Serpent in the Garden


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Scene Title Serpent in the Garden
Synopsis The ferrymen get a warning that the Garden is no longer hidden.
Date August 24, 2009

It's after a long day of running about that Cardinal settles behind the 'desk' that he's set up in what passes for an office at the moment, one hand reaching over to pick up the plastic baggie holding a cellular phone's sim card and regarding it for a long moment before tossing it back down to the table. His own phone's picked up, then, the one that Teo gave him, and he scrolls down to a contact number he'd never used. Supposedly it'll contact Wireless, though he's never really had call to test it.

Still, no time like the present. A text message is tapped in with his thumb, reading in urgent all-caps: WIRELESS - GARDEN COMPROMISED CONTACT ME.

One who knows Hana could almost fill the heartbeat of waiting with a level, annoyed look, the flare of nostrils and drawn-in breath that isn't quite released in a huff at ill-appreciated impatience. Interruptions are bad enough. Honestly —

You don't need to shout, Richard Cardinal.

Sorry. Cardinal's lips twitch faintly as his thumb moves over the keypad of the phone, garden's been watched for weeks. man named feng daiyu, hunting vanguard remnant, likely for govt. ethan in particular. been tracking people as they come and go. thought you might like to know.

The digital silence is a little longer this time, weighted with the consideration of someone handed a puzzle piece which could belong to one of several projects. I do, the technopath finally replies. Another pause, before Hana adds a question: Do you have anything additional on Feng?

The response is slow on the other end as well, though likely more due to slow typing than any great weight of thought - but then, one can never tell. working on it. ex-military chinese, has several badges - cia dia interpol - doesnt really belong to any of them. possibly special task force working for petrelli - possibly something else. precogs warn of something big with vanguard coming up. He sends, then pauses before adding, got his phones sim chip that he called his superiors on. hoping it'll lead me to them.

If only Cardinal could see the twitch of her head, the narrowing of Hana's eyes. I've heard. Whether she means Feng, the Vanguard, precogs… A beat of digital silence. Do you have the phone's number?

A faint chuckle stirs past his lips, rueful. no, he sends back, he attempted to get rid of the sim card to prevent being traced. was unaware of my presence. was planning to take it to ivanov to trace calls in its memory.

Somewhere distant, or presumably so, Hana nods faintly to herself. When you've exhausted that line of inquiry, let me know, is all she sends to Cardinal's phone.

will do. A simple response through the digital aether; the warning relayed and a bit of information to go with it, Cardinal sets the phone down, one hand rubbing against his face. So much to do, so little time… less, even, than he thinks he has.

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