Daphne Ayers

State of New York Identification

ID #31 Jul 2020 17:40

Name Daphne Millbrook Ayers Aliases
Compliant No Ability Spacetime Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate 1980 Age 40
Height 5'2" Build Curvy
Eyes Brown Hair (Bleached) Blonde
Residence Brooklyn (DUMBO)
Employment Owner, The Breaking Pint Tavern in Brooklyn (DUMBO)
Parents Mother, deceased
Father, in Kansas
Siblings None
Marital Status Married to Corbin Ayers Children Corbin Ayers, Jr. AKA Corey, age 10
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Daphne is the owner of The Breaking Pint Tavern, nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge. The popular bar is also the favorite watering hole of many of New York City's Finest from both Manhattan and Brooklyn given its convenient location — the bright side of that is it also makes the Pint one of the safest places to grab a drink.
Daphne Ayers
portrayed by

Brea Grant

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