Sharing The Words


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Scene Title Sharing The Words
Synopsis When talking fails to get the words across, Kaylee uses her telepathy to tell Colette how she feels.
Date January 09, 2010

Ichihara Bookstore

Nestled in the heart of the main street marketplace, the Ichihara Bookstore is an old and crooked structure pressed between two newer high-rise tenement buildings. The old glass windows and creaking wooden door on the shop's front give it a rustic and old-world feel. Catering to both antique books and newer prints, the narrow aisles and tall shelves are packed full of literature. A single shelf for periodicals lies near the front counter, while signage both out front by the register and in the back of the store indicates that tarot card reading is done on-site at request for ten dollars per reading.

Behind the old and weathered wooden counter that contains the register and a small stack of reserved books, a narrow wooden staircase leads upwards to a black wooden door with peeling paint, revealing red paint in narrow strips beneath, a rope crossing in front of that door hangs with a small sign that reads, "Private".

Well, she's done worse.

Settled down on the floor in the cramped back storage room of the Ichihara Bookstore, it looks like an earthquake must have happened back there around the dark-haired teen trying to clean up the mess. Colette Nichols looks for all her worth a little more than guilty as she stacks up books scattered to the floor bu the toppling book case. It still rests at a forty-five degree angle against the wall where the front corners have left large dents in the sheet rock wall. Thankfully, or perhaps unfortunately, the stock room is so narrow and long that the bookshelf couldn't fall over completely, and it just stays braced like that.

"Oh hey," Colette murmurs, pulling a book up out of the messy pile, turning the cover over and eyeing it. House of Leaves is displayed clearly on the red book's cover in tiny black print. Her nose wrinkles, opening the book up, flipping through the pages thoughtfully. It's in better condition than her own copy.

Sighing, she slaps the book shut, adds it to the reorganized stack, and looks up to the shelves with a furrowed brow. "How'm I gonna move that…"

Slipping into the backroom a water bottle in her hand, Kaylee covers her mouth against another cough. At least it's not all that bad, Doyle would probably flip and toss her back into bed again. "Okay… " The telepath grumbles. "I was almost out the door, but decided.. I couldn't leave it all to you."

Looking down at the girl on the floor, Kaylee puts a hand on her hip and sighs, "Besides… The more dilly dallying you do here, it takes away from finding Joseph." She slips past the girl, leaning down to set the water bottle down next to Colette, Kaylee crouches next to the shelf and crawls under it to the other side.

Green eyes wander to the bottle first, then up to Kaylee. Colette's expression is a warm smile, restrained as her teeth toy at her lower lip. "Hey," she offers in hesitant greeting. The teen stacks up a few more books, carefully pushing them into a neat pile against one of the walls. "S'not like I've got much else to do," she adds, shoulders rising and falling. "Ygraine and I are waiting till next week before we check out the warehouse, and I still haven't gotten a call back from Mister Caliban yet for a meeting, so…" she breathes out a nervous sigh. "I don't know what else to do."

Staring down at a book in her hands, Colette furrows her brows at the cover, and then adds it to the stack. "Thanks, though…" she looks up with a nervous smile to Kaylee, ducking her head to regard the blonde on the other side of the shelf. "When Doyle told me you went to work, I…" she cracks a smile, "It was good to know you weren't feeling so sick anymore. I— I was really worried about you."

"Yeah well.. Not I'm totally one hundred percent." Kaylee admits blandly, "But I made him promise to let me go if my fever broke… and well.. it did." Blue eyes run along the shelf, before her head tilts sideways, ponytail swinging a bit as she looks back at Colette. "He literally would not let me leave.. kinda nice having people that care. He's good people, really is."

She considers Colette for a moment and then rises to her feet, hands gripping one side of the shelf. "Let's get this standing.. I think here are some National Geographics gathering dust behind me.. Once we get it standing I'll hold it up while you grab enough to get it steady again." Kaylee waits watching her, turning her head long enough to cough into her shoulder. "Upside to my swim.. I've been actually sleeping… no nightmares lately.. maybe he's too scared to try again."

Hastily shoving a few fallen books aside, Colette rises up from her knees and brushes off the front of her jeans. "Ah, yeah sure I— " she eyes the shelves, grimacing, then looks back to Kaylee. "Not one-hundred percent huh?" She affords the blonde a squint, moving to the sie of her shelf and wiggling it just enough to loose the corners from the nice notches they've gouged in the wall. "You know, I'll totally tie you down to a bed if I have to," Colette notes with a wag of one finger. "You need to be more careful with your health."

