, and we're gonna keep walking in a straight line before hooking back. But we need to see where she's going. You can argue cowboys and Indians later, kids." With that, she's prepared to start moving down the street again, leaning her head on Brian's arm and keeping her peripheral vision on Dina in case she darts a corner.

Ben nods to Brian. Fair enough! He then attempts to walk casually when he is in no way feeling casual. This means his steps are a little jerky. Also, his hands have gotten clammy and moist.

Her eyes roll again as Brian speaks, she can't believe she actually has to explain this concept. "Brian," she mutters, "think, man. Shoot and run, you said. If we don't make noise, we might not have to run, and would have more time to look for documents, anything of use." Even as she speaks, she's on the move to comply with Stormy's instructions. The quiver of arrows goes over her shoulder, and the bow is carried in hand. "Got it, Stormy," she answers into the radio.

"Kay. She's going into that alley bro. Let's uh. Run and head her off the other side, right?" Brian says quietly to Ben, his pace starting to hasten and he breaks into a jog to make his way around the buildings. Hopefully to run all the way around them and get to the opposite mouth of the alley. If only Owen was here.

Tugging Helena into him closely and letting his arm hang over her shoulders he continue to walk. He tries to make it look like he's whispering sweet nothings into her ear. "We're not trying to kill her right? Just kidnap her. Right?"

Brian's eyes roll back equally. He can't believe she actually is trying to explain this concept. "Documents? We're not playing call of fucking duty." He hisses, eyes going wide. And then, he swings his hand over his shoulder motioning to Cat. "Come on, Xena. Let's find a fire escape or something."

Dina slides her hand out from her jacket pocket, bringing her gun with it. She takes a few quick turns in the alleys, trying to lose possible pursuit, then crouches near a dumpster, gun ready. Never hurts to be cautious.

"We want her to lead us to wherever she's going." Helena says. "But if she corners, then yeah, we'll have to go in for a capture. Which isn't Ben's bag at all, so he should probably stay back and stick to being eyes. Crap! She just took a turn. She knows she's being followed. We could wait her out until she gets back onto her route."

Ben nods to Brian; he hustles alongside and finally speaks. Very quietly. "By 'head her off', do you mean 'wait to follow her to see where she's going'?"

He doesn't get it, won't get it, Cat stops trying to explain. She'll talk with Helena instead of such a chance presents itself. She's already on the move to get a high vantage point, not needing Brian to advise it, Stormy's call was enough. But she is still thinking. "Brian," she asks, "can you put more you around where she was last seen, to anticipate routes, or do they only emerge right next to you?"

Moments of silence later, while scanning the area, she concludes "Warehouses. No fire escapes. But that building," she nods at one with her head, "probably has roof access." And that's where she's going.

"Okay." Brian says in a whisper to Helena's ear, frowning slightly. "She could get away in those alleys Hel. I think we either let her go or.. try to capture her and let Teo do his thing." Brian says quietly.

"Uh, yeah. Of course." Brian replies to Ben as he runs alongside the older man. "That's exactly what I meant." The young man says in between breaths.

"I can run over there. But I only came with three. If I make more, I'd be naked. That's pretty conspicuous, innutit?" The young man asks, moving to said warehouse. "Okay. You gonna break the locks on the doors with your bow?" He asks with a little smirk.

Dina listens, and after a few moments of nothing obvious, looks all about to make sure there's no eyes on her, then returns to her traveling.

Helena makes a slightly irritated sound, and steps up her pace. "You're right." she says abruptly, and starts stepping a few paces faster than Brian, turning the corner that opens into the mouthe of the alley where Dina is hiding. The Vanguard will get a good look at Hel's face and form. Have a hot dog lately?

Dina catches sight of Helena. And there aren't any coincidences in situations like this. Plus, she's not exactly the most reserved person around. She sights in on Helena and pulls the trigger twice.

The first bullet hits. Which is to say, it grazes a trail along Helena's hip, which causes her to stagger back with a yelp of pain, and puts her out of the second bullet's path entirely. "Fuuuuuck!" she shrieks. There's an abrupt and sudden temperature drop in the alley.

"That's not exactly what I meant Hel!" Brian hisses out as the blonde takes the lead rapidly. Forcing himself to pick up the pace, Brian practically runs after her into the mouth of the alley. Just in time to see Dina taking off two shots. Brian leaps with all he has at the blonde woman, though not fast enough to catch the first bullet, he does have enough time to tackle the girl and take the second bullet square in his shoulder.

