How To App

Parallel Timeline Applications

With the Storyline Ordinary World, you will be able to apply and play a parallel timeline version of one of your characters, much as was done in 2018's "Garden of Forking Paths" storyline.

You may app ONE alternate-timeline character. This character does not have to be someone who is currently alive/active in the Prime timeline. As long as you played that character, they are applicable.

Please see the Severed Timeline index for information on this timeline:

Unlike in Garden of Forking Paths, we are not allowing for wholly new character applications for the Severed Timeline, all apps must be based on one of your existing or previous characters.

This application (submitted via +request) is much shorter than chargen and includes only the following information:

Severed Timeline App

Give us a paragraph or two to put your pre-existing character into the context of this timeline. Please not that in this timeline there are no superhuman powers. It is a world very much like our own, with some small changes noted on the timeline page,

If you have questions, ask Greenwich or Manhattan.

In a few sentences, explain what your character is like in this timeline.

Other Alts
While you are restricted to one alt from each timeline to actually RP, as has been established before, other alts might pop up in cameo appearances in scenes to give an idea of what happened to them. Insert all alts that you want to give staff permission to toy with and work into the world, either as simple cameo appearances (maybe they are seen briefly on TV) or as full-blown staff-ran NPCs.

If you opt for this you are putting your character's fate in that timeline in our hands.


For the the characters of Abby, Asami, Brynn, Faulkner, Gillian, Isa, Jac, Kaylee, Nova, Nicole, Shaw, Yi-Min, and Zachery your backgrounds have already been supplied for you. If there's additions you'd like to make within the framework provided please feel free to submit a +request with "Severed Background Addition" as the subject line.If you feel *extremely strongly* against an element we've added to your background, please reach out to Manhattan directly.

You are free to add your Personality section as needed as well as customize your page with galleries or adjust your profile pic if you so wish. Please read your backgrounds carefully as there's juicy details within, and you may find yourself connected with characters you do not normally interact with.

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