Seven Minutes In Heaven


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Scene Title Seven Minutes in Heaven
Synopsis Luke continues his habit of sneaking up on Harmony, catching her slip into an empty construction site. He helps her practice her ability in more ways than he probably realized, where after an EMP, a kiss in the dark is his reward.
Date November 6, 2010

Empty Construction Site

It's a scene that has happened over the past few nights. Since the news of the impending riots had been given to her. A lonely blond girl, dressed in black, all alone and searching the town for a place. Kinda strange that she had picked the bad parts of town to be in, dressed how she is dressed, black leather tight pants and a leather jacket. Too awesome to be a prostitute, and too hot to be ignored. It's.. like she is a dancer in some music video. It might be getting pretty close to curfew, but she still has to get at least a little practice in. The problem is finding a proper place, somewhere where there aren't many people, and where she could cause a little damage without causing too much trouble. Her search didn't seem to be very fruitful until.. she just so happened to come across a construction site.. interesting.. this just might do.

Looking over her shoulder for a moment, then left and right, Harmony ascends the fence, climbing up and over before she hops down on the other side, landing with a crouch and a grunt, the sight of her leather clad backside disappearing over the structure for just a second. As she stands, she dusts off her hands and takes a look around.

Luke is two for two, it seems. Both times he's seen Harmony, he's seen her ass first. At this rate, maybe he'll recognize her face soon, too. He follows her into the construction sight, leaning against a half-built wall. "And what do you plan on doing here?" Luke asks, crossing his arms as he openly ogles her.

"Oh shit!" Harmony cries, whipping around to face the voice that calls out to her. For a split second, Harmony wonders just who it could be. It could be security, busting her little trespassing scene, which would be a brush with the law she was hoping to avoid. Then there is the possibility that it could be someone coming to attack her. Why didn't she find somewhere more secluded? In any event, it freaks Harmony out, and Luke finds out that the girl is a cocked gun just waiting to go off. She swings her hand out as she spins toward him, blond hair flinging as an unstable arch of energy curves from her hand cracking the side of the wall next to him, singeing the surface. She blinks and sees who it is, "Luke! Good god! Stop sneaking up on me!"

At Harmony's reaction, Luke's own hands come up, and there's a flickering blue energy that emanates from them as if to drive off whatever she's sending his way. And also, he…. jumps away from where it did go. "What the hell!" the singed surface is stared at contemplatively. "I'm not going to get cancer now, am I?" maybe he's joking.

Normally, this wouldn't happen. Harmony wouldn't react out of reflex like that, but the recent news of the riots has her crossing the barrier of reluctance in using her powers to defend herself. She had absolutely no aim with that shot, so it doesn't much reach him, but it was close to being a near miss. His stunt only adding to his protection. She sighs as she finally calms down, her blue eyes rolling, "So.. at what point was it a good idea in your mind to go 'Oh, lets sneak up on Harmony in an empty construction site. That'll be cool'?" she moves over to him, frowning, "Did it hit you? You're not missing an arm or anything are you? And no.. you're not gonna get cancer."

"I'm fine." Luke hesitates a split second in case any more were headed his way, and then approaches her. "Well it always seems a good idea in my mind to approach you from behind." ooh, dirty. "What's your problem today, anyway? Something got you scared or something?"

Harmony's lips purse together for a moment, "Mm. Cute." she comments with a nod, taking a moment to fold her arms across her chest. She cocks her hips to one side, and still sorta looks him over. Just in case. "But, you should really stop being sneaky.." she tells him, moving the last few feet that brings her to stand directly in front of him. "I'm a little more liberal with my ability since I found out about the riots. I don't know karate, or know how to fire a gun, so.. I have to be able to defend myself somehow. I've been sorta slipping around and practicing the past few nights."

Luke snorts. "Sneaking up would be going up to you and grabbing your ass." Luke did consider it, but also considered the fact that she might do something bad to him if he did. "Oh? Practicing how to kill people?"

"Oh yeah?" Harmony arches a brow, reaching out to grab his collar and put on her best 'tough' act to pull him forward, "You always go around grabbing girl's asses? I could have you put in jail for that, you know?" Though she rolls her eyes and gives him a little push away at his next question, "Kill people? Really Luke? You immediately jump to killing people? Look.. I'm just learning how to defend myself, okay?"
"Generally it's a bad idea, because they can have mace, or powers of their own, or both. Besides, I'd only do it to a girl I know." well doesn't that just make you feel special, Harmony? "Besides, in those pants you're practically screaming 'grab my ass'." Luke raises an eyebrow at her.

She smirks a little out of one corner of her mouth, "Hm. Maaaybe, I'm just asking for someone to grab my ass, so that I can have an excuse to do something drastic. I've been called a tease before you know… Well, for about two seconds, but.. it's happened." she shrugs, "Anyway, Luke. I came here to practice, so.. You can either help me, or sit there and be quiet." she looks over at him, lifting her brows with her grin, as she moves over toward a place where a group of beams sit, waiting for the next workday.

"Help, huh. Not sure what I could do to help. What do you need help with?" Luke asks, following her over. "It's not like what we do is the same thing. I can't do what you did." he holds his hand out to the wall, and nothing obvious happens to it for a few minutes, and then it cracks loudly as the masonry breaks from the heat. "Hmmph."

