She's In Your Phone


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Scene Title She's In Your Phone
Synopsis Cardinal stops by to visit Felix, and points out the obvious.
Date Oct 18, 2009

Le Rivage: Leland and Felix's Apartment

It's another evening at home - Fel really doesn't go out much these days. Why would he? It's cold and unpleasant and it's tiring to maneuver on crutches. So he's sacked out on the couch, watching "North By Northwest," and drinking rootbeer. His crippled foot is still bandaged, and is propped up on an arm of the sofa.

"Hitchcock, hmm…?" The shadow observes, stepping free of the wall. Cardinal tilts his head a bit, regarding the television, "Good choice."

"God, I fucking hate it when you do that. Can you knock next time?" Felix says, sitting up abruptly, and wincing. "A bit of news for you," he says, pausing the film. "I'm told, by one Peter Petrelli, that the Vanguard overseas have a nuke. Way beyond my jurisdiction, and yours, I've no doubt. But I'm telling anyone I think might be able to use the information."
Long distance to Peyton: Cardinal laughs.

"I don't believe in knocking." Cardinal brings a hand up, scratching against the side of his chin as he watches the screen for a few moments, then looks back over with a faint smile, "They do. I even know which one, thanks to our old Russian friend…"

Felix grunts, not apparently all that annoyed to have his thunder stolen. "Yeah?" he wonders, before jerking his chin at the kitchen. "Excuse me if I don't get up and get you a drink," he adds, calmly.

Cardinal's head tips in a nod, "Some guy dropped off some intel for me on it, said Fedor was dead. I don't believe it— pretty sure the guy that dropped it off was him." At the invitation, he wanders towards the kitchen, "…nobody's been able to fix the foot?"

"The one healer who can enjoys murdering me," Felix says, drily. "This is the best that could be done. And I don't believe FEdor's dead, either. Gone underground for a while, if he has to. Dead, no." He shakes his head, setttles more comfortably in a sitting position.

"What about the woman who fixed you originally…?" Cardinal's brows lift a bit as he comes back from the kitchen with a glass of water, of all things, gesturing vaguely with it, "Can she fix you?"

Felix spreads his hands. "Got no way of contacting her, no reason to think she would," Fel says, quietly. "I don't know why she did to begin with, honestly."

At that, Cardinal gives him a rather amused look. "Her number," he points out in mild tones, "Was in Feng's phone. The one I gave you? You've had the damn woman's number all along, Ivanov."

Felix literally puts his face in his hands. "I'll try that, then," he says, with the mildness of utter despair.

Cardinal just grins, "Shit. You didn't realize?"

Felix shakes his head. "No. I ….don't guess I did," he says, looking around for said cellphone.

"Mu-Qian's her name. Just be careful, I mean, she is in Feng's phone," Cardinal shakes his head just a little, "If you talk to her, tell her that Bebe sends her love." A faint smile, "Anyway, we need you back in fighting trim, Ivanov. There's shit to do. Can't do that sitting around feeling sorry for yourself."

Felix just eyes Cardinal, patiently. "I'll see what she can will do." He sounds…oddly unenthused about wading back into the fray.

"We can rest when we're done, Felix." A hint of wistfulness to Cardinal's smile as he takes a sip of water, "We can rest when we're done. I could always take a vacation, but then, you know, the Statue of Liberty'd be gone by sometime next week…"

We're done when we're dead. Or they are. He doesn't say it aloud, however, merely nods….or more accurately, inclines his head.

It doesn't need to be said aloud, although it's the understood end to that statement. At least by those who understand. Cardinal nods, and then turns; flesh sublimating to shadow in a ripple of movement that spills out across the floor and smoothly glides to the door to leave the man alone with his thoughts.

Felix just settles back down on the couch. Eyeing his cellphone, as if not entirely sure what he should do with it.

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