Abigail Muldoon

State of New York Identification

ID #31 Jul 2020 08:26

Name Abigail Muldoon Aliases
Compliant No Ability Mental Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate January 18th, 1989 Age 31
Height 5' 7" Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Blonde
Residence Le Rivage Apartments, Battery Park City, Manhattan
Employment NYPD Homicide Detective, 18th Precinct, Manhattan
Parents Dean Beauchamp (father; deceased)
Doreen Beauchamp (mother)
Siblings None
Marital Status James Muldoon (husband; deceased) Children Kathryn Muldoon (daughter)
Dean Muldoon (son)
First Scene Route Not Found Last Scene
Profile Abigail Muldoon is a homicide detective for the NYPD in Manhattan's 18th precinct.
Abigail Muldoon
portrayed by
Alona Tal


February 2019
When Title What Who
11/08/20 Route Not Found Last thing I remember / I was running for the door / I had to find the passage back / To the place I was before Abby
11/16/20 I Can't Be Going Crazy... Abby returns from an impromptu vacation where Isa assures her she's not going crazy… strange shit really is happening. It's not a tumor. Abby and Isabelle
02/01/21 Morbid Curiosity Abigail Muldoon and Isabelle Ashford-Khan catch sight of a wanted fugitive while on the scene of a crime, and become caught up in something impossible after initiating a chase. Abby, Asami and Isabelle
02/14/21 Double Draw TBD Abby and Faulkner
03/12/21 Regards A message is delivered Abby, Daphne, Isa, Muldoon and Vor
03/13/21 Or One Day You'll Be Gone Another message is delivered. Abby
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