Shalegate Machine Factory
Shalegate Machine Factory
Owner Boston Mechanical Dynamics Inc.
Employees Warren Ray
Hours of Operation Irregular
Current Status Operational
People Come Here For… Mechanical Production and Design

Constructed in the 1700s the foundation for the Shalegate Machine Factory is a red-brick mill building that at one point in his spotted history served as a production plant for ammunition during World War II. Much of that original ammunition production equipment still resides within these factory walls, along with an assortment of newer metalsmithing tools in the factory floor. While a large building, much of the interior space is in high ceilings laden with tall windows that let in rich amounts of daylight and ambient street light at night.

The interior of the factory itself has a workshop area for the production of hand-made metal components, lathes and assorted tool benches, while a second floor drafting room has tables designed for the design of blueprints and other mechanical schematics. While modern electronic security systems give the factory an overall defense against ordinary breaking and entering.

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