She's My Sister


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Scene Title She's My Sister
Synopsis Thalia finally finds out about her sister and it's nooooot good.
Date August 13, 2009

Old Lucy's

The bar is not as busy as usual but it's not empty either. There are of course girls dancing on the bar and a few guys hooting and hollering from below.

The door to the place opens and in walks Thalia. Dressed in a pair of short denim shorts and a tank top. The woman's long brown hair is in a ponytail high off her neck. Her light eyes scan the place before she walks with purpose towards the bar.

Swinging her hips and throwing her hair back as she serves people is Brenda. The hot blonde is winking at customers left and right.

in behind Thalia comes Abigail, denim skirt down to her knees, tank top, denim jacket and her purse. The mood of someone who doesn't want to be messed with and has been crying, possibly still crying. Cardinal two minutes ago was calling up Deckard, unknown to the blond. towards the bar she beelines to the calls of "Hey boss" and "whats wrong boss" One of the bouncers is even leaning out the door to see if anyone was messing with their "nun"

"Just let us know, who it was." Brenda says in a singsong tone to Abby and then she switches her gaze to Thalia. "What can I get you darling?" she asks and trails a finger down the bar, while watching Thalia.

Thal's eyes close for a moment before she reopens them and focuses on Brenda's face, Abby is given a sidelong glance. "I'm looking for someone.. a woman who is suppose to own this bar. Isabelle.. Isabelle Ashford." The woman's whose face doesn't show too much emotion, shows just a glimpse of hope. That she has finally found her.

"Isabelle Ashford is dead. She willed the bar to me" Abigail fires off from behind Brenda, looking over the other woman. The comments from Brenda are ignored. You can't beat up the world. "Brenda can get you the name of her lawyer, if you have debts to settle with her estate, then you'll need to contact him"

It's like a stone has been smashed into her stomach. Thalia's eyes grow wide and she puts a hand over her belly. "But.. Auntie said.." The young woman's head drops and she sags against the bar. "I've been looking for her everywhere.. she's my damn sister for crying out loud. Now they're all gone."

Thalia grips the ends of the bar and looks down. No tears though, she has too much pride for that.

"Uhh sister? Honey.. Isabelle didn't have no family." From Brenda.

Brenda says what Abby believes to be the god's honest truth, far as she kno… Wait. Isabelle'd grown up in foster care hadn't she. The blond is still in an emotional state and not in the mood to play lets fuck with familial lineage. "You want a claim on anything, you'll need to deal with her Lawyer. They'll want a DNA test at least to prove it" And Abby would talk with Hadley when she returned from her little breakdown. Right now she just wanted to claim her portion of the weeks profits and get the fuck out of town before cardinal sent like.. Teo to hunt her down. Well, knowing him, he might just do that on his own. Teo that is. "Listen, I don't have time or the mind frame to deal with this shit" Not so nice words coming from the blonde which can cause raised brows. Her behavior yesterday was off too. "Just.. Brenda, get her the lawyer please. I need to go"

"No.. it's fine. I'm just gonna go." Thalia shoulders her messenger bag and backs away from the bar. "I didn't want to claim anything." Her fists curl. "I've never met her, and she was the last one that could help me.." she says softly before a hard look enters her eyes, "So fuck, you." The woman says as she begins to leave the bar.

"whatever" The blonde fires back, not deigning to use foul language again, at least not so soon. She just turns away and into the backroom to do what she needed to do.

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