Sharing Future Loss


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Scene Title Sharing Future Loss
Synopsis Griffin tells Kaylee about the dream he shared with Nadira.
Date March 23, 2011

Bannerman's Castle: Kitchen

It's well after the breakfast crowd has come and gone, though the castle's number seem lower then normal with the virus and all. It's mostly quiet except for a few stragglers that sit in quiet conversation. For the most part people have gone about their business. Much of it grim anymore.

Kaylee Thatcher is humming softly to herself as she picks up this dish and that, A damp cloth running over the surfaces of the table to pick up little bits of food left from messy eaters.

Her long curled tresses are bound up in a hastily made bun on the back of her head, light strands of golden hair brush against her cheeks where it's escaped the rest. An overly large shirt hangs on her form, unbuttoned — might not even be hers — with a cream colored turtle neck to help keep her warm in the chilly castle, along with jeans and boots.

Despite the tension that comes with all those people in the infirmary, a small smile is on the telepath's lips as she works.

Poor Nadira has been having a bit of trouble with morning sickness in general, the common sign of pregnancy starting to pop up now. And Griffin, he's been taking care of her. Bringing her food, holding her hair back, and generally being as good a husband-to-be as he can be. Today is no exception; Griffin has a request for some breakfast that the woman's stomach can handle.

Dressed in a pair of jeans and a simple sweatshirt-style jacket, he makes his way into the dining hall. He looks a bit on the tired side, but he's certainly not as badly off as his fiancee is. His path seems nearly set in stone, sights set on the kitchen. However, he pauses as he notices the telepath, offering a faint smile to Kaylee after a moment.

Her presence is enough to distract him from his goal, at least momentarily. He changes direction, making his way over to the table that Kaylee is working on, his eyes turning white as he moves. And then, the plates are picking themselves up. Nothing says he can't take a moment to help out, and he does every chance he gets. Nadira is finally napping, in any case. "Kaylee," he greets, a smile on his face.

As plates lift on their own accord, Kaylee's head snaps up alert. Well, until Griffin greets her and she falls into that easy smile again. "Griffin." His name spoken politely with respect. "How Nadira fairing? I heard you and her were here." There is possibly a small hint of jealously, but it doesn't show for the bright smile she offers him, family isn't in her cards yet. "Another child on the way, you've got to be a wreak." There is a tease to that as she uses broad sweeping strokes to clean the table where he's lifted the plates.

"I'd be worried about having her here, if Raith and Ryans group hadn't pulled a train robber for vaccines." Kaylee straightens and motions him to follow her to the kitchen, since he's got plates anyhow, a stack of her own in her hands. "How's Owain dealing with the idea of becoming a big brother?"

Griffin offers a small smile, rubbing the back of his neck. The dishes pile themselves up, hovering in the air. "Yeah…another baby." He sounds like he's personally still coming to grips with the fact that soon, around November, he'll have another mini-me wiggling feet and hands at him. And he'll be cooing at said mini-mi as much as anyone else.

"I'd be worried, as well, if I hadn't been there for the train robbing." Griffin offers a faint smile, following Kaylee back into the kitchen. "He's handling it as well as he can. A bit on the worried side, I think, that he's going to lose me, but I've been certain to spend plenty of time with him."

"Oh.. that's right you were in the group." Kaylee brushes off that little detail, since her life tends to be oh so busy.

"I'm sure he'll warm up to the idea." A bright reassuring smile is offered as she moves to the deep basin already stacked with other plates waiting for washing. Kaylee sets hers in it and reaches to take the floating ones off his vector hands.

"And if you ever need a breather from him and I'm around the island," With the way her and Joseph move back and forth between there and the island, there may be times she's not, but… "Send Owain down to me. I'll start teaching him a thing or two about cooking. Girls love a guy that can cook, it can only help his chances later down the line," she offers brightly, "If you ever let him date."

A few plates are allowed to Kaylee, but most of them end up floating down into the basin, ready to be washed. "He will, it'll just take time. He's still getting over Marjorie's death." So is he, especially with this new tidbit of information. It's difficult, because…well, Marjorie would be thrilled. For a moment, he simply stares at the dishes. Then, a rag picks itself up, and those vectors of his go about cleaning the dishes.

