Corbin Ayers

State of New York Identification

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Name Corbin Ayers Aliases
Compliant Yes
Gender Male
Birthdate July 15, 1975 Age 45
Height 5'10" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Brown, graying
Residence Brooklyn
Employment Petrelli Foundation, event manager and assistant to Kaylee Petrelli
Parents Nathan Ayers
Rebecca Ayers
Siblings Cooper Ayers
Moira Banks
Marital Status Married, Daphne Ayers Children Corbin Ayers Jr. (Corey)
First Scene Last Scene
Profile A former New York Times reporter and editor, Corbin left his job at the paper to take up a better paying and better hours job at the Petrelli Foundation. He sets up events and assists Kaylee Petrelli any way he can, but this gives him a lot of time to help raise his son and spend time with his wife. And after the suicide death of his brother, he's definitely interested in the causes she supports.
Corbin Ayers
portrayed by

Michael Weston
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