Jac Petrelli

State of New York Identification

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Name Jac Petrelli Aliases
Compliant No Ability Telepathy
Gender Female
Birthdate August 21st, 2003 Age 17
Height 5' Build Thin
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence Petrelli Manor, Upper East Side, Manhattan
Employment Unemployed
Parents Kaylee Petrelli (mother)
Cindy Morrison (mother; deceased)
Unknown Biological Father (unknown)
Siblings Brynn Petrelli (sister; adoptive)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Jac Petrelli is an aspiring painter living in Manhattan's Upper East Side, she is the daughter of philanthropist Kaylee Petrelli.
Jac Petrelli
portrayed by
Sophia Lilis
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