It's not his first time being shot, though every time is certanly an experience, as he clatters towards the ground of the alleyway, his hand darts up for the handle of the shotgun on his back.

"Oh, shit," Ben whispers, eyes popping wide open. He's frozen to the spot for five heartbeats before he goes running. It'll take him time to catch up to Helena, Dina, and the other Brian, though.

She had ignored Brian's comment about the locks, shooting them out probably only works in the movies and this is no time to experiment. Cat was looking for a ladder or a sledghammer to knock open a door in a quieter way, or a rock to break a window with when the sound of gunfire drew her attention away from that goal. Instead, she started moving to flank Dina and bring backup for the leader. As she moved, one hand drew an arrow from her quiver and loaded it into the bow.

Okay, so the target's fallen. Even better. That means they don't dodge as fast. Dina's not one to mince words, or to offer negotiations. The brunette starts to close at a swift-but- steady walk, and as she approaches, she will squeeze off several more rounds at the two on the ground.

The two on the ground are right by the corner, and it's simple enough to scoot back and let the bullets hit the building walls. But Helena's pretty pissed, and in pain, and the easiest thing in the world? Is to make what alleys are good for - wind tunnel. Air rustles, whips, and then stairs to whistle and roar as air starts leveling pretty hard down the length of the alley.

One hand shoots out at Ben, closing around on his shoulder. "You stay here bro. I'll let you know when it's all clear." He murmurs. "Hel wouldn't want you hurt. It'll be over in a second." He says, rather sadly.

With Cat, the Brian has a very different attitude. He is sprinting with all he has at Cat's side. Gun drawn, and the safety flicked off.

With Helena, the shotgun is drawn. Brian rattles as he tries to position himself fully in front of Helena. One bullet hitting him squarely in the kevlar. As Helena brings the wind, Brian brings the bullets. Aiming the shotgun quickly, the trigger is pulled. Letting off a big bang in the alleyway. So much for stealth.

Ben draws up short, one hand in the pocket of his jacket containing his gun. Never get it out in time. He gives Brian a sharp look, something strange in his eyes, but he nods and steps back. He'll wait.

She moves at a run as more shots are fired, to close the distance as quickly as possible, and when she gets to the end of the alley opposite the end where Helena and one of the Brians went, Cat intends to take aim on Dina and loose an arrow at whichever arm holds the gun so she can't fire anymore. She might normally aim for the center of her torso, but body armor might be in play, so the arm is the target. Harder to hit, but not impossible. But there is wind and shotgun fire, making her hang back and instead just peer around the corner to see what the situation is.

Dina's not a particularly massive person, so the wind hits her and quite literally tosses her backwards down the alley. It turns out to be lucky and spares her from the shotgun hit, as Helena's wind tosses her out of the way. She lands, rolling behind another dumpster for cover, and squeezes off a few shots as suppressive fire; meant to keep them down more than to hit them, while her other hand reaches into her pocket for some other toy.

Device extracted, Dina waits and watches. The wind is mostly main-center in the alley-way. It's keeping her pinned down. but then, the dumpsters aren't flush up to the wall. She takes advantage of the small space behind them, yanking out the pocket surprise; a grenade. It gets bowled rapidly down the side, heading for Helena and Brian.

Helena sees that thing rolling toward herself and Brian and knows exactly what it is. With a little shriek that is more terror and pain, she waves her hands in a frantic gesture and the wind responds, sending the grenade clattering back toward Dina, ricocheting a few feet away from her off one of the dumpsters. BOOM.

Ben ducks. That's his immediate reaction to a grenade going off in his vicinity; he curls his arms over his head and flinches heavily. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" Screw this, he's not staying here. Ben darts toward the explosion.

She sees Dina toss the grenade with her head leaned around the corner, and sees it get blown back by Helena's wind. Cat reacts by quickly pulling back around the building so she doesn't get hit by the blast and any flying metal fragments that follow it. She waits a few beats for things to settle before peering around again to see what the current situation is; her goal is to establish Dina's location and condition.

Popping out from behind the alley, his gun is raised up though then there's a grenade. Darting back in, Brian raises his arm up over Cat as the explosion goes off.