"We'll see about that one. Thankfully, he's still at the age right now that girls have cooties." He pats his chest, as if in relief, before rolling up his sleeves and setting out to help his vectors do the dishes.

"I had another dream."

"Thank goodness for small miracles, huh?" Kaylee offers with a soft chuckle at the mention of Owain's current thoughts on girls.

A towel is taken up so that she can dry the dishes as he finishes with them, tho' that last bit he says gets a long look from the telepath. There is a moment for thought. "Like the funeral?" she asks just to be certain, a dish clutched tightly in her hands.

Once she asks, Kaylee gets back to the chore at hand, but her brows are furrowed… possibly in concern.

"Yeah," Griffin murmurs with an airy chuckle, "thank goodness. I don't think I could handle thoughts of my boy finding himself a girlfriend at 11. Won't last forever, though."

The man continues to wash the dishes, handing them off as he finishes. Water beads over invisible hands, revealing the shape of Griffin's ability to Kaylee. "Yes, kind of like it, but…sooner. I wasn't as old." He tilts his head toward Kaylee. "I had a son…he was the same age as Owain is now, about ten or eleven. Maybe…maybe our upcoming baby?" White eyes focus on the dishes for a moment longer, before droplets fall from the man's vectors, his eyes fading to their normal green.

Better to use his own two hands.

"Nadira and I, we had our family home, out in the mountains. A cabin." He hands a dish off to Kaylee, glancing toward her. "A man named Aric Gibbs came to speak to us. A telepath, I think." Hands busy in the hot water, scrubbing food stains off of the plate he's washing. His face falls, a sense of sadness coming from the man. It probably was another bad type of dream, just judging by his posture. "He had bad news."

The fact he moves to washing with his own hands, don't slip by Kaylee, but she doesn't comment. She just stands beside him, silently listening to what he says. Each dish she takes is dried thoroughly and added softly to the stack. Not wanting them clink too loudly together.

"I — sort of know Aric. He's a telepath like I am," she confirms, "Good guy from the brief time I met him. Works with Richard Cardinal, I believe. Or did when I met him."

There is a tick of time, where she just watches Griffin's face with curiosity. "Bad news?" Kaylee coaxes him to continue, giving him her full attention.

Griffin tilts his head to the side. "Seemed cold. Emotionless, almost, from the dream…" He shrug, as if the details of that part don't quite matter. Silence reigns for a long moment from the hook-nosed man, scrubbing dishes as he does. Definitely a sad dream, from the expression on his face. "Very bad news. Owain…I think in the dream, he was a young man…early twenties, I think."

Another cleaned dish is handed over. "He was involved with the Ferry…and it cost him his life." The man frowns, shaking his head. "I was mad…blamed Aric…then I woke up." He shakes his head, before jerking his head toward Kaylee. "Nadira had the same dream."

There is a worried look that touches Kaylee's features, sympathy for the dream that Griffin had to endure as well. "That's as bad as the funeral, " she murmurs taking the dish and working the towel over it slowly.

Silence reigns for a few more moments as Kaylee hesitates in her next question. "Would… you let me look?" She always is hesitant to ask, even if she's done it before. It's invasion of privacy, you have to watch your step, or you'll lose the trust. "Maybe Nadira, if she's amendable. I know her and I don't really know each other, but different angles… there is different thoughts and emotions going on."

Brows tip down a bit, "If that makes sense?" Kaylee gives him a bit more of a smile. "But don't push her if the idea of a telepath touching her memory upsets her. Not everyone is going to trust me." It's a sad truth, but her tone is upbeats as if taking it all into stride.

"As always, go ahead. I don't have anything to hide from you." Griffin tilts his head toward Kaylee. "It was…I woke up in tears." The man frowns quietly, though he does offer a nod of confirmation, giving her the go ahead to do her thing while he continues to scrub the dishes and hand them off to be dried. "And I'll certainly bring it up with her. At worse, she'll say no." A shrug rolls over his shoulder.

The plate she is working on is set aside, hands working to dry off with the towel. "Give her time to think about it. We have years." Kaylee comments a lightly as she can, if though there is an underlying sense of urgency to it all.

