Shedda Dinu Info Session
What: Shedda Dinu Info Session
Synopsis Transcript of an OOC meeting to describe in more detail how the faction will function.
Date January 13, 2009

Hagan says, "First, for those of you who don't know my role, I NPC the leader of Shedda Dinu, Rupe Carmichael. Hagan is a member, but a junior one at least for now. The purpose of this info session is to give both the current members of Shedda a better idea of where I see this going and also to give everyone else an OOC idea of how we're going to operate. I hope that this will inspire plot hooks in those who aren't intending to join us."

Hagan says, "I am also the OOC coordinator. BUT - the primary thing I want to get across in this meeting is that Shedda Dinu is not a hierarchical (is that right? bah) organization. I don't have a specific vision or direction. Rose put it best when she described Rupe as the architect of Shedda Dinu. In the same way, I'm the architect OOCly. I'm setting up the framework, giving direction and making sure the ducks go in their rows. But I mean this to be very much a player-run organization."

Hagan says, "ANY Shedda member can approach me and say they want to do X. As long as it falls within the MO of the organization, it is cool. If your character would not come up with it, Rupe can come up with it and propose it to you."

Hagan says, "This goes for anyone in any of the other factions as well. I am ENTIRELY open to cross-scheduling things, whether it's allies, enemies or simply crossing paths."

Hagan says, "Now, I don't want to blarh blarh the whole time, so anyone can charm in with questions at any time. I have a few topics I want to discuss, but this doesn't have to be a questions to the end thing. I want it to be a discussion."

Hagan says, "I just ask that you stay on topic. :)"

Hagan says, "I know we all love goofing around, but the screen'll scroll too fast if we do."

Hagan says, "Okay. So if there are no questions on that intro, I'll go on to the first topic. You guys good?"

Lou thinks he understands.

Isabelle nods.

Hagan says, "Okay. First topic: What do people outside the group know about us? Well, first, you're never going to hear anyone outside of SD referring to the Shedda Dinu. At least, not if it can possibly be helped from an IC perspective. We will look to outsiders to be a related group of independent operators who are occasionally seen together. The reason for this is because of the history with PARIAH. Their name was extremely well known, and that name gave SCOUT a target. It also gave the bad guys someone to pin bad actions on. That means at least for the first little while, we'd be the ones coming to you. Or you would approach an independent operator which would lead to recruitment."

Hagan says, "Think of us like a resistance cell. If we do our job right, no one will know we exist at all."

Nicolas says, "So does that mean if you get caught, it's a 'disavow all knowledge' kinda thing?"

Hagan says, "Exactly, Nick."

Nicolas nods.

Hagan says, "We don't exist, according to the outside world. Missions won't be completed if they compromise our security. We're the ghosts. Our operations are either meant to be invisible or blamed on someone else."

Hagan says, "Now, you might be wondering then, how do I get recruited or otherwise make contact? Well, there's any number of ways. The most obvious is by being in Old Lucy's. Isabelle has proven to be a master recruiter. If you have a reason to be in the bar, chances are you have reason to either wonder about our activities or could come to the attention of any of the Shedda members that frequent there."

Hagan says, "Which comes to the roles outside of membership:"

Hagan says, "For one: Rupe WILL pay contractors for their services. So there is a way to be involved with us, either temporarily or long-term, even if your ideologies don't match ours."

Hagan says, "For two. Rupe will pay informants, will bribe or coerce members of the other factions. Sometimes that will be as benign as just keeping an ear."

Hagan says, "Rupe will also pay for hitmen, technicians, thieves or any other specialized skillset that the group does not currently have. He will also pay said people to train the current Shedda members."

Hagan says, