Sharing is Caring


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Scene Title Sharing is Caring
Synopsis When meeting a new resident of Eltingville, Delia spills a little about a disturbing dream which only brings her a little closer to Tania.
Date April 7, 2011

Eltingville Blocks

The rays of the early morning weren't what woke Tania, rather it was the milling about of one of her housemates. The two dogs are on leashes by the door and Delia is slipping into a pair of canvas flats as she prepares to take them both on a walk. Of course Tania upon seeing the young girl, tears are wiped away and she's given a bright smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes.

"We're going out for a walk if you want to come," the wordless implication is that the fresh air would do the young girl some good. So a few minutes are spent waiting for the young woman to get dressed while the trio make their way outside and into the front yard to wait for her. The redhead's eyebrows twitch together as she spies a man across the street that she'd hoped wouldn't ever find his way here. What Amadeus is doing in the neighborhood, especially this area of Eltingville is a mystery. Regardless, he's issued a small wave of recognition as she turns back toward the door.

Amadeus is sitting on the curb after a long walk, he hasn't been sleeping anywhere in particular since he was brought to Eltingville, instead breaking into old houses to sleep at night, or just roughing it outside. In a zipped up black denim jacket with red AC/DC letters written across the front in magic marker, he stares up at her in confusion. Why is she here? Given that the dream was just a dream, he decides to just stay where he is and keep his distance.

Tania doesn't need too much convincing to go out. Not these days, anyway. So she's quickly pulling on her shoes as Delia waits, ending up sort of hopping on one foot at a time as she tries to get them on and make her way to the door at the same time.

She gets there in time to cast a curious glance at the guy Delia waves to, but the delicate young girl looks back to Delia with a tilt of her head. "Is that one of our neighbors?" She has to ask because she has been far less sociable.

"No, I don't think so…" Delia utters, keeping her voice low so that Amadeus can't hear them talking about him. "He was a customer at a bookstore I used to work at. A bit odd, but nice if you give him a chance." Then she turns around again, handing Tania the leash that leads to the younger dog, keeping the older one for herself. Even though Rhett's a little rambunctious, he's not a bad walker. Just always under the foot of the person walking him.

As the now quartet make their way out onto the street, Amadeus is given a brighter smile and she leads the teenager and the two dogs a little closer for a proper introduction. Keeping a safe distance in case either dog wishes to lunge at the stranger, she pauses and gives Cheza a gentle tug to keep her back. "Hi Amadeus, I'd like to say I'm glad to see you here but…" It's Eltingville, which means he's either been picked up and not here voluntarily or he's been relocated forcefully. "I mean, I'm glad to see that you're okay. Tania, this is Amadeus Deckard. Amadeus, this is my room mate Tania… Tania that's much too young to be corrupted."

Amadeus immediately starts backing up across the ground when he sees the dogs approaching, keeping a little more space between them than even Delia intended. "Yo." he casually greets, keeping his eyes firmly on the dogs. "The hell are you doin' here? I got myself arrested so I could get dragged her, I got tired of bein' out there. I came here to get away from you and Keira actually…" Despite the weird dream.

Sticking close to Delia, and a bit behind, the girl comes off as someone shy around strangers. Which is true, but mostly because of her brother's warnings of talking too much to strangers and the military presence here on Staten. But, she nods her head in greeting when she's introduced. "It is good to meet you," she says in a clearly Russian accent. Although, there is a blink up at Delia when the name Deckard is tossed out.

"We all live here now. It was… ah, bad place to come to get away. I think the Bahamas would be better, yes?" She's teasing. Or well, she's trying, anyway.

There's a small nod in Tania's direction when recognition of the name comes. Eye contact is fleeting though when Rhett decides not to be a stranger and lunges forward, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth. He jumps up, held back not by the teen but by Delia's hand wrapped around Tania's arm. The poor girl is caught in a small tug of war while Rhett stands on his hind legs at the end of the leash, trying to get at Amadeus.

"Rhett, down! Now!" The older of the two redheads commands the puppy, who immediately sits, the street beign swept by the back and forth motion of a bushy tail. "Sorry Tania," the young woman murmurs as she lets go, wincing at the red marks her hand left by the force of the grab. It wasn't meant to hurt her, just to stop her from falling forward and hurting herself more.

Amadeus jumps back, quickly swinging one of his hands as if it were a claw, but he calms down when she reigns him in, letting out a light sigh of relief. "It ain't as bad as it is out there if you're me. And she's the last person I expected to see here." He motions at Delia, grunting a bit. "The one chick on the planet that I want, and she had to show up in a goddamned goverment prison with me! There ain't no winnin'."

