Setting Up Shop



Scene Title Setting Up Shop
Synopsis As the title says, Ryans is setting up shop.
Date January 31, 2011

Abandoned Auto Repair Shop

The dome, while bothersome and a curiosity that tickled at the back to Benjamin Ryans' head, it was far from being the biggest concern. Finding Kincaid, before Humanis First did something bad to the kid was a priority. Once he was safe, then he could worry about the other. In some ways the invisible oddity was a godsend, cutting down the size of the area he had to look through by… well, a lot. He wasn't to blind to the fact that he was stuck and there were people on the outside that would worry. So through out the rest of the day he worked with the crappy signal to get out some text. The domes interference made it frustrating to get out many.

The location he found was a good one. An auto repair shop with lots of room. In it's day it had a contract with the city to service taxi's, but four years of a hard economy and a lower bid by the competition put the business under.

Which was convenient for him.

Huruma. Stuck in a dome. Keep eye on Delia and Lucille. Let Raith, Eileen, council know where. Kincaid taken by HF. Looking for him. Owe the kid.

The body is lowered to the oil stained concrete floor roughly, getting a soft groan from the Humanis First initiate. Thankfully, he doesn't wake, as Benjamin would rather not have to knock him out again. Not that Ryans cares about bruising the other guy, but it's hell on the knuckles. A glance around and then up, finds chains hanging from the ceiling. One attached to a pulley system. Hmm.

A large hand reaches up to grasp the pulley's chain by the large heavy hook and then with a little hop, his other hand grabs at a higher point in the links to put his full weight on it and hang. Satisfied it'll work towards his purpose, Ryans drops with a thump of boot treads to concrete and goes rummaging through what's been abandoned there. Nylon cord and duct tape is just what the doctor ordered to tress up this pig.

He can't help but think of Huruma. Brows tip down in disapproval of the thought, it seemed like bad humor to think was dressing up a meal for the tall amazon.

Delia. Daddy is going to be busy. I owe a friend a favor. Mind Huruma. I love you.

It isn't easy hanging up an unconscious man, all ragdoll and no help. Benjamin is no stranger to the situation. Sometimes, you have to do unsavory things to get the information you need. So hands pulled together over the kid's head, nylon and duct tape making sure that he won't be able to move. The ripping sound of the thick silver tape's adhesive giving way, echoes through the massive shop.

Feet are given similar treatment, as tape is wound around ankles to keep him from being able to flail too overly much. Ryans is intent on his work, hair sliding over his forehead brushing over creases from the frown currently on his features. His blue eyes intense as he thinks over what he's going to do.

He finds no pleasure in this sort of thing.

Lucille. Daddy has something to do. Help keep eye on Delia. She needs family. Love you.

A bulky box with a trio of buttons is found, two with arrows and one red. With the push of a button, giving a heavy click, and the whirl of a motor in need of some TLC, the hook lowers to a point that will allow Ryans to hook those tied hands. A quick check to make sure he's satisfied with his work, he moves to stand.

With the control box in one hand, he starts it up again, this time in reverse. Ever so slowly the man's hands are drawn upward, eventually pulling up on shoulder, back… sliding a little as he is lifted higher and higher. Ryans eyes dip to watch the man's feet, ignoring the glint of the shiny silver tape keeping them together.

The motor of the pully slows a little and grinds against the weight, but it doesn't stop. It's lifted much heavier things in it's time. Ben doesn't stop it till the feet of his prisoner come free of the floor and he swings in the air.


He shouldn't be able to get free of that easily.

Russo. Help watch the carrots. Friends know where. Be cautious of people watching. Stuck in Dome. Kincaid captured by HF. Gonna get him back. Keep all that between us. Others don't need stress.

He looks satisfied as he watches the unconscious man sway a little, a roll of duct tape retrieved from where he laid it on a work tray. Left next to a hand held blow torch, left where the kid will see it. Fear is power in this business. It gets you information much more quickly then being nice.

Blunt nails scrap at the end of duct tape, then a length is jerked free. The loud riiiiip of sound getting a bit of a twitch, a reflexive jerk of muscles.


Shouldn't be too long before he wakes up. Tearing off a length of the strip, Ben steps in closer and applies that strip over the other man's mouth. No need for him wake up screaming. Now it's a waiting game.

While he waits, there is one finally text to get out…

Bennet. Dome-d. Keep an eye on my family. In case something happens to me. Russo and girls. Going after HF, should be good time.

Looking up from the phone in his hand, he regards the young man, before adding…

Wishing you were here.

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