She's Not Bad


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Scene Title She's Not Bad
Synopsis Kaylee shows up at Magnes' place to tell him about the rescue. She learns about the young mans relationship with the doctor and it worries her.
Date February 13, 2010

Magnes' Room

After his questionably successful talk with Claire, in the sense that no one yelled, Magnes spent the next two hours continuing to do drills. Now it's around noon, that door is still cracked, this time absentmindedly, and he's doing kendo drills with a saif. Fifty vertical slashes in one hand, then another fifty in the other, constantly trying to get used to the weight with and without his ability.

If she asked anyone who'd been to his place before, which is quite a few people she knows, she'd know to enter through the back door of Panucci's, and go up the flight of stairs leading to a door. That's where she'll find him, and his loud thoughts. « Another guy, how could there be another guy? No, I need to focus on training… but another guy! And who's West? God what's going on! Another guy… » Suddenly images of Teo, Francois, and even Linus appear in his mind, then mold and fuse together to create some sort of hot guy with geek essence chimera. « Oh god no way! A really need to just, find a girl or something, but… I can't believe she wants to date this Teo-Francois-Linus guy! »

Knocking on the door to announce her arrival, Kaylee lets the action open the door for her. "Well… well… Comic Book Dancer… we meet again." Her joke seems to be a bit flat, but then it might be due to the fact she looks like she's barely slept at all. "So.. Logan tells me your the newest member of my rescue team?" A brow arches at him, her expression somewhat amused.

A glance goes down the stairs, before Kaylee slips into the room and shuts the door behind her, locking it. "I can already tell your head is out of the game.." The young telepath studies him with sleep deprived eyes, as if trying to figure something. "I dunno what girl is twisting you up.. but I don't care. I can't afford any fuck up on this thing. We probably only have one chance at this. Are you going to be able to do this thing?"

"Kaylee? You're working for Logan?" Magnes looks around at the poster-covered walls, shelves of comics, and, well, all the general geekiness. The only truly redeeming thing is probably his piano keyboard. "And my ex was here about two hours ago, dropped a bit of a bombshell on me, but I'll be fine. Trying to do my drills and get all the thoughts out of my system before everything starts. Wait what the hell how do you know what's wrong?"

He raises an eyebrow, sliding the sword back into its scabbard to give her a once over. "… Is female intuition really that powerful?" He sounds dead serious.

"I'm a telepath, Magnes. Surprised Dee didn't tell you, but no. I don't work for Logan. He offered me help…. well…. for a price." Kaylee's curiosity gets the better of her and she actually starts to wander the room, looking at this room of geekdom. "Damn, Magnes… why am I not surprised this is your room. All it's missing is superman sheets." The telepath turns suddenly to the man's bed as if expecting just that.

"Anyhow… He offered you to me to help with taking out a facility and getting the people free… and more importantly for you…. Destroy the Refrain there." Fingers dip into her pocket and she pulls out her iphone and holds it up. "I wanted you to see some of what your getting into."

"Telepath?" « Oh god oh god don't look at her boobs, don't look at her boobs… » Magnes' eyes slip down briefly, then his entire head turns up to stare at the ceiling. « Crap, I looked, crap I'm thinking that I looked, stop thinking! » "Just to clarify, I don't really work for Logan either, he's doing me a favor too, and says he might be able to get my eye fixed." He leans into the iPhone, taking a closer look.

"And I don't use those kinds of sheets anymore, total embarassment when I brought a girl up here the first time. Abby."

No matter how tired she is.. his loud thoughts make Kaylee give a short laugh, before her hand covers her mouth. "Okay.. look. I'm use to it.. I've heard worse.. just… concentrate on the images on this phone." A few taps with her thumb and she offers the phone over. "Thumb across screen changes the photos."

Taking a step away from him, her eyes roam over his 9th Wonders comics. Huh… "So anyhow.. this is a rescue mission. Not sure if you've ever heard of the Company… but the person that runs this clinic is a Company doctor. Or that's what I have been told… Hey.. that looks like Peter." She murmurs picking one of the comics up looking amused.

Comic in hand, she turns back to Magnes. "Testing Refrain on kidnapped evolved. Two of her captives are people I care about… her mistake really." There is a dangerous look in those tired eyes. "Now we're going in for them and the others."

"Looks like Peter, let's leave it at that." « Wait, crap, telepath. Don't think about the comics being prophetic, don't think about the comics being prophetic… » Magnes repeats in his head over and over, which entirely defeats the purpose of not thinking. "Bella! What the hell? Why is Bella there? Bella wouldn't do that!" He's suddenly moving to snatch the phone away a bit quicker, thumbing through all the pictures, looking almost frantic. « Just what the hell was I doing in the Company? Was Bella lying? What the hell is going on?! She wouldn't… »

Grimacing, Kaylee presses a hand to her head as if she can block the shouted thoughts. "I see you know this Sheridan… and that is who is in charge." The comic is put back, but she's curious now… so very curious. "She's been possibly using Refrain meetings to grab subjects for her testing… We don't know how many. She's mixing drugs with Refrain, too."