With Kaylee's help, Colette manages to get the shelf angling up straight, and once she's certain the blonde has it balanced upright, she settles back down into a crouch and pulls out a handful of old National Geographic magazines, sliding them one by one beneath the shelf's front corner. A careful push of the last magazine for a snug fit ensures the lopsided shelf stays in place.

"Sheesh, who stacks things on a broken shelf?" Colette asks, moving to stand up straight and dust off her hands, looking side-long at Kaylee with a smile. "How long've you been working here anyway?"

"No… your not.. and your not gonna tell Doyle." Hmmm.. "I need the work." Kaylee points out as she turns to press her back against the shelf to hold it up. "I've been through worse, I'm sure a little cough isn't going to kill me, but I am going to see Dr. Filatov.. Cause seriously.. who knows what the hell is in the water I was in." She grimaces at the thought.

"This is probably my first week.. I got hired.. then I took the dip." Kaylee watches the shorter woman as she gets the magazines under it. "Luckily.. Corbin seems to be understanding about it.. though we haven't exactly.. talked.. it's been a game of phone tag."

Her booted foot slides out and then Kaylee slowly eases her weight off the shelf, hands held up to make sure it's not going to fall. When she's satisfied it isn't going to fall, Kaylee moves to grab the water and to sit, back against the wall, long legs out in front of her with ankles crossed. Colette is given a expectant look, seems Kaylee's done her helping.

"Constantine?" Colette offers with a crook of one brow, "He runs that clinic down in the Rookery, doesn't he?" Colette watches the blonde just settle down on the floor, and cracks a smile. Shaking her head, she comes to stand next to Kaylee, then slides down the wall as her feet creep out further and further, eventually allowing herself to park right next to the blonde. "I met him over the summer… I've got this friend, Teo," she always pronounces his name wrong, "he washed up on Staten Island, all… bloody and hurt n'stuff." The teen's nose wrinkles slightly.

"That's the night I met Gabriel, actually." Dark brows furrow together, and Colette smiles at the thought. "He was pretty badly hurt— Teo, I mean— so Gabriel, Brian n'I dragged him off to the Filatov clinic. My other friend Eileen was there, n'we sort've…" Colette squints. "Gabriel healed Teo. It was… kind've crazy." She wiggles her fingers in the air. "I dunno how it even worked."

"That be the man.. Good looking, very serious, kinda mysterious, and has a dog.. Yup." Kaylee grins as the girl joins her. "I've been going to him.. when the banner at Summer Meadows about fell on my and Doyle.. Corbin and Joseph saved me… I twisted my foot and I dunno what he did, but whatever he did helped and I could walk again."

"Teo? We sure run in similar circles don't we?" Kaylee's eyes narrow a bit. "I saw Teo recently… before the nightmare. He was also there the day I went into Ferrymen care.. He's another looker.. What is it with all the good looking guys?" She gives a little huff as if it's unfair. "Either way.. Someone had done a number to his face, poor guy. He was in.. Russia for awhile I think he said and it happened there."

A hand lifts to pull the rubberband out her hair so that she can scratch fingers along her scalp. "And Eileen she is the one that brought me in.. I've helped out a lot till she up and disappeared."

"You have a thing for good looking people with dogs, I think." Colette nods thoughtfully, reaching out to take Kaylee's water bottle without really asking, unscrewing the top and helping herself to a sip. "I've got a dog," the brunette adds with a quirk of her lips into a smile as she screws the cap back on, dark brows raised and a teasing tone to her voice. "Just saying."

Offering the bottle back to Kaylee, Colette's dark brows are scrunched up into a curious expression as she surveys the blonde she's seated next to. "Russia?" She finally offers, one eye squinting at Kaylee. "I think Teo was joking around with you," she admits with an awkward laugh, "why would he ever go to Russia, honestly. He's just screwin' with you. That's so Teo."

Chuckling, Kaylee shakes her head, "I can't deny it I guess. I've always been a dog person." There is rustling behind some of the boxes and that lazy cat with his dark brows just kind of pads by the two as if insulted. "Not so much a cat person." She adds blandly, watching the cat paw at the door till he can manage to get it open enough to nose through. "At all really."