He then will see the movement, before the touch of fingers of one hand against his temple. Chilly from the water, but gentle. Being that they are talking about it, it doesn't take much for her to find that film strip of memory.

Letting it slide through her mental fingers while committing it to memory. Every last detail that he remembers. The swarm of emotions, the tone of his voice. By time Kaylee, opens her eyes again, she's blinking back her own tears. Hand moves from his temple so that finger can brush at her eyes. There is a small sniff before she resumes drying.

"I should put the word out. See if anymore people come to me with dreams," Kaylee states with a firm nod of her head. "I started writing what I know of Joseph's funeral in a journal… maybe I'll record this one and others." sniff "There has to be a reason for these. And now they are not isolated incidents."

Griffin doesn't flinch in the slightest to the touch of Kaylee's cool fingers, instead closing his eyes as if this will help with Kaylee's progress in finding the memory, thinking back on it. Green eyes turn to watch the telepath as she sniffs, watching her with a soft expression on his features, before he turns back toward the task of washing the dishes, a somber look on his face.

"That would probably be a good idea. And if I encounter any other dreamers, I'll be certain to let them and you know. Perhaps it would be a good idea to document what you can. Perhaps answers lie in all of them." He even sounds somber. It wasn't a happy dream. Nadira had to calm him down from a near sobbing fit when they woke from the dream. And then, he went and snatched his son up from the Bay House, taking him here. Sure, H5N10 is here, but he and his family have been vaccinated, and that dream…made him want to keep his son close.

"I'm hoping my father's legacy shines through, even if people don't think highly of him," Kaylee admits, looking uncertain of herself. "His ability was all about looking at information about the future and finding that thread… cutting it if need be. I don't have his ability, but I can't let that stop me.

"We need to find that thread, Griffin." A half dried dish is pointed at him. "Then neither of us has to loose some one they love. I told Joseph, I want more then those fourteen or so years. I mean to grow old with him" Her voice is firm on this fact. "That said… with my ability — and a little trust from others — I can at least look at all these dreams and store them there… to a point… cause I am certainty not Cat." That last mused softly. "But I remember thing."

The man tilts his head toward Kaylee, scrubbing at a particularly stubborn plate that has food caked onto its surface. "We do need to find that thread. I…I want to know why the dreams seem to be related to…death." He frowns. "I want more than ten or eleven years with my son. I…I want Owain to be the one burying me, not the other way around. It's just…wrong to have to bury your children."

He nods slowly, then, passing the now clean plate over. "I'll help out wherever I possibly can."

Nadira wanders in, albeit a bit slowly. Mostly because she's not feeling the best. Well, could be worse. At least it's not H5N10 complete with hallucinations and fever! She'll stick to the nausea. She's currently peeking in, noting the two in their dishwashing. "I hope I'm interrupting an interesting conversation," she says with a bit of a laugh. She's trying to be upbeat, at least.

"I don't want to have to hear those screams from Joseph's daughter either." Kaylee sighs softly, taking the next plate, lips pressing into a fine line as she dries.

That is until Nadira announces her presence. For once Kaylee didn't notice the glimmer of another mind, he focus on dishes and prophetic dreams. Despite the hint of red rimmed eyes, the telepath breaks into one of those bright smiles that seems to typical for her. Something she's slowly found again in her time returned. "Nadira. You certainly are, time is impeccable."

Blue eyes narrow at the other woman, before her mouth pulls to one side a little. "I believe there is some left over porridge stored away, if you'd like me to warm that for you. It's bland… which you need." Amazing the things you learn when you are trapped in a different century. "Maybe some saltines?" She turns a little more to look towards the cabinet thoughtfully. "I believe we might have some of those, too."

As Nadira's voice sounds behind him, Griffin sets his current plate down, rinsing off his hands and turning, drying them on a towel as he offers his fiancee a genuine, warm smile. "Not interrupting at all, love. Actually, it's more of a speak of the devil moment." He smiles, holding out a hand to beckon her closer, into a waiting hug. It's a complete change from his previously somber, morose behavior. Nadira really does brighten his life up.

