She's All Yours


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Scene Title She's All Yours
Synopsis Veronica relays information from Winters to Len. Len gives her permission to round up Hana Gitelman.
Date November 3, 2009

Fort Hero: Len's Office

Carrying two cups of coffee, Agent Sawyer enters Len Denton's office without so much as a knock (though the door is open, and there's no one inside, and he's not on the phone). This is not her usual M.O., but then it's hard to knock when you have your hands full of Starbucks. A file folder is stuck under one arm as well. "Morning." There's nothing good about it, as far as Veronica's concerned. She sets his coffee on the desk in front of him, then reaches into her coat for a little baggy full of creamers, the various sweeteners, and a stick to stir.

"So I have some information," she says, plopping down on the chair facing his desk, waiting for him to confirm or deny that he has time for her.

Well, for Len it's been quite the good morning and he's in quite the chipper mood. He glances up from his paperwork and glances at the Starbucks with a curious gaze. "Bribery so early in the morning? This must be quite the request." At least he's assuming she wants something, even if just his approval. He's always felt Veronica was a good agent who occasionally underestimates herself, but all in all, he's been very pleased with her performance. He leans back in his chair and reaches for one of the cups. "What's up?"

She cracks a smile, but it's the polite one, not the dimpled grin she gives when she's actually happy. That one is too rare for such occasions. "Looks like Gitelman's on her way back this way. From what I've figured out, Gitelman killed Pratt and left her there. A few hours later, Winters came along, allegedly to take Pratt into hiding or at least warn her Monroe would be on his way. Instead he found the body, took it to Monroe to wrangle his way deeper into his trust." It sounds far-fetched, though she believes Brian's words. She's still hurt by the fact that Brian didn't tell her this. "The tech crews continuing their tracking the isotopes for Gitelman and Monroe and Winters. Winters says he has no idea connection to Gitelman, and that she's not working for Monroe." She takes a sip at the end of the information, as if to replenish her energy.

Len holds the coffee in his hand, letting the warmth of the liquid heat his chilled hands. He's only been in the office a few minutes, though he plans on going out later on to find himself a new jacket. There are a few things mulling through his mind, most of which involved the lovely lass he's been spending time with, but his attention drifts towards Veronica as she reports about Gitelman, Monroe and Winters. "So, let me ask you this. Do you trust Winters?"

Staring hard at the coffee in her hands for a moment, as if it will give her the answers, Veronica frowns. Finally she speaks, lifting her dark eyes up to Len's. "I believe that he wants to take down Monroe. I am not sure he actually wants to assist us in doing so. He wasn't forthcoming with the information. I only found it out because of the isotope tracking." This is honest at least. "He wouldn't tell me everything I asked. He doesn't trust the Company, so there's only so much he'll tell me. Maybe you'd get more out of him, I don't know. You don't have the history with him that stands in the way." Or the present relationship, but she doesn't add that.

Isotope tracking has been working well, so if there's a relationship and Len suspects there is, he doesn't mention it. "I don't see any reason to get involved at this point. I'm confident that whatever you have, I couldn't get anything more. I may have a way to contact Gitelman," if she's still nosing herself into his business, though it's possible that once the Allistairs jumped off his radar that she's decided to leave him alone. Highly doubtful. "Maybe I can pull a few strings and get you in touch with her."

"Get me in touch with her? You really think she's going to come walking into negotiations with a Company agent if she's killed one of our Founders?" Veronica says, brows furrowing as she tilts her head quizzically. "Aren't we trying to take her down? If she murdered Pratt, she's doing the same thing Monroe is. What makes you think she's friendly enough to chat with us about it?"

You say, "Unfortunately, we've no real proof she's the one who committed the murder or murders. All we have is Winters' say so, and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I trust his word." Len leans back in his chair and lets out a sigh. "So, take her down, that's fine, but understand I'm not entirely convinced she's the murdering type. We already know that Monroe is. We need more evidence. We need to talk to her, hear what she has to say."

"The times seem to align with what Winters said — the shotgun, the space between the isotopes. It definitely wasn't coincidence that Gitelman was out in the backwoods of Maine — does Maine have anything but backwoods? She was there for a reason. There might have been more people, but it was a pretty clean site. Whoever it was cleaned up after themselves, hard to tell." Veronica sighs. "So you're going to try and get in touch with her, or should we just track her and try to take her down?"

Len is silent for a moment. There are several possible outcomes for this and none of them look all that great, with the exception that she's right and Gitelman is the perp and they bring her in and she goes down for murder. "You'll need to find an isolated place to keep her. Get her around anything computer related and you lose your advantage. She belongs to you and Curt. Bring her in."

Veronica gives a short nod. Decisions made for her, she can follow orders. "No cell phones, anything like that on us when we go for her? Great, give Lu even more of a reason to fear technology." A slight smirk cracks the stoic facade of her face. "We'll get on it."

And with that, Len is up as he picks up the coffee, getting to his feet. "Be careful out there. She's no pushover by any sense of the word. I've seen her in action." Glancing over at his clock, he picks up his phone and his keys. "I'm heading into town. If you need anything, call." he holds up his phone and tilts it back and forth.

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