Shard Returns With A Message

OOC: Sorry this took so long. This ICly happened at the beginning of the week, but it has been a really busy slash stressful week. If that somehow makes a big issue for people, contact me so we can sort it out.

The news has been abuzz about Shard's most recent stunt. First the viral video, challenging companies and individuals to make donations to the Save Staten fund, the outcome still yet to be seen. And now, Vincent King former rap badboy has broken into a live news feed to get his message out.

"I apologize for tonight's interruption, but I can't take the time to justify my actions. They'll be here to stop me soon. Which I understand. I wouldn't trust me to be talkin' either. The thing is several months ago, I was arrested without trial and placed into an Evolved pennitentiary in the deserts of Utah. In there with me were many Evolved citizens. Some of them deserving to be there, some not. But all were put there without trial, the way our country mandates." He places his hands up, palms out. "I am not here to condemn the government. There are plenty of people out there doing that. What I am here to do is issue a challenge."

"My challenge is this: Look at the world we're living in right now. Staten is a festering hole, and it will only become more so with people like Norman White. My challenge to not only our government but our people as well. Help me find a new way to solve our problems. Can't you see what the old ways are'nt working for us anymore? Obviously America, trying to round up our Evolved with black bags over their heads is only going to make the world angry. Find a new way. Take up the responsibility for your people. And my encouragment to the citizens of America: The government isn't the enemy here. We only have ourselves to blame for this neglect, and change is going to take every single person making an effort to change." He pauses. "I'm going to start, by stopping Norman White."

Police were on the scene to apprehend Shard and the band that helped him infiltrate the news station. As soon as they got in position to apprehend, however Shard reportedly flew off the roof with his team in tow. A response to Vincent's message, now playing on every news station there is has yet to be seen.

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