Head turns back to observe Colette with a mix of emotions, though there is more prominently amusement. Kaylee's arm moves to reach over and drape against the younger girl's shoulders and lean over to press a friendly and chaste kiss to her temple. "Say all you want.. I like Tamara. Strange, but has her charm and I see how you look at her." Why she's saying that, she doesn't know, but still.

"As for Teo.. You should have seen his face." Kaylee's smile drops away as she moves to take her arm back and trace from one corner of her mouth and following a trail. "Someone sliced him open. He's very self conscious about it, which I don't blame him."

There's a lot of distracting things there, in Kaylee's words. Teo draws the most immediate reaction, and the most discongruent with the rest of what was being discussed. She stares up at Kaylee, brows furrowed, then seems to search the girl for a hint of a joking smile — there really isn't one. Looking down at the floor, the teen rubes her forefingers and thumb together, urging that cat to come nosing his way over. "Maybe I should give him a call…" Colette murmurs, head hung and hand reaching out ot tentatively let the cat sniff at her knuckles. When it thrusts its head at her hand in a very pet me motion, she smiles and scratches across the top of the oddly colored cat's head.

She's quiet for a moment, looking back up to Kaylee, color in her cheek now more so than earlier. "Tamara's… really important tome," Colette offers in a quiet tone of voice. "More'n anyone, really. I mean— youknow what I mean." Slouching her shoulders, she exhales a sigh and brings one hand up to her face, pawing her hands at one eye. "It's hard though, being… I dunno." There's a hesitant smile offered. "Maybe one day I'll be able to have a normal relationship with her, but it's…" there's difficulty in her words, "she's not always… there, you know?" There's really no way to put that nicely.

"At Christmas, when I gave her that ring," she shows of the matching, notched band one on her hand. "I tried to, like… have something sort've— um— " she laughs, sheepishly. "We had some time alone together for once but— she couldn't— " there's an awkward shake of Colette's head. "Her ability makes it hard for her to be a normal person. Sometimes she just— disappears for months at a time. Shows back up with a gunshot wound to be bandaged, then— disappears the next morning. I know she… she means well, it's just…"

Staring down at her hands, Colette's brows furrow. "I get lonely." Her ovice is small, hushed, fingers curling against her palms and the look on her face one of frustration, mostly at herself. "It's hard."

A foot slides closer, bringing her knee up for her to rest an elbow on and her head turns to rest her temple against her hand, which leaves her looking down at Colette. "I know how you feel… at least the lonely part." She gives the teen a soft smile. "Being what I am…it's the best way to get isolated." A shoulder lifts slightly, "So as much as I can think these guys are cute…. or good looking. It comes down to… I'm a telepath. I can invade their heads and hear their thoughts."

"Makes for a lonely life… Probably why I used my ability on men so much.. Only way… when I don't… well." Kaylee's tone says it should be obvious. "I don't know what to tell you.. I mean. The future says.. she is the one and even now I can see it in your eyes."

"They say patience is a virtue.. but damn, it's lonely a hell sometimes. Mr. Right will will come along mom always says.. well, at least from what I can tell.. it's total bullshit unless I make Mr. Right." She realizes what she's saying and glances at Colette with a worried look. Her hand falls away from her head so that she can look anywhere but Colette, clearly embarrassed by her flaws, arm lifing so she can cough against the charcoal gray fabric.

"H— Hey." Colette leans towards Kaylee, one arm sliding around the blonde's back to reciprocate the same embrace Kaylee afforded her earlier. "Kaylee it— " a sound creaks in the back of Colette's throat, a worried noise. She smiles, even if it goes unseen by the way the older woman looks away from her. Colette's free arm moves, hand rising up to Kaylee's cheek, turning her to face Colette. "Hey." Se states firmly, dark brows furrowed and green eyes intent in their stare.

"M'not afraid of you." Colette offers in a murmured voice, smiling up gently at the blonde. Her fingers curl, palm turning to brush knuckles gently along Kaylee's jawline. "You hear my stupid thoughts all the time, an' most people say I talk before I think anyways, so— s'not like it matters much." Comfort offered in her own foot-in-mouth nature.

Toying with her lower lip, Colette's teeth whiten it with the pressure of a nibble, considering Kaylee thoughtfully as she turns her hand around again, palm cupping her cheek.

