How to Play in the Ordinary World

"No more Mutants."
Scarlet Witch — House of M, Marvel Comics

Powers Not Included

The biggest difference with the Ordinary World storyline is that it takes place in a timeline where, somehow, SLC-Expressive humans never developed their abilities. The people and events forged throughout all of our storylines by superhuman abilities never came to pass. While some familiar names and faces landed in similar positions, the world is a mundane one just a step different from our own.

Where in the World?

The Ordinary World storyline takes place within New York City, with the action primarily centered around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. This New York City is almost entirely identical to the one of our own real world, save for the Twin Towers not having fallen on September 11th, 2001. With no powers, there was no November 8th nuclear explosion, no Institute, no Civil War. It is our world, with a subtle twist.

What Is Going On?

There is a thread, woven through the Ordinary World. A personal storyline of mystery that you can find the thread of and tug if you so wish. Your scenes in this storyline can be as simple as coffee shop explorations of a "What If" version of your favorite character, or you can engage with the metaplot hidden in the backgrounds of the volunteer characters shown at the top of the index page.

But you never know when things might change.

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