Kaylee Petrelli

State of New York Identification

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Name Kaylee Petrelli Aliases Kaylee Ray
Valerie Ray
Compliant No Ability Super Strength
Gender Female
Birthdate February 3rd, 1987 Age 34
Height 5' 10" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Petrelli Mansion, Upper East Side, Manhattan
Employment Petrelli Foundation, Director
Parents Edward Ray (father)
Karen Ray (mother)
Siblings Warren Ray
Marital Status Nathan Petrelli (husband; deceased) Children Jac Petrelli (daughter; adopted)
Brynn Petrelli (daughter; adopted)
Monty Petrelli (step-son)
Simon Petrelli (step-son)
First Scene Only For Him Last Scene
Profile Kaylee Petrelli is the widow of the late Nathan Petrelli and heir to the Petrelli family dynasty. She is the head of the Petrelli Foundation, a charity dedicated to psychological wellness and suicide prevention.
Kaylee Petrelli
portrayed by
Blake Lively
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Ordinary Noncompliant Strong Weak
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