With Helena, Brian does the same thing, throwing his arms up and himself up and over to cover the girl from the explosion, his eyes shut tightly as the warmth hits his back.

With Ben, Brian is quickly on the other man's heels as they run towards the explosion.

Helena presses herself against the building wall when the grenade in the alley goes off. Despite the fear and pain she manages, "We have to get out of here. The warehouse with the freight cars can't be very far from here. It's probably close to the water, we need to find it. There could be people inside." She starts using the wall to push herself upright, and bites down against the pain. "Brian! Brian, you're shot, can you get up?"

With the wind gone and the explosion having subsided, Cat comes around the corner. Dina is approached carefully, and poked with a toe. The body doesn't move, and she bends down to touch the woman's neck with two fingers. A few beats are waited, and she finds no pulse. The sight isn't pretty, yet another memory Cat would rather not have but is stuck with. She uses one hand to close the woman's eyes if they're still open, then goes about quickly searching the body. Anything of interest; documents, names, addresses, weapons, etc, are taken.

"Rest in peace," she solemnly offers. Then Cat folds Dina's hands over her chest and quickly moves away.

Moving through the alleyway, an arm goes up over his mouth at the dead body and Cat's willingness to poke around it. "Really, Cat? You had to feel the pulse of..that?" A body? It's not much of one. It takes all he has not to keel over and vomit right there. Turning his head, he continues down the alleyway.

"Yeah.. I'm fine." Brian mutters weakly. Rolling to the side of Helena. "Are you okay?" He asks, moving his hand to the blood on his chest. In fact he's very not okay. If untreated he could die rather quickly. Luckily, he is Brian.

As the third Brian rounds the corner with Ben, he bends down and simply touches the wounded Brian. Where the body was, now there is only a shotgun and clothing. Once that is done, he goes to slide under Helena' arm, his hand going to her other arm to support her weight. "Want me to carry you?"

"I'm not a doll." Helena says, a little absurdly indignant. She accepts the support to get herself on her feet, and she is bleeding from the graze on her hip. "We need to find that warehouse. And get out of here. Don't leave all your biometrics all over the place." Prints and DNA, on the clothes and shotgun. Not to mention Cat's on Dina's body, which Helena takes one look at, turns, and retches against the wall regarding.

Cat however, has a single stroke of luck, the only item on Dina's body: a slip of paper with a warehouse address. Deus Ex Writer's Room.

Ben raises his forearm to his mouth again and tries to recall all the really disgusting things he's seen in school. Okay. Dinner is fine still. That done, he says, "We do have to keep moving. B, you got shot —- I know you work differently, but will you be alright? Dean? You? You're bleeding."

Messy as Dina may have been in death, it isn't the worst thing Cat's ever seen. Memories flash into her mind, images she'd rather not have. President-elect Rickham with his insides on the outside as she and Abby stuffed them back into place. Dani having her thumb cut off by Ethan. Dani again later when she was put back in the room with all of her fingers gone from the left hand. The man she herself shot and probably killed with an arrow in Greenwich Village. Cameron's dessicated body. Peter exploding, turning New York into Nuked York, seen from the perspective of being the one who detonated. And it's the heat of the moment; Cat is stoic and focused. Reactions to such things come later.

"You'd be surprised what people can survive through, briefly, Brian," she quietly states. Nothing is said of what she'd have done if Dina were still marginally alive, however. She just takes care to ensure nothing of use which traces back to her is on the body, and as to prints Cat was wearing gloves. If anything is left, it's cloth fibers from that.

The slip of paper is taken, along with all of Dina's weaponry, and read. "It's an address," she reports.

"I'm not saying you're a doll, Helena." Brian shoots back, his voice a little angry at the sudden indignation. "I'm offering help. God." Brian says with agitation. "What th'fuck's a biometric." He growls, the other Brian going to pick up the things on the ground the dissappearing Brian left behind. "Cat you shouldn't have touched her so much.. wipe her off or somethi—"His attention goes to Helena. "So much for biometrics. I'm fine bro, just hurts in my brain, you know."

Of course, Helena's still hanging off Brian, so he doesn't get to completely escape being the white knight. "What is it? Is it local? It might be the warehouse." Sirens are beginning to wail in the distance. "We need to go, I - can you tie it off or something?" she asks Ben. The pain is evident on her face, and after her puking spell, she's trying desperately to man up about the pain.

