Mateo Price

State of New York Identification

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Name Mateo Javier Ruiz Price Aliases
Compliant Yes
Gender Male
Birthdate February 29, 1976 Age 44 (or 11)
Height 5'7" Build Sturdy
Eyes Dark Hair Dark
Residence La Rivage Apartments, Battery Park City, Manhattan
Employment NYPD Aviation Unit Technician
Parents Josefa Ruiz (birth mother, status unknown)
Colin and Rianna Price (adoptive parents)
Siblings Odessa Price (adoptive sister)
Marital Status Single Children Reinette Price
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Mateo Javier Ruiz Price was the child of an illegal immigrant who got sent back to Argentina, but he was adopted by the Prices in Texas and raised as their own. His adoptive mother died in childbirth, leaving him and his father to raise his baby sister, Odessa. He became a police technician after graduating with a degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M and eventually transferred to the Aviation Unit in the NYPD, where he repairs and keeps police helicopters running. He maintains a close friendship with the Ashford-Khans, and still calls his sister back home in Texas often. He is also the single father of a 12 year old girl. The mother is no where to be seen and isn't really talked about.
Mateo Price
portrayed by

Oscar Isaac
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Portrayed By

Lillianna Valenzuela

Birthdate: March 11, 2008
Age: 12
Nickname: Mi reina (my queen) (by her father), and Ray-nie.


She is an adorable and sweet 12 year old, raised solely by her father, though her Tia Dessa helped when they still lived in Texas. Now she has a baby sitter. She's fluent in both English and Spanish, and plays a little piano like her aunt and father, but she wants to learn other instruments.

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