Shadows On The Earth


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Scene Title Shadows On The Earth
Synopsis Cardinal finally gets his message and visits Abby. Logan still hasn't committed suicide, much to Abigail's dismay.
Date May 1, 2019

Abigail and now Deckard's Brownstone.

What do you do.. when Armageddon is inevitable. When Calvary is certainly right around the corner.

You get married and carry on with your vacation, that's what you do. Her children are with her father, though she's just gotten off the phone with her father after talking to Natalie and her father. It took a promise to have a reception to patch things up with her father. Easy to agree too since she doesn't know when everyone will just be black like Gabriel's paintings. So for now, the blonde is kneeling in the backyard, digging a trowel into the soil and turning it over and over to aerate it all, prepare it for seeds. Because time marchs on, and you can't just stop.

A bird passes overhead. Or at least, that's what one would think from the shadow that flutters over the garden, until it settles in atop her shoulder in a rustle of feathers that's -audible- somehow. The voice is more smooth than in previous years, long practice enabling Richard Cardinal's voice to be fully replicated as he greets, "Good afternoon, Abigail."

She's had years to get used to the voice suddenly there, that wasn't before. "Mr. Richard Cardinal. I see the world treats you well. How's Mr. Parkman and business?" She tilts her head sideways to where she knows the shadow will be and lays a chaste kiss to it in as much as she can. Pomp and circumstance, her little sign of respect and frankly, it's a southern thing. Even if he can't feel it and he's a shadow. "Joseph and Natalie aren't here, They're at their Grandfathers"

"They're well, I hope?" A hint of wistfulness lingering there somewhere, before he allows, "Matt's well, and Kaydence. I don't see him much, lately… he's always been a little intrusive. And you know me and my privacy. So how is everything with you and— " A clearing of an incorporeal throat, "— the old man?"

"Got married" That's news, it's not something that's been common news. Kept close to the chest and only a small handful know. "Went to vegas, tied the knot, came back. He's actually walking around with a smile on his face that I don't think is alcohol induced"

"Married." It's said with a hint of disapproval, and then a rasped sigh, "Very well. Be happy. Or I'll have to have him killed for failing to make you so." He's probably kidding.

If she could dig her elbow into his ribs, she would. But there's a smile on her face. "He makes me happy and I love him Richard Cardinal. Yes he's twice my age, but love is knows so very few boundaries and we are only bound to this earth for so many days and it's not fair to squander it dancing around each other and our wants and needs, desires" The trowel shifts through the soil turning, overturning again and again.

"I will never understand your taste in men," admits Richard, his tone a bit wry, "But so long as you're happy… mm." A fluttering of unseen and shadowy wings upon the shadow that falls over the earth she's working in, "In any case… did some of my people tell me you were trying to get in touch about something, or am I misremembering? I've been a bit…" He hesitates, "…detached lately."

"What if I told you you could see Isabelle again?" Blue eyes glance over to the shadow, moving to another section so that she's not digging into his shadow.

"Isabelle?" A bemused note to the disembodied voice of the shadow, which shifts— a fluttering, flickering flame in shadowy form, "Did she re-emerge from whatever hole she's been hiding in…?"

"yes and no. I don't think I can explain how, but.. She's staying with me. I think.. she could use seeing you, even if you won't come solid for her" Abby smiles at that thought.

"I could come see her, certainly," muses the shadow, "It'd be… good to see her. It's been a long time, and I don't have many 'friends' left, really."

"Good" Abigail murmurs. "well, there's a blast from your past that will probably be back in an hour or so. I have to go meet Deckard for lunch, the other two guests should be gone all day so" She reaches over, tapping at the shadow on her shadows shoulder. "I should go hop in the shower and get clean" She pushes herself back and up, knocking dirt off her knees. "He tried to kill himself yet?" Cardinal knows who she means.

A long-suffering sigh whispers upon the shadow's substance, Cardinal's voice both weary and laced with malice as he replies, "…not yet, unfortunately. Not… yet." He's silent a moment, and then he notes, "Guests? Are you holding a house party or something?"

"Only so long as they allow me to" Whether that's a joke or she's serious, who knows. "Logan's being a real tough nut huh" There's a shake of her head. "You're trying. Thank you for that. Go on, I think the TV was left on to the discovery channel. Should be something on, i'll be in in a few minutes and can change it to what you want while you wait"

"He has time. A few years… he'll do what's right eventually." A dark tone, before the shadow flows away across the garden, "I'll be inside, then. Give the old man my best, relay my mandatory death threats."

"Aye aye captain!" Abby salutes before following the shadow up the stairs and into the house with a big grin on her face.

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