The teen swallows, noisily, letting her eyes wander back and forth across Kaylee's. "What'm I thinking?" Colette asks in a hushed tone of voice, leaning up just enough to let her nose touch Kaylee's nose, her eyes falling shut and arm around the blonde's back trembling just a little. She takes the initiative this time, lifting up just a little to let her lips brush across Kaylee's in a featherlight kiss, a shuddering breath she'd held in that whole while slipping out afterward.

The teen leans back, green eyes wide and uncertain, cheeks still flushed a brighter shade of red than they were a few moments ago, and she manages a faint but awkward smile.

What is she thinking? You're not alone.

Her skin under her friends touch, is still warm.. though not as feverish she had been. There is no real way to know, however, what the blonde telepath is thinking as she looks at Colette, her mind is probably jumbled much like Tamara's. This one teenage girl makes her question so much about herself. Especially, about her own feelings… not to mention it's the first person of her own gender to throw her emotions into a jumble.

There is a hard, nervous swallow at Colette makes her move, breath catches as the distance closes between them. Her whole body, even her mind goes completely still as lips touch so lightly. There is simply shock on Kaylee's features when Colette leans away and then confusion, her breath coming out in a whoosh as she finally forces herself to breath again.

Her mouth opens slowly and then closes in a snap, Kaylee is completely and totally speechless which is a completely new concept to the young woman. "I…. " She tries again. "That… was different." She finally manages to say, the words coming out rather lame.

A hand lifts to press against her lips, "Colette?" Her voice is faint, tears seem to gather at the corner of her eyes. "Thank you…" She whispers softly, eyes closing for a moment, "I forget sometimes there are people around me that do care…And your right… I'm not alone. I just…" Fingers lift from her lips to brush moisture at the corner of her eyes.

"..wish I knew what you knew." Kaylee reaches over to brush at the teen's blushing cheeks and gives her a small sad smile, "I want a future with someone too, like anyone else. You know?" The hand drops away and she sighs. "I dunno what I'm saying…" She murmurs rubbing her eyes with her fingers, a sad chuckle escaping her. "God.. I'm being silly."

Wrapping both of her arms around Kaylee, Colette settles her head down on the blonde's shoulder, turning her head so her nose presses against her collar. "Sometimes I wish I didn't know," Colette admits to herself, brows furrowed and head shaking slowly, "it puts a lot of pressure on me, I— sometimes I wonder if knowing will make things different, or mess something up." Swallowing awkwardly, Colette's head tilts forward, brows furrowed.

But then, after a brief moment of silence, the teen looks up to Kaylee. "I swear," she admits quietly, "I'll help you find someone that makes you happy. I got my mind set on you'n Joseph, you know." One of the teen's dark brows kick up, lips crooked. "You're… I dunno, one of the only girls I know who I'm close friends with. I hang around with a lot more guys, you know? So— it's nice having someone like you around. Someone who I know's a friend."

Pressing her nose to Kaylee's neck, Colette's voice is felt a little more so than heard. "M'not going anywhere, not unless you wanna' push me away, you're stuck with me." There's another, very soft pluck of Colette's lips, but these ones come at the side of Kaylee's neck as she holds herself close to the blonde, nose lightly nudges up behind her ear.

"We're friends," she states in the way that shows her failure to delineate the line between affection and friendship, "and…" she cracks a smile, "different's nice."

"Yeah well.. I wouldn't hold my breath at that." Kaylee says softly, angling her head to glance at her. "Do you know how far fetched, me and Joseph sound? Nah.. He's got a wife… the ring is there." Even if she's not around. "But thanks.. really. Delilah told me once I need more female friends.. and I guess she's right. I do hang out with a lot of guys." Kaylee frowns a bit at that thought, but its interrupted by the sudden awareness of Colette close and the touch of her nose against her neck. Her cheeks actually flush, making her skin heat up as she feels that kiss on her neck.

The blonde telepath, who has never been with anyone, but guys is at a loss of what to do… how to react to the attraction that both obviously feel… Someone in her head might hear the repeating of the words, 'Oh shit.'

"Colette…" Kaylee groans, but not in the way the photokinetic probably wants to hear. It's not in intimate tones.. it's more pained, like she didn't want to have to say, ".. I am really confused here." The words are spoken softly.

She pulls away enough so that she can turn, going to one knee and cradle Colette's face with both of her hands. Blue eyes study the girl in front of her for a long moment before she leans in. It's not for a kiss, however, though it might appear that way. Instead, Kaylee's forehead bumps against Colette's and her eyes close.