It may be true that Tania needs help in keeping the dog back. She's a frail thing, she is. But there's just a bit of a wince as Delia grips her arm to help. "It is alright," she says to Delia, glancing down at the red mark. She rubs it a little, but on the whole seems unbothered. Just a little anxious, maybe, with the somewhat excitable dog.

The girl doesn't have a comment for Amadeus' complaint, after all, relationship matters are a bit beyond her realm of experience. She only looks over at Delia, a bit confused.

As another apology, this time a silent one, Delia takes the leash of the younger dog in her free hand. Now with both hands occupied, she shrugs one shoulder up and glances down at her feet. "Friends is all I can do for you, Amadeus. I told you that before, there's someone else." Of course it's not the same someone else as last time, times change.

There's the brief glimmer of a smile as she regards Tania and gives her joke the amusement it's due. "Bahamas.. that's funny, maybe we can all go there someday. I'm sure Mister Logan could get us all passports if we asked really nicely."

"Don't you get it? I was tryin' to get away from you. I'm tryin' to get back to how I used to be, before I gave a shit about chicks." Amadeus suddenly frowns at the mention of 'Mister Logan'. "You better not be talkin' about the same drug pushin' pimp bastard I told you to stay the hell away from."

Tania is just about to open her mouth to answer Delia's suggestion, but Amadeus' words make her stop and look his way. "There is no call to say such a thing about him." It's probably the bastard part she's protesting, but who knows. The girl's rising to the man's defence, even in her mild way, but it certainly answers his question even if that wasn't her intention. "Vy yego ne znayu." Whatever that means.

"Amadeus Deckard, you take that back." Two stalwart defenders of the man whose roof they reside under. Her eyebrows come down and she pulls back on Cheza's leash while giving Rhett enough slack to follow through on his tense posture. The dog is a good boy though and without the command to go ahead and jump, he just glances over his shoulder at her and pants. "Mister Logan is a good man." It's really all she has to say about the subject.

Turning on her heel, she tugs back on Rhett's leash and begins walking a few steps down the road, Cheza at her side and Rhett reluctantly lagging behind. "Come on Tania, we don't need to listen to that kind of talk."

"What the fuck do you know about Logan? The guy used to kidnap Evolved and make 'em fight in cages, and would get chicks all addicted to some kinda drug and whore 'em out." Amadeus stands up and starts walking in the other direction, hands in his pockets. "Don't come runnin' to me when Logan has you both blowin' fifty guys a night."

"On zvuchit kak durak," is Tania's commentary on the subject, and she turns to follow along with Delia, although her hands slide into her pockets and she looks downright grumpy. She's not at all sure she actually likes Logan, of course, but at the some time, someone bad mouthing him seems to rub her the wrong way.

"Don't worry, I won't!' Delia yells toward Amadeus' back as she begins her own little storm off. Damatic exit for the win. "Besides, he won't be selling me on the street if last night's dream had any truth to it." That part is mumbled angrily and possibly out of Amadeus' earshot as she continues to walk, choking in a sniffle and then hiccuping at the end.

What Tania can see is the tears forming along her lower lids and one actually slipping down her cheek. It's wiped away with the back of her hand and she turns to the girl to offer her a twist of a sad smile. "I'm going to have a baby…" she explains, her head bowed enough so that some of her hair falls to mask her face. "She's going to die before she's a year old."

When Tania catches that tear, she reaches over to stop Delia. Concern is there, but she doesn't have to voice it, since Delia explains. "I am so sorry, Miss Deliya. That is not a very good dream. It does not have to be true, though. Right? Is… ah… kovkii? Can change." She does try to be comforting, but she's not at all sure it works. "It was one of those dreams? Like what I had?"

"Is it right to change it though? It's not just me… or my life." Subconsciously, a pale hand goes to touch her abdomen, she doesn't realize it until she notices that she dropped Cheza's leash. The dog simply pauses in its lazy gait and noses at the ground, looking for a new scent. Perhaps the smell of the man they were just talking to. "I don't want to have a baby," she adds quietly, "not so soon.. She wasn't Nick's, he wasn't at her funeral but he brought me back after."

There's a glance in Tania's direction as her eyebrows knit together in worry. "What if the baby was Mister Logan's?"

"I think, Miss Deliya, that no matter what these dreams say, you should have babies when you are wanting to have babies and not a moment before. I think it is… not good to have them for any other reason." Tania looks down, though, at the mention that it might be Logan's.

"If it is Mister Logan's," she says softly, eyes on her feet for the moment, "Then we will have something in common, I think." She does look up there, her hand taking Delia's to give her a squeeze. It isn't jealousness in the girl's gaze, but more… camaraderie. Two people with a shared experience, perhaps.

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