"Ooh." Harmony grins, "Impressive." she nods at his stunt in causing a bit of damage with the increase of heat. "It took a minute though, can you do it a little faster?" Harmony holds up one gloved hand, a light starting to erupt from her skin as a sci-fi sounding charge crackles across her fingers. She thrusts her hand at the same place Luke activated his power, and a bluish white stream of hightly charged particles leaps from her arm, burning through the air and boaring into the metal sitting there. She keeps her power concentrated at the same spot and starts burning a clean hole straight through the metal. By the time she stops, there is orange hot melted metal oozing from the hole.

Luke frowns at her. "I could, but that'd result in the entire wall getting destroyed. And it works a lot faster on things that aren't rock-like. Liquids, for instance, almost immediately. Plastic melts quickly too. And… flesh cooks." he looks at her challengingly at the last. "Besides, people would notice if we destroyed everything. As entertaining as it is to freak the hell out of people, I'm on probation. Dicks." ruining his fun!

The girl chuckles, "Probation?" she arches her brow, "Sounds more like pussy to me." Harmony turns to face him, and she reaches out to grip the bottom of Luke's shirt to playfully pull at it, as if threatening to peel it off of him. "Come on, Lukey.. Show me how bad you can be. I wanna see how hot your can get.." she sticks her hands up the front of his shirt, walking her fingertips across his skin. "If you do, I'll show you something special. I'll give you one kiss."

"With my shirt on, or off?" Luke responds with a smirk since she's pulling on it and all. "That's right, you get turned on by danger, or something." nevertheless, he leaves his shirt on since it's kinda chilly, and holds out both hands. Blue-white energy coronas out from his hands, and the entire wall cracks, large pieces of masonry falling into a pile, leaving only partial cement blocks and some rebar sticking up. "How's that?" ahh, it feels good to really vandalize something. He hasn't done that in a while!

"Ooh! Wow! Now that is what I'm talking about." Harmony moves in front of him, getting pretty close and snuggling her forehead to press against Luke's, "That's super sexy.. You need to teach me how to do that, hm? What do you say?" Harmony sways slightly from one side to the next as she hangs against him, "Oh, I promised you a kiss, didn't I? Hmm.. I should probably turn out the lights.. I've only one this maybe once, so.." Harmony uses the emotions of the moment. She likes touching. She likes to touch and be touched, and the thought of what Luke can do does excite her a bit. Those emotions are fuel, they tickle her insides with the inside of her like a burning furnace. She closes her eyes and lets out a sigh, a small tingle can be felt just before a sudden dome of nearly invisible energy quickly shoots out in a growing globe from Harmony, an electromagnetic pulse that blankets the area and knocks out all the street lights and electronics nearby, blanketing the two of them in darkness. Of course, this has no ill effects on the human body, but it's a pretty neat trick if you want darkness fast. "Alright.. now.." she grins.

Wow, it really does turn her on. "Heh. When it comes to destroying a lot of stuff at once, I'm good at it. I blew up a bridge once, after all." ok, so the bridge was going to blow up on its own anyway, but who cares? He sparked it. As the lights go out, Luke wraps his arms around her, going for the promised kiss. And maybe a little groping. She does have that nice ass in tight pants, after all.

"Well.. whatever you can do, you certainly helped me out tonight." she says within the dark, "I couldn't have done that without you. So I guess.. here is your reward." Harmony kisses him, the girl locking her lips to his in an appreciative moment with a small charge left on her lips, causing a tiny static shock when their lips meet. She takes a moment to linger, even with him holding onto her backside beyond her leather pants. Breaking away, she grins, "You've been waiting on that since you first met me. Admit it.. you've had pervy thoughts about me."

"No need to deny it so I'm not going to even bother. I've been thinking of ways to get in your pants ever since I met you." hey, at least Luke's being honest about it. "Maybe we can go destroy more stuff later. I can show you how." ha.

Harmony closes her eyes, "I gotta warn you, Luke, I'm easy to get addicted to, hard to hold and probably more trouble than most people can handle. You might just wanna leave it at a kiss.." she leaves her lips to hang just a hair away from his, will leaving her arms draped over his shoulders.

"Good thing I'm not the type to get attached to anyone." Luke shrugs his shoulders at Harmony. "It's enough if it's an occasional fuck, relationships are just a pain in the ass anyway."

Harmony sorta rolls her eyes back and forth, "You have a really dirty mouth. But I like your honesty.. Tell you what? You're supposed to come over and watch a movie, right? Weelllll.." she wets her lips, "You bring a pizza, and we can make out for a bit, and see what happens."

"Works for me." Luke replies to Harmony. "What do you like on pizza? Or do you not care?" if she doesn't care, he'll just mug some random pizza delivery guy or something.

Harmony gives her shoulders a lift, a shrug from the blond girl, "Doesn't matter to me really. I tend to not be too picky." she leans in, about ti give him another kiss, before she pauses and lets her eyes look around, listening. "Oh.. we should probably get out of here? Before someone comes to investigate what happened."

"Yeah, good idea." Luke eyes the wall he destroyed and just smirks. "Hope they don't mind starting over. It'd probably get destroyed tomorrow anyway, if what everyone's freaking out over will really happen."

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