Settling Back Into Things


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Scene Title Settling Back Into Things
Synopsis Melissa pays Brennan at the Suresh Center for something more than catch up.
Date June 16, 2010

Suresh Center - Brennan's Office

A little earlier in the day Melissa called Brennan. Something she hasn't done in ages. A quick conversation had a meet set up at the Suresh Center. Someplace they both know and are at least somewhat comfortable with. Melissa arrives, offering a smile to a person here and there that she recognizes, in black cargo pants and her corset, with a red scarf tied loosely around her waist, one end trailing down to her knee.

She heads up to the second floor, having no trouble navigating the Center now, despite having worked here for such a short time. Picking out Brennan's office however, does take a moment, but still not long. She pauses in front of it, rapping lightly on the door, and waiting for a signal that it's alright for her to enter before she opens the door and steps inside.

Permission given, entrance expected. Brennan's hunched over his desk, reading over papers in a file, a small stack of them on the desk. Likely patient files since he flips them closed right away. Patient privacy even from volunteer's. Those who aren't supposed to, don't get to see what lies within the manila folders. "Melissa. How are you fitting in here, enjoying your new job?" He knows she's taken up a spot here, but doesn't quite know what she does. Probably meet and greet at the door right?

Melissa's job's a little more than meet and greet, but she just grins and shuts the door, moving to settle into an empty chair. "Well haven't been here long, but it's not bad. It's essentially the same thing I've been doin' with Kendall, just on a less personal scale. So I've got practice. And you? Settling back into things?"

"Waiting for the other shoe to drop, looking over my shoulder for random Ferry. Michelle and the girls have settled back into having me at home. I can't complain. The snow stopped, so I suppose, either way, it got done." Brennan eases back in his chair, letting it tilt back on it's spring, settling hands interlaced to cup the back of his neck. "I'd heard that you were down there somewhere, just didn't know exactly what you were doing. Don't suppose you know or have heard anything about Liette have you?"

Melissa's brows arch. "Looking over your shoulder for random Ferry? Why would you be doing that? Remember, I'm…pretty damn out of the loop right now. I was actually hoping you would have information for me." She pauses, then nods. "Yeah, I'm a counselor, I guess you'd say. Teaching the newly evolved to control their abilities, and talking to them and their families, helping them to sorta figure out what's going on and how to deal with being evolved or having an evolved son or daughter or whatever."

The next question has her grimacing faintly and shaking her head. "Last time I saw Liette was before the meeting where they voted to keep her and the weather. I haven't talked to her since, either."

"I don't have any contact with them Melissa. I left. It's just, not a good story and I'm not about to rehash it. I'll probably have to do it soon enough. Since the storm broke, I haven't dealt with them. I came back home, there was nothing I could do and she was having memory issues from having Chesterfields memory. I almost got her out, so close, but the person supposedly her mother was there, and just…" Wasn't feasible.

"Waiting for other parties to descend, I'll enjoy my time with my family and carry on as if nothing has happened. That's all anyone can do right?" Fingers unfold, unwind from behind as he settles them on the arm of his desk chair.

"Wait a sec. The person who was supposedly her mother? Who? Are you saying she's not with the guy she called father? The evil scientist guy?" Melissa says, brow furrowing. "And Chesterfield…her ability is memory? That explains a few things," she says, recalling how Liette was when the negation gas hit them.

"Doctor Luis is not her father, just her caretaker, it's a muddled mess Melissa. One that, I'm.. my part is done" The book is closed - funnily enough, the one with prophetic writing came with him. "Ferry has her parents, their parents. Who knows, I don't anymore. What I do know, is that there are people who are sick and I am back to doing what I'm good at, and fixing hurts and putting bandages on elbows and diagnosing lots of pneumonia" He grins at that, lines around his eyes in the corners.

"Oh, I know he's not actually her father," Melissa says, shaking her head. She's silent for a moment, then she leans forward, elbows resting on her knees. "After this conversation, I won't ask you about Liette or the Ferry again, Brennan. For now though…You were around her more than the rest of us. Talked to her more. Is there anything you can remember her saying about her father? People with him? Anything? I know she said she didn't know where home was for her, but anything else you can remember will help a lot."

"Home was east." He knows that. "She spouted off a great deal of stuff. Why are you interested Melissa?" Brennan frowns, thumb tapping out a random little beat along the fake leather arm.

Melissa smiles a bit, and it almost has a sad look to it. "Because others have been taken by the same people, and I'm working to sort of gather as much information as I can to pass it along to those who can help rescue them," she says, and it's the truth, just…not the whole truth.

"I can't begin… to compile what she told me. Just so much of it, she just talked as if without a filter Melissa. Even I don't know where it is, I spent most of my time either blindfolded or unconscious to and from. I really wouldn't know where to start or what was relevant. You're better off paying a visit to Chesterfield. She'd know. Would likely still talk to you"

He knows at some point, Institute will knock on his door, and he'll need to talk and it's best if Melissa doesn't get involved in his eyes.

Melissa watches him for a long moment. "I'm not sure she will, but I'll try. In the mean time though…If you think of anything, anything, let me know, please?"

"I'll do my best Mel, that's all that I can promise" He offers the much younger woman, straightening up in his chair. "You hit the cafeteria yet for a meal? It's half decent here. Shockingly enough. About four notches about what you find at St. Lukes. Dinners on me?" The question dangled in the air. "For old times sake and all that, tell me how it's going with your young charge"

"That's all I'm asking," Melissa says, nodding. Then she smiles then and nods. "Ate there once. And you're right, wasn't bad. And dinner sounds good to me. You'll be shocked to hear how well Kendall's doing."

"Shock me Ms. Pierce. Then let me shock you in turn. Michelle's pregnant again. Lets hope that this time, there's no riot or people shooting blades around" Pushing away from his desk, tucking pen into the lapel pocket of his jacket and grabbin his wallet from a drawer, there's a gesture to the door. "Lead on fair Pierce, lead on, I'm digging the streaks, as Marlena would say"

Melissa laughs as she rises to her feet. "Before too long you're gonna be overrun with kids. Careful there, Brennan," she teases, moving for the door. "And thanks. I'm feeling more myself than I have in a while."

"Before too long" He clamps a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it gently before letting go. "Too late, I already am. I enjoy it though, wouldn't have it any other way. Not for the world"

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