She Remembers Flowers



Scene Title She Remembers Flowers
Synopsis There's always that time when one will be asked, "Where were you when…?"
Date January 14, 2009

Old Dispensary - Garden

She stands in the new garden of the dispensary, mind wandering, hands outstretched before her. A puffy cotton ball of a cloud has formed in the space of her held out hands, thinning and thickening as is needed to provide rain for the seeds to grow. There's a serenity in this effort, and Helena remembers.

She remembers how as a little girl, she would follow her mother into the garden out back. She was terribly proud of her watering can. It was a miniature version of her mother's, made of metal and painted all over with daisies. "Water the shoes," her mother had said, allowing a bit of sprinkle to fall onto the bed of earth that the flowers were rooted in. "Not the clothes." Helena had laughed, and dutifully repeated, "Not the clothes!" before offering a little sprinkle of droplets of her own.

She remembers the way her mother's body had looked in those awful minutes before the coroner arrived. Face down in Mrs. Cassidy's flowerbed of prize winning begonias, the gardening shears still jutting from her back, the spreading pool of crimson ruining the Anne Klein spring collection dress that Evelyn had been so proud of, and dripping down into the earth underneath.

She remembers a rose, and with it a promise. She'd kept the rose alive for as long as she could, using every trick her mother had taught her. She cut the stem at a diagonal angle, she'd kept it in water, she'd even put a penny in the vase. But it had eventually died, and the promise forgotten.

She remembers standing on the roof of the tenemant at sunset, soft breezes stirred by her will alone. There was comfort in that time and place, when there was family, and laughter, and the childlike, innocent belief that best friends would be forever, and big brothers couldn't die. She'd taken joy in her sunflowers, until she'd had to leave them, and the monster who remained behind allowed them to perish. Big brothers couldn't slay giants, and were turned to ash to make the flowers grow.

As she remembers all these things, someone's watching a monitor inside the dispensary, the sound filtering in from a window cracked open. "Rickham…resignation….undisclosed crime…"

Helena closes her eyes.

Blood, she now remembers, can water the flowers too.

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