She Believed In Me


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Scene Title She Believed In Me
Synopsis Magnes reacts to the death of Isabelle and all Carrie can do is comfort him.
Date July 06, 2009

Carrie and Magnes' Camp Site, Fort Hero

Since he was going to be sleeping in, or hanging out with Elle tomorrow, recovering, Magnes decided to stay up a little later tonight, watching television in the tent. Legs crossed, not really paying attention to Carrie, his eyes are suddenly wide as he stares at the TV. One sees bodies wash up all the time, so she might wonder why this particular one, Isabelle Ashford, suddenly has tears streaming down his face with a look of utter shock. He doesn't speak, or make a noise, he just, sits there.

Curled up on her side, Carrie's eyes are closed as she listens to the TV. Another death. Death seems to be in every news broadcast nightly. Sighing Carrie opens her eyes and starts to ask him to just shut it off, when she notices the tears. This makes her sit up. "Magnes? What's wrong?" Her first instinct is to giving him a once over with her eyes, but she can't s anything out of the ordinary.

"Isabelle." Magnes says with no real feeling, like someone in a state of shock, his tone not matching the stream of tears from his eyes. "Isabelle." he repeats again, suddenly dropping the remote. "Isaballe!" this time he yells as loud as he possibly can, suddenly jumping from his sleeping bag, moving to fly above the ground, but quickly falling once the pain from both his beating and training kick in, groaning and crying on the floor, curled up on his stomach.

There is nothing but shock on Carrie's face as Magnes reacts, but when he collapses on the ground sh scrambles out of her sleeping bag to get to gt to his side. Kneeling next to him, a gentle hand rubs back, while the other rests on th top of his head. She makes soft comforting noises. "Magnes.. talk to me, sweetie."

"She's dead." Magnes says as he takes slow shuddering breaths, hugging himself tightly as the TV keeps giving more details. "Turn it off! Just turn it off now! Please!" he begs, suddenly closing his eyes and covering his ears.

Straightening, Carrie stretched over him to turn off the TV, plunging them into silence and the dim light of the lamp. Hands return as she says softly. "There… it's off. It's off."

Magnes slowly crawls over to lay his head in Carrie's lap, his sobbing continuing for a while, before he's just quiet, laying there, staring off into space. "It's not fair. She was the first person who really believed in me, and tried to make me better. It's not fair, Isabelle, damnit, if I was there, if I was out there with my friends…"

Carrie can only sit there helpless as her young trainee cries, fingers coming through his hair meant to be comforting gesture. "If you had been out there, you might have died too." She gently reminds him, though she knows how he feels and she sighs. "Nevermind.. I'd be saying the same thing as you.. But for all the 'if's', Magnes. You can't change it and I imagine she'd want you to keep on as you have been." She watches with a soft expression. "Best way you can help is to keep doing as you have.. keep working to be an agent.. So that you can get out there and protect them."

Magnes slowly turns over so he can lay on his back, staring up at her. "She was with me when I got these contacts, she's the one who told me to. I, kinda liked her too, but it was like, I don't know, more of a big sister way I guess…" Tears start to stream down his cheeks again as he speaks, his frown twisting slightly. "She didn't deserve it, whatever happened, she didn't deserve it…"

It just tears at Carrie's heart to see him in such a state, watching the pain of loss and remembering those same feelings. "She sounds like a good person." Her words stay soft and quirt, just barely above a whisper. Her fingers gently wipe at the tears as they fall. Her head nods a bit, agreeing with him, "The ones that die often are the ones that deserve it the least of all."

"It figures, the day I get a girlfriend, Isabelle is gone before I can even tell her. She woulda thrown a whole party or something, she owns a bar, y'know…" Magnes' eyes gradually close, the exhaustion, stress, and pain just all starting to catch up with him at once, close to simply passing out.

Brows lift high on her head and Carri, blurts out. "Girlfriend? Who? Elle?" Realizing he's exhausted, she sighs softly and brushes his cheek. Poor kid. Gently, she nudges him awake enough to try and get him back into his sleeping bag, mostly cause she can't sleep kneeling all night.
Magnes has partially disconnected.

"Yeah, Elle…" is the last thing Magnes manages to say before he works his way back into his sleeping back, with her help. He quickly drifts off, unable to take anymore excitement today. July 6th was one hell of a day for him.

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