He turns toward Kaylee, tilting his head toward her, a sympathetic look forming on his features. Then, he's got his attention back on Nadira. "Let me know if you'd like anthing, and I'll grab it for you." It's been like this quite a bit recently, Griffin being an exemplary husband / father-to-be and making sure that Nadira is well cared for.

There's a gentle smile from Nadira as she looks towards Kaylee. "That would be wonderful. Bland sounds like it would help, in spite of what I'm craving. Curry would not help my stomach, I am afraid, and I do not believe I would be able to find much of that here anyway." She moves to hug Griffin, leaning against him lightly before she looks back to him. "I am alright. It is still early on. Save your fussing for later when I will really need it." She grins a bit. "You will know when I start complaining, I am sure."

"Know what would really help you? Ginger." Kaylee points out helpfully, however… " Just wish we had some around. "

The telepath can't help but sirk at the couple, Kaylee probably has that same look as Griffin when she's around Joseph. "But… yes. It was a sort of a speak of the devil moment, like he said." The towel is flicked to lay over Griffin's shoulder so that she can move to retrieve things for Nadira.

This is kind of the stuff Kaylee did for awhile, so serving in a way is second nature to her. "We were discussing the dream you two had." Her voice takes on a touch of caution as she proceeds. "I had a look at the dream… jsut before you showed up." Her smile saddening a bit as pulls out a container holding porridge. Sides still warm, it hadn't been put away too long ago, thankfully.

A small smile on his face, Griffin dips down to plant a kiss on Nadira's temple, running one hand through her hair for a moment. Then, reluctantly releasing her, Griffin steps back to the sink, resuming his work at washing dishes. "Nadira, Kaylee here was wondering if she could possibly take a look at your dream, with your consent." He smiles over his shoulder to the woman.

Nadira looks between Griffin and Kaylee. "You're too kind," she offers to the woman, though her gaze turns thoughtful at the mention of the dream. "I will admit that the dream worries me. I am not entirely sure as to the best course of action." There's a small nod. "I do not mind if you look."

A bowl is gripped in Kaylee's hands as she brings it over to Nadira, almost like an offering. Handle of a metal spoon sticking out of it. It doesn't have anything in it… sugar and all that would negate the bland part. "You sure?"

She sounds rather relieved even as she asks that. Each new person, brings a new sort of anxiety. "I do promise that as long as you think of the dream, that's the only thing I will be looking at." A reassuring smile plays across the telepath's lips as she offers over the bowl, arms extending more to do so. "I don't believe in looking where I'm not wanted… well… in the case of friends and such. Bad guys are another story."

Kaylee studies the other woman, for a moment. "You're not the only one worried. I'm sure Griffin told you of his other dream of Joseph Sumter's funeral." They can see a bit of stress as it shows through at even mentioning it, but the smile remains. "I don't want to lose him either, before I can fully enjoy a life with him."

Griffin smiles faintly to his fiancee, even as he is quietly cleaning the dishes. THen, he's scrubbing, listening to the two women chatter amongst themselves, scrubbing away. He'll interject if need be, but he is much more receptive to a potential of discovering the meanings behind the dreams.

"I don't really have much to hide," Nadira admits with a wry smile. "My secrets aren't so bad as anyone might think. And they aren't really secrets so much as things people in power might misuse." She tilts her head to the side as she looks towards Kaylee. "I am sure it can be avoided. I understand not wanting to lose someone you care about. He'll be safe. We'll find a way to fix everything I am sure. Somehow."

"This won't hurt, you'll barely feel a pressure." Kaylee offers reassurance again, with a gentle smile. When Nadira takes the bowl, the telepath's long fingers move to touch the other woman's temple. "Touch makes it less of a stress and helps me see it with clarity." It a speech she's given many times.

The trust people show her, makes Kaylee feel a little less unwanted and fear.

As her ability winds into Nadira's mind, it's the first step towards trying to solve the pain of the future. To slowly untwist the tangled threads of a mystery and find the one that will protect their loved ones.

It's uncertain that the daughter of Edward Ray will be able to succeed at her task, without her father's talent for predicting the future. but Kaylee plans to do her damnedest to do what she can to find the answers.

"Now think of that moment."

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