"I have to know what it is," Ben says quickly; he goes past Cat and Brian and goes to Helena's side, stooping. "Your hip?"

"It is," Cat replies, reading it off. "I think it's in the area, not too far away." She doesn't seem worried about anything left on the body now, having acted to tend it some and not having touched it with bare skin anyway. "I can carry your gear, Stormy," she offers. She's looking into the distance, in whatever direction that address is, ready to move, but not leaving Helena behind.

"Should I clean up your puke?" Brian asks softly, a little surprised at the vomit. "That's biometrics right?" His eyes widen a little bit.

Helena regards the wall and the vomit wearily. She's greatful a bullet didn't end up going in her or through her, but that doesn't mean the graze doesn't hurt like hell. "I'll make it rain." she promises. "But we have to get out of here and we have to check that warehouse." Her gaze flicks over to Ben. "My hip." she confirms. "Can't you just slap a bandage on it or something for now?" she asks hopefully. "We've got to move."

Ben opens up his bag and removes a small package of guaze; he opens it and hands some to Helena. "Apply pressure. It doesn't look too serious. I'll get a better look and disinfect it later. Let's go."

There being nothing to take from the leader, Cat simply waits for the group to move out.

Brian keeps himself under Hel's arm, supporting her as much as she wants. The second Brian gathers up all the stuff, before looking back at the corpse. Another gag reflex, though no vomit comes. "Cat, I can't believe you touched that." Another dry heave, before he turns his back on the body. "Should I go get the car?"

Helena applies the bandage, and seems grateful for Brian providing himself as a makeshift crutch. "Can you split in two? One of you can move the car and get it out from potentially being targetted by the cops, and you can help me." Assuming that's possible (and if not, they'll just have to hope for the best on the car), the little band of herolings proceed to the address on the scrap of paper, thankfully not terribly far away, leaving the oncoming red and blue of New York's finest behind them. Even as they start to walk, clouds over head gather, and a scattered shower comes down briefly over their previous location.

The warehouse they do finally approach is closer to the water, and appears to be dark - no one home. The door is locked, but one can see by looking through a window that there's a single truck inside, with its freight car still mounted to the rig.

Ben looks up as the sky starts spattering them with rain; he gets this look on his face, this crooked little half-smile of wonderment, an expression he wears when there's talk of Brian splitting in two. But he recovers quickly enough, and when they arrive at the warehouse he takes his turn peering inside. "Someone maybe walk the perimeter. Maybe they left guards," he whispers.

She glances at Brian when he speaks disbelief of her actions, and mutters under her breath. "We've got a heckler in the audience tonight. Great." Cat doesn't look at him as she heads for the location, choosing also not to explain herself. Eyes lift to the sky, she believing that should tend to any stray hairs that fell while she conducted her search and wipe out clothing fibers too.

A short time later, as they approach the target location, Cat studies the building and glances over at Ben, then the injured leader. "That's possible, Ben. I'll go."

"Of course I can." Brian mutters as he continues to support Helena's weight. The Brian behind him backs him up, throwing the coat and other cloths over his shoulder. Holding the shotgun firmly in his hands. Once they arrive at the location, Brian tsks at Cat. "Hold on, Cupid. I got this." The second Brian steps forward. "You guys might wanna close your eyes unless you wanna see my weeiinnerr." The last word is said in a falsetto. He manages to joke around even after seeing a woman blown apart. Lowering his head, suddenly, a naked replicant steps out of the shotgun Brian, and then another, and then another. All with their backs to the rest of the group. "I can cover more ground, you know."

And with that the six naked Brians and the one clothed with the shotgun move forward stealthily to investigate the warehouse. The first Brian remains faithfully supporting Helena's weight.

Helena has to focus a lot more on the rain then she usually does, possibly due to the pain. It's of a caliber she simply isn't used to, and in the back of her head, she's neatly folded away the 'I just accidentally/on purpose killed someone' thing into a little envelope and shoved it in the corner of her brain's 'To be dealt with later' file cabinet. "He's right." she says. "Could you check the door though?" she asks of Cat. If it's locked, we're going to have to figure out how to open it." She looks over at Ben. "If what it's inside of that freight box is what I think it is, you're going to get really busy."