As those blue eyes close, Colette suddenly hears what going through Kaylee's mind, through the jumble of thoughts come the words, I can't 'say' what I need to say. Forgive me. Fingers tighten against the teen's skull as she shares her thoughts and feelings about this friend. Her confusion at the attraction for the teen as she's never felt that way for a girl.

But also there is the friendship, the total trust, the jealousy of what she has waiting.. the total lack of self confidence and self worth. She lets Colette see it all, how much it means to her to have a friend, a best friend, like her and how much she's fears loosing that and eventually causing problems for her and Tamara. Then she might actually be alone. Friendless.

Pulling away just enough, Kaylee's head tilts up and presses her lips to Colette's forehead and they just rest there for a long moment as she tries to get her head under control again, having left the younger women one hell of an insight into Kaylee's thinking.

She then whispers, "Lets get the books cleaned up, hmm?"

It's only with a sharp exhalation of breath and hands shaking at her sides that Colette response to Kaylee once the telepathic link is severed. She blinks, huffing out a breath and working her jaw open and closed the way someone would when there's pressure in their ears on an airplane. Her lashes bat open and closed again, wonder and confusion painted across the abject silence she offers. Colette's mouth hangs open, wordless, she tries to talk but it's just sort've a little squeak sound. Once she's gotten her breain in line, her head in order, and everything about what just happened to her brain squared away, there's really only one gasping thing she can say; "Woah."

"K— Kaylee that— " Immediately Colette's expression turns into a broad smile, eyes wide and face still admittedly a bit red, "that was awesome!" Her voice raises with the squeak of surprise. "That was so cool! I could like— oh my god that was so absolutely awesome!" She reaches out, grabbing each of Kaylee's hands in hers, giving them a squeeze. She's stupefied at how amazing the experience was, in terms of conscious connection.

"C— Can— " Her lips creep up into a smile, bigger than the last. "Can you do that one more time?" There's a tug of her lower lip at her teeth, and Colette shifts to get up and settel on her knees, like Kaylee'd been. Her flushed expression hasn't faded, but the look in the teen's eyes isn't so much a childish one, as it is earnest. "I— I want to try to— my words suck too."

Colette, unflappable.

Surprise, that is Kaylee's first reaction at Colette's enthusiasm. She can't help but grin down at her, even despite the pressure about the middle of her forehead. Hands squeeze, the photokinetics. "I.. can try. Admittedly, that's probably the first time I've done that…. that way." Speaking mentally to someone is one thing.. completely opening up is another.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Kaylee gives Colette an uncertain smile, before eyes close and she feels that same sensation, though it's not the same, as the telepath holds back the flood of her thoughts allowing Colette's to flow freely. This takes considerable more effort, pushing tends to be easier them pulling in most cases.

Hands tighten on Colette's as Kaylee works fiercely to keep things as they need to be, ignoring the spike of pressure that becomes pain, so that her friend can say her peace.

Unaware of the duress that the mental connection causes Kaylee, Colette seems at ease when the link is established once more. The young girl feels that hollow sensation behind her eyes, that feeling of openness and some sort of strangely private union, not something that words can quite explain with the proper elaboration. But what comes next is something of a jumble, Colette does her best to organize her thoughts, but things are just a tangled web up inside of her head.

Fear is one of the first and primary things that comes pulsing through, but it's not what she means to direct. There's impressions of things far and beyond what she wants to show, the silhouette of an older man standing silhouette in the doorway of an unlit bedroom. There is a feeling of disgust, terror, worthlessness, helplessness and abject revulsion at herself, and what she's trying to convey, the fear of touch.

It's more than Colette ever wanted to give, to show, even the barest hints of what happened in her family are horrible, but there's glimpses of things more laterally confusing, glimpses of someone a little older than Kaylee who looks strikingly like Colette, but with blue eyes; a sense of compassion and kinship, comfort and security. Then Tamara, abruptly comes to the fore.

The first thing Kaylee feels is this warm sense of security confusing jumbles of a street crossing, Tamara wrapping her arms around Kaylee— no, Colette— and pulling her away from a speeding car that would have killed her. It is the first instance of an embrace, of touch that did not disgust her, and by someone she already held in such high regard.

Trust is something of enormous volume that she shares; trust in Kaylee, trust that she finds difficult not to share with everyone. There's so much emotion inside of the girl, confusion, inappropriately placed feelings of affection, directionless seeking of something she deprived herself of from what the past had done to her.

