She's Coming


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Scene Title She's Coming
Synopsis Eve awakens to find she's burnt out her ability and also has lost something else just as precious. Also: She's coming.
Date April 15, 2018

Elmhurst Hospital

The sound of an oxygen machine can be heard, filtering air through a tube that loops over ears and rubs under the nose to supply higher levels of oxygen then the room air. A blood pressure machine sits nearby, a cuff currently loose on the patient’s upper arm, the machine set on a timer, with a print out of the results like a receipt. The only thing constantly monitored is her pulse and oxygen level, through a little monitor on her finger.

An IV drip supplies a steady drip of hydration and painkillers. Just enough to keep her body from feeling the pain of surgery, but not enough to make her completely out of it when she finally comes to.

There’s an emptiness on the top of her head, a section that had been shaved away to allow for an incision, one that’s stitched up and covered by a bandage that’s wrapped around her hair.

Sitting in the room is Gillian, with her laptop out and plugged into the wall, typing away on something. The fingers against keys is a steady sound, along with the oxygen machine that runs. She hasn’t left her side. Thankfully, Eve had made her an emergency contact and had given her power of attorney in this kind of situation a while ago— since she had no family to specify.

And they had been necessary.

There's a groan as the older woman stirs, her shoulders bunching up as she reflexively tries to move herself to a seated position up in the hospital bed. “Wh..” her mouth feels heavy and words don't come easily. There’s a fog surrounding her mind that confuses her, where was she? What happened.. that question is answered as that fog is pierced by a slew of images and sounds. A sea of bodies, four horsemen, Adam Monroe with eyes of molten lava.

There's a shriek as she wakes and tries to get her bearings, arms flailing out in front of her. “The Horrrssssssseeeemennn.” her voice comes out in a ragged, rough tone, the words slurred and her mouth opens and closes without saying more words just a groan that grows her from belly and echoes across the room. “Red riverreddriver. SHE!!!!” Her tongue is barely working right. She's in a panic at her surroundings.

You can see me. If you look hard enough

There's another shriek and Eve bucks in the bed at the onslaught of images and sounds, her face was cleaned of blood and the shallow cuts from her fingertips had scabbed over on her cheeks. “Gillian!!!” The darker haired woman manages to screams out.

The last thing she remembers before that nightmare was holding hands with Gillian, that flow energy being funneled into Eve to strengthen her ability. Fist balling up the blankets covering her, eyes squeezed tight, she moans in a delirious haze. “Gilly.. Gilly.. gilly..” she pants, strands of hair plastered to her sweaty forehead.

As she darks up as fast as she does, arms flailing outward, the pain of things attached to her might help stop her from getting too far. The IV is tapped on rightly into her arm, but she pulls on the machine a little, as if hadn’t been kept at length due to her not needing to be mobile. Not with— other things.

That doesn’t even include the… other thing attached to her that would make it difficult to move.

Getting up quickly, Gillian pushes the laptop aside and reaches to grab the woman by her shoulders and ease her back down onto the bed. “Don’t move around too much— you just had head surgery.” Her voice sounds concerned, and she looks it too— if Eve could see her.

“Wha- head?” She's trying to make sure mouth work right. A frown and Eve is staying still as Gillian comes to her side. “Gi..Gilly. What..”

Another flash of four horsemen in terrible armor flashes before her and she twitches while holding onto Gillian’s hand with a bit of shock in her expression. Mind rolling over with the possibilities of what could have happened, she remembers.. that woman.. her voice..

And being ripped out of her head. And torn asunder and put back together again. Her head lays on the bed defeated and she tries to calm herself and opens her eyes to look at Gillian. Except she doesn't see Gillian at all. There is a slight confused expression on the oracle’s face before it quickly becomes one filled with horror.

She can't see anything. Just pitch blackness. Pale gray eyes blink as she thinks maybe there's something covering her eyes but as she raises a shaky hand to her cheek tears flow freely to her chin. “ eyes… my eyesssss. My ey… ey.. eyessss.” She's not looking at Gillian, she's looking through her. Not able to catch her in her line of sight. She thinks she sees the golden rings of fire that are that woman's eyes but it's nothing. Just darkness. Eve whimpers.

Gillian’s hand goes to Eve’s cheek, trying to look into her eyes, trying to feel her temperature. The heart monitor is going crazy, but her oxygen levels aren’t dropping too much, even though she’s on room air. It helps that she’s panicking in that case, at least, breaths coming more quickly, more air getting pulled in. But soon she’ll likely need that oxygen again. “It’s okay, you’re okay. They just had to relieve pressure on your brain, you were bleeding.”

They shouldn’t have done what they did, she knows that now. But she had been trying to help, had hoped if she helped Eve see whatever it was she needed to see, that she would focus on the right things.

But the words she’s saying makes her worried. “Do your eyes hurt?” She moves to reach for the nurses button, to push it, but she also looks at the woman’s eyes, trying to see whatever might be hurting them.