"Like I said.. I have two people in there. Pastor Joseph Sumter.. he's been her 'guest' for a few months now. He disappeared around the beginning of December. And Colette who is a friend of mine and was helping me get Joseph back. We don't know for sure if she'd being tested on, but we're feel that she has been captured."

"You won't be taking my orders on this one. I'm not a tactical person. Jensen Raith is in charge of this mission. You'll be taking orders from him on this." Kaylee is dead serious as she talks, eyeing the young man. "He knows you.. so at least I know you've met."

"We worked together on a team before. I… know what to expect from him." Magnes says this with a sigh, then steps back and sits on the bed, staring down at a picture of Bella. "I can't believe she'd do this. I know Joseph, I went to his church briefly, before the fire. But, Bella… Please tell me we're not going there to kill her, at least." he asks this as if she's someone he genuinely cares about. "I'll destroy the Refrain, but in the end, I have to ask her why she did this. She's my therapist, and one of my best friends, I trusted her, with everything…"

"Well… probably a good thing I decided to talk to you then." Kaylee says, lips pressed thin. She makes no comment on the fate of Isabella Sheridan. "That way it's not a shock if you see her there." She takes a step towards him. "I want to show you something." A hand lifting towards him, but I won't do it without your permission. It's a memory I received from Joseph." Her eyes move over Magnes' face as she says, "It shows where the Refrain is kept.. but.. it also show your friend attacking a man I care about."

Blonde brows lift a bit, almost expectantly, that hand poised as if waiting for him to say the word.

"Bella…" Magnes frowns, taking a deep breath, then finally just nods and closes his eyes, waiting for her. "I'm ready, I think."

"Okay.. relax some.. try… not to think too much.. And just open your mind." He can feel the touch of fingers on his temple, followed by a slight pressure on his brain. "Fighting makes it harder." Kaylee murmurs, her eyes shutting. Searching her own mind for the memory in question before pushing it into his. The images are not as clear as they would have been fresh from the Pastors mind. They skip about.. seem almost stop frame at times. But…

The world is a blur as it's all in Joseph's perspective. Hallways whip past until he sees a storage room of crates. One is tipped spilling syringes of Refrain over the floor.

But then the scene moves to Joseph trying to get out. Pressing at doors that are locked. Turning to look back at a woman in black, not unlike what Bella was wearing in the picture. Only he can't see her face it is in a veil and pointing a tazer at him…. no Joseph. The images stop as the tazer is fired.

There is a sigh sigh from the telepath as she pulls her hand away from his head, taking a few steps back. A hand presses against her temple, a small ache throbbing through her skull. "Anyhow… Logan wants every bit of Refrain destroyed.. I want you to make sure it is. All of it.. nothing left."

"Bella, how could she do this. She's not, bad, she's a good person, someone must be making her, or…" Magnes is clearly in deep denial about this, as if a part of his world is being crushed. "I can destroy it, I'll throw the vials into the atmosphere. I've been trying to get the timing for that right, to know how long I need to alter something. I should be able to do this. But if crushing them and exposing them to air destroys Refrain, I can do that too…"

"Magnes…" There is a warning in that tone, a dangerous edge to her words. "Promise me you'll stay away from Bella until we go in. If you go to her, she'll move everyone or worse." There is worry there now. "Don't get my friends killed. I will have no problem asking Raith to hurt you, if you fuck this up. I made a promise to Joseph I will get him out of there. He thinks there is nothing left for him outside of those walls.. that's wrong and I want a chance to prove that to him."

"Kaylee, I'm hurt by what Bella's doing, but I'm not gonna put myself before the lives of others, I'm not that kind of person. Raith knows that." Magnes takes a deep breath, and finally holds her iPhone out to her. "I promise, Kaylee, I'll do what I'm supposed to. I'll handle my personal problems with Bella after the mission."

Taking the phone back, Kaylee gives a short nod, "Good." Fingers snatch the phone from him and tucks it away. The young blonde seems to relax suddenly, the exhaustion seeping through again. A piece of paper is pulled out of a back pocket and offered to him, it has an address and time on it. "I'm counting on you, Magnes. You and everyone else that will be there… I have to get going. I need to get a bit more practice done and go over the last minute details with Raith."

"It feels like the mission is never going to get here." Kaylee murmurs, heading back for the door. Pausing, she turns to nod at paper she handed to him. "That address at that time. Don't be late."

"I'll be there. I'll take a quick nap so all the drills I've been doing have time to sink in." Magnes takes the paper, finally pushing the thoughts about Bella aside in his mind. At least he's stopped thinking about Claire, and boobs. "You sound like you could use a rest too, don't strain yourself or you'll be no good on a mission."

"There is no rest for me until Joseph and Colette are safe." Kaylee unlocks the door, offering him a strained smile, and slips out, "See you there Magnes." And then she simply leaves…. so much left to do.

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