Ben gives Brian an unamused look, shakes his head a little, and finally just nods to Helena. "Yeah," is all he says. Quietly. Bracing himself for more bad news.

She glances after Brian and shakes her head a few times again. "I hope that guy doesn't start working as a critic in the music papers when I go back to playing onstage someday." Cat's head turns next toward the weathermaker, and a nod is given. Cat makes her way to the door and examines the lock, forming a judgment of what might be needed to break it, while one hand reaches out to verify if it's locked or not.

Brian, who is still with the group glances at Cat's comment. A little smirk is given. "It's all clear." He murmurs. "I haven't found anybody." His copies search extensively around the perimiter. Finding nothing.

On one hand, this is almost too easy, because the door is unlocked. But then again, the only company expected was Dina, and she was expected to be able to access the truck inside. Likewise, when the Brians discover no one waiting for them, Helena talks them into keeping an eye on the exterior. Of course, that loses her a crutch. "The inside looks empty." Helena comments, using the building for support. "You both willing to go in? I don't think they were expecting interference."

Ben keeps his hand on his gun in his pocket; he nods. "Keep applying pressure," he whispers to Helena before approaching the truck.

"I am," Cat replies, pushing the door open to admit them and stepping inside. She doesn't turn on the lights just yet, assuming she can even find the switch nearby. The door is held for the others to follow, and she eyes the truck. No further moves are made until they're all in, sans the Guard Brians.

Helena herself manages to hobble inside the door, it seems she'll settle for being the sentry there, leaning against the door frame at one side and pressing the gauze against her hip with the other.

The truck's cab is empty, though an investigation will reveal the keys are still in the ignition. Yes, this was definitely prepped for someone to pick up - Dina, no doubt. The freight box is closed, but it has a simple latch lock, one has only to flip it and pull the hatch up to reveal what's inside.

Ben curls one hand into his jacket sleeve so his fingers don't touch the metal of the latch; he eases it up and opens the box door slowly, eyes solemn.

Cat stands next to him as he raises the latch, eyes trained to see whatever's in the cargo box as soon as the hatch opens. The cab of the truck is left to examine later.

And there it is. Strapped to the gurneys are nine people, three men and six women. Slow drip IV's are hanging from hooks from the ceiling to keep them sedated, and they all wear generic medical gowns, the kind one is forced to wear in hospital ER's. Undoubtedly, they are either already incubated with Volken's virus, or it is with that intent that they were being prepared for.

Ben digs into his bag again for a flashlight; he shines it around, "…This is sick," he murmurs. He climbs up into the freight box and approaches the nearest bed, brushing the fingers of the middle-aged woman's hand with his own. Now he's checking vitals, moving from gurney to gurney.

She stands back and watches Brian as he climbs in and starts to perform examinations of the persons inside. "They could already be infected," she advises, but too late. "Likely not, but still possible." Cat speaks into her radio gear to report the discovery for Helena and the Brians. "Nine subjects, three male, six female, apparently sedated and hooked to IVs, on gurneys." She calls to Ben. "What drugs are they being dosed with?"

Helena pales from her position near the door. She speaks into her comm. "We can't just wake them up." she says regretfully. "We have to move them…somewhere. And I'm at a complete loss. I could try calling Bennet, or even HomeSec. And then it's as likely the Vanguard will assume they got their girl."

They're all stable, with no visible evidence of disease. Most of them are under-nourished and look as if they've had some rough living; two of the men sport very unruly, unkempt beards. Homeless, perhaps. There are no visible forms of id, no charts.

Ben checks one of the IVs; he shakes his head. "I don't know," he says quietly. "I have no idea what they're sedated with." Lowering his flashlight, he says, "Call the Ferrymen."

Move them. Yes. Cat and the leader think alike on this front. Ben would need to stay in the back and monitor the persons, Helena is injured and needs attention at some point. The Brians are guarding, and the original has a car to drive out. "That can happen en route. I'd also contact Parkman and tell him what we found, let him know we took them, and say he possibly has a small window to put this building under watch in hopes of snagging anyone who comes to check out what happened, why they didn't make it to wherever they were going."

She goes from there to the cab to climb in and check it out. "Keys in ignition, excellent." The interior is studied, and the operational details. Automatic transmission, manual, etc. And she reaches for the glovebox. There should be an operator's manual…

Helena whips out her phone, and leaning her back against the wall, begins to thumb her cellphone. She has to do it one handed while pressing her wound. "I'm trying to get in touch with Wireless. Give me a few minutes."