Gillian’s words come in a roar and then are dulled. Bleeding? Pressure on the brain? Eve clings to Gillian’s hand with a wide eyed look around the room. “I can't see Gilly.” She musters out as she pants trying to calm down. “I can't.. ca..can't see!” There’s a wail from deep in her gut that rings out in the room and probably out into the hall.

The look of horror on the woman’s face is matched with how she feels inside. Shock, horror. She can't believe she cannot see. The whispers are quiet, Eve’s echoes bouncing back to her from the future aren't roaring in her head.

She doesn't feel that perpetually cracked door in her mind. It's all black.

Growing silent as tears flow from sightless eyes, Eve stares forward towards the wall. Her jaw working in loose motions. “Sh.. sh..she..she saw me.” Tongue still thick and moving slow, eyes wild.

Yeah. This is when she pushes the nurse button. It’s an annoying beeping sound in the room that follows, a flashing light at the door, but eventually a nurse will come. Gillian has learned from previous visits to the hospital that unless they have someone hooked up to certain machines that show distress, a normal nurse call takes time.

So she will be on her own for a few minutes, here. “It’s okay, Eve, calm down. It could just be a side effect from the surgery.” She’s trying to give her a normal reason for such a thing to be happening, not something involving strange someone who saw her.

“We overdid it when I augmented you and I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done it— but listen to my voice, okay?” She’s trying to be the calm one, because— her friend needs it. The friend who saved her life many times needs someone to save her. “Listen to me, okay— Just lay back, try to relax.”

She doesn’t say it will be okay. She said that to Jolene a few times in the hospital. She had not been okay ever again, not completely. She doesn’t say that anymore.

There's a dry heave from the woman as she tries to suck in breath, panic settling in after that brief moment of stillness. Her nails dig into Gillian’s arms and her mouth is torn open in a silent scream before she slowly starts to hear Gillian’s voice and she follows it. Besides the fact that she is already holding the woman’s arm, her pale hands travel up to her shoulders and then to her cheeks. “ Gillyyy.” The y extended and trailing off to a murmur on Eve’s part.

She lays back with Gillian’s help and stares up at the ceiling eyes blinking back tears, they made a mistake but she had to know. It was in her nature. Right at this moment the darker haired woman wanted to be tracking Adam down, desperate to tell him to stop this. They were still healing from the war that had just ended, they were still healing from wars that had ended centuries ago. This didn't need to happen.

Her hand is still on Gillian’s arm as she catches her breath and clears her throat. “The.. thin..things.. I saw. Terrible.” She says the last word clearer than the rest. “War. Destruction.” A finger taps Gillian’s arm in time with a taptaptaptap sound. “Red.. ba..banners. The HOR.. HORSEMEN.”

The blind seer chokes that out and coughs with a wide eyed expression on her face. She believes this is a dream, a nightmare. Of something to come. Of something not yet having taken place, this wouldn't be the first time. That it felt so real. “ this.. is this real?” A helpless question, she fears she knows the answer to already. Often times the answers you got weren't what you were expecting.

“I’m real,” Gillian responds, keeping her voice calm as she presses settles her down against the bed, hovering over her and making sure to touch her so she knows she’s there. She had not expected her to be blind, but— the doctors had mentioned there might be side effects. The librarian and author could still feel the little spark of energy within her friend, but it was dark. Unlike how it usually looked and felt. She didn’t dare try to push anything on it.

She’s not sure she could if she tried. It almost looked like the little light inside her daughter, or someone who had not manifested. Dorment. Tired. Burned out to the smallest ember that needed time to regrow— hopefully.

“The doctors will be here any minute.” She offers, reaching to pull the oxygen line around and tuck the tubing behind her ears again and under her nose. “They’ll tell us what they think, if it’s medical, they can fix it.” If it’s not medical… “You need to stay calm. I’ll bring in some music, something to listen to, books on tape even. And after the doctor sees you, you can tell me everything about what you saw, okay?”

Everything. Cause every detail might matter.

She felt nothing inside her. Luckily Gillian was there to hold her, keep her grounded. Eve sighs in relief at hearing that her friend is indeed real. She tries not to think of if Gillian wasn't real that she would probably say she was real still, that just gets confusing for the woman and she clings to Gillian’s hand with a nod. “Si..side effects.” From the surgery, makes sense. A terrible outcome still.

There's a flash in her mind and she sees all white and those glowing fiery gold circles, irises.. burned into her brain. Eve flinches and tries to speak but fails. She's not sure she could talk about it all, her body trembles as the images assault her like birds flying into the windshield over and over.

Nibbling on her bottom lip, “” the anguish on her face radiating around her, a heavy grief settling over her. As the nurses begin to file in the room, alerted by the call button and the Eve’s screams, the older woman seems almost not there. Gillian is asked questions, Eve is hard to answer but she does, eventually answer all questions asked. She repeats this statement every so often though, as it becomes marginally easier to speak.

“Sh.. she's coming.”

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