A brief and confusing flash of Joseph's face, too close, the touch of lips— she kissed him? It comes with the emotions that were behind it; fear of having nearly lost a friend, confusion on how to show it, and affection being the only way she knows how.

She's damaged, and finally she can show someone just how broken she is on the inside.

The link falters and fades as Colette leans away from Kaylee, her breathing coming in heaving sounds, almost breathless noises that could have been something like crying, until she brings her hands up to her eyes, drying at them frantically. "Sss— sorry that isn't what I— " Colette swallows anxioysly, terrified of having shown way too much.

A hand lifts and gently presses against Colette's lips to stop her from saying a word, while pain flares through her skull. Kaylee's eyes open and pain shows clearly though it is more then the over taxing of her ability, it's for the life Colette lived. She always had a void in her life that her father left, one that she thought Adam filled, but she had been wrong, but after seeing what Colette endured… she didn't want to fill that gasp.

The hand slides from her lips, thumb brush along them lightly, till it press against the teen's cheek, a gentle touch, an understanding one. Kaylee starts to say something when she feels something warm drip from her nose. A hand lifts and crimson blood is smeared across it. A sure sign she has over done it.

Eyes widen at the revelation, Colette's stare to Kaylee unable to truly understand the amount of difficulty that went in to the link. Swallowing a breath, she reaches out as if to touch the side of her face, but fingers curl against her palm. "I— " there's that fear again, that Kaylee had felt in her mind, made more manifest here. "I'm sorry." It's obviously her fault, such is how she's wired to react, and now all those apologetic moments seem far more disheartening now, on understanding of why she assumes everything is her fault. Clearly what happened to her as a child was her fault too— or so goes the insecurities.

"Kaylee," Colette practically whines out the name, leaning in to rest a hand at her shoulder, the other to very hesitantly touch fingertips to the side of Kaylee's head, pulling a blonde lock of hair from her face. "Oh… oh my God are— are you okay?" Blood is bad, Colette knows the same reaction when she overutilizes her own ability, and she knows what it did to her.

Waving the hand that isn't holding back blood, Kaylee murmurs, "Yeah.. I just.. can't do that again for awhile." There is a grimace as she can taste blood at the back of her throat… So gross! "Motrin would be nice… actually." She grumbles, head leaning forward till she can rest her forehead on Colette's shoulder, trying to will away the sharp pain. "And.. maybe sleep would be good, " Kaylee even sounds exhausted.

"And stop apologizing.. there is no reason for it." Kaylee states firmly.

"I shouldn't have made you…" Colette murmurs, taking that waving hand of Kaylee's in a snatch of fingers. Colette moves to stand, looking around at the mostly clean stockroom. Squeezing the blonde's fingers, she carefully steps in and moves to take Kaylee's elbow with her other hand, helping her up to stand.

"It's getting dark…" Colette offers quietly, squeezing Kaylee's elbow with one hand. "We— I can clean up the rest of this tomorrow. C'mon, the last bus before curfew's going to be leaving in a half hour, we can go stay at the Brick House, it's just on the other side of the bridge." Furrowing her brows worriedly at Kaylee, Colette steps in close and looks up at her with an anxious smile.

Green eyes don't say much, even with the long look they give, but there's at least understanding in them now, and that's a fair bit more than there was just a little while ago. Colette's smile comes weak, and she nods her head towards the door back to the front of the shop. "Come on…" she says in a hushed tone of voice, "let's find you a bathroom to get that nose cleaned up, and then we can lock up."

On her feet, Kaylee actually sways a little, eyes blink and then held wide for a moment. Finally she is steady and she gives a soft sigh, "Yeah.. I don't think I making it to Staten tonight.. Doyle will probably wonder if I fell in again." She tries to joke lightly.

A glance to the books on the ground, she shakes her head. "Yeah, tomorrow sounds good. Right now I just want to crash." Her hand squeezes Colette's lightly, she's hug the smaller woman, but she is kind of bleeding and it would be awkward. The photokinetic is given a soft affectionate smile.

"You know… whoever thought a friendship could be just as complicated, facinating, and dizzying as an actual relationship?"

Arching both dark brows, Colette offers a grimace and a look on her face that says perhaps a bit more than it should. She winks, gives a squeeze to Kaylee's hand, "And just think!" She adds in a voice more characteristic of Colette, "You've only known me two months!"

Oh dear.

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