Kimiko Park

State of New York Identification

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Name Kimiko Park Aliases
Compliant No Ability Technopathy
Gender Female
Birthdate November 1, 1979 Age 40
Height 5' 5" Build Thin
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Upper West Side, Manhattan
Employment Unemployed
Parents Kaito Nakamura (father)
Ishi Nakamura (mother)
Siblings Hiro Nakamura (brother)
Marital Status Jae-geun Park (husband) Children Ami Park (daughter)
First Scene Form and Foils Last Scene
Profile Kimiko Park is a housewife living in the upper west side of Manhattan with her husband Jae and daughter Ami. She is an avid kendo hobbyist in her spare time.
Kimiko Park
portrayed by
Saemi Nakamura
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