Warren Ray

State of New York Identification

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Name Warren Ray Aliases
Compliant Yes
Gender Male
Birthdate April 11, 1985 Age 35
Height 6'1" Build Fit
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Midtown
Employment CEO of Kadath Industries
Parents Edward Ray
Carolina Alexander
Siblings Kaylee Petrelli
Marital Status Single Children The Future
First Scene 7 Rings Last Scene
Profile Warren Ray is the charismatic and controversial CEO of Kadath Industries, a prolific celebrity engineer known for innovating industrial laser technology, efficient vehicle components for various vehicle manufacturers, and what many consider to be his and his company's pet project, creating cutting edge particle accelerator technology. He's a man who is openly outspoken against government corruption, shows frequent contempt for his rich peers, and states that he has a billion dollar company, but will never be more than a multimillionaire, because he refuses to steal from his employees and the people who benefit from his technology. He frequently associates with everyday people and shows up at random events, and public opinion on him ranges from genius revolutionary to mad scientist in the making.
Warren Ray
portrayed by

James McAvoy

"I'm in the business of creating meta science, the science that creates science. I'll kick open the doors of the universe, give the scientists the tools they need to explore and pick it apart, and then when you're all wearing quantum lipstick that imbues immortality, you can thank me." — Warren Ray

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