Helena: 'Wireless. U there?/'

Hana: Yes.

Helena: We intercepted a transmission for a VG pickup. Their agent was killed in the fight, but we found her pickup. Truck load of people in med comas. Should I call in SCOUT or HomeSec to deal with this? We need to get them moved.'

The truck is a big rig, a semi meant for carrying heavy loads like the freight car. It's a manual of course, but if Cat took things very, very, very slowly, they might be okay. However, there may be police presence in the area, which may complicate things.

Hana: I would report it to them, yes. They have the facilities to deal with such a problem. There's a momentary pause. Do you want me to relay a report now to Parkman? Or to someone in SCOUT?

Helena: I can call Elisabeth. If you can relay to Parkman, that will work.'

Hana: Done.

Helena pipes up. "Wireless is contacting HomeSec. I'm calling our SCOUT contact. I'll keep you two updated."

Helena: Let me know if HomeSec moves out so we can clear out of here.'

Hana: I will.

Ben pokes his head out of the back of the freight box. "HomeSec? Let's not move, then, if they can get here fast enough."

Maybe they'll move, maybe they won't. Cat's in motion to be prepared. She searches the glove compartment and the cab for any documents of interest, anything that connects to the group they're opposing. Those she intends to read, if any. After that will come the operator's manual so she knows how to operate the vehicle.

"She also told me to contact SCOUT, so I'm calling Liz." Helena says into her comm, even as she's dialing.

Elisabeth grabs her phone and answers it with, "Yeah?" She doesn't want to use names, even on the disposable.

Ben climbs down out of the freight box and goes toward one of the windows to take a peek outside.

Helena's voice is recognizable. "SCOUT should know there's a freight truck in a warehouse in Queens near the docks. Inside are nine people in medical comas. I think they're the incubators for the VG plan. You know the one. Wireless has contacted HomeSec. These people need to be moved and handled carefully. Will SCOUT come?"

There is silence on the end of the line. "Shit! I'll get someone there, Helena. Yeah. If HomeSec's already on the scene, though, I don't know what more we'll be able to do. They won't even let us on-scene."

Helena replies, "HomeSec's been contacted, but I don't know if they're coming or not. It might be best to get your guys here." She and Elisabeth make arrangements and sign off.

It doesn't take Cat long to deal with her cab inspection, there being just the registration of interest beyond the operator's manual. "Michael Friedman," she states into the comm gear. "That's who registered it." Any other details about the man are read off into the radio, then she turns her attention to learning about how this vehicular beast is run.

Satisfied the local flashing-light authorities are still dealing with the scene of the explosion, Ben returns to the freight car and circulates amongst the captives, doing his best to diagnose and ease their suffering.

Helena talks to Liz, and is eventually assured that SCOUT is on its way. She relays this to Cat and Ben. "We should probably get out of here." she says. Helena's starting to sound a bit woozed anyway. Youthful energy and adrenaline can only get one so far, and she does need to be tended to. "If we're here when SCOUT arrives, they'll take us in."

"Guilty by association?" Ben asks, raising an eyebrow. He frowns when he looks at Helena. "I need to look at you, anyway. C'mon." He stoops down beside her to offer his shoulder.

"Possibly," Cat replies over the comm gear as she moves from page to page of that manual. "Were you able to reach Parkman, Stormy? You do have an attorney on scene, and I'd like to know as much as can be learned about these patients, where they were taken from, and where they go. But," she concedes, "it's best to not risk ourselves." She puts the manual away and climbs out of the cab.

A thought occurs to Cat as she settles on the floor and gathers her own gear along with Dina's weapons, feet carry her to the back. "Need your flashlight, Ben," she radios. "I want to see all their faces, and all the IVs they're hooked to."

"Wireless called HomeSec. I spoke to Liz." Helena reports. "I don't know how long before they get here. Cat, don't forget to wipe your prints from the cab. Ben's too, from in the truck." Faces are recorded, and exploring handled until Helena's antsy enough or they satisfy their curiousity, whichever happens first. And then, the Phoenix members, both declared and really-sort-kinda-anyway, head off into the night with their army of Brians.

January 6th: Namaru
January 6th: We've Got Bodies
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