Yi-Min Yeh

State of New York Identification

ID #31 Jul 2020 06:09

Name Yi-Min Yeh Aliases
Compliant No Ability Telekinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate December 29th, 1980 Age 40
Height 5' 2" Build Slight
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Brooklyn, NY
Employment Rose & Trellis Florist, Owner
Parents Kuan-Lin Yeh (father)
Pei-Shan Yeh (mother)
Siblings Yi-Shan Yeh (twin brother)
Marital Status Kara Prince (engaged) Children None
First Scene Bows and Roses Last Scene

Yi-Min Yeh is a seemingly-humble florist living in Brooklyn who has spent her life enjoying a lavishly hedonistic lifestyle, manifesting most prominently in the little criminal enterprise she runs beneath the shop (stubbornly independent of the Linderman Group's long claws).

After having an unholy ability forced upon her, she has recently been pushed to her snapping point.

Yi-Min Yeh
portrayed by
Du Juan



Known to Some

  • Yi-Min's cute little flower shop is actually a tiny hive of scum and villainy, being a front business used for several illicit activities, including money laundering and drug manufacturing/distribution— the latter of which takes place right in her basement. Familiar clients know to use specifically coded words to obtain whatever products they are looking for. "A bouquet of 'Springwater orchids'" refers to an order of cocaine, "blue jacket hyacinths: the darkest you have" to oxymorphone, etc. There are many, many different combinations available.
  • She has also been carrying on an affair with Nicole Lyzette Miller, her partner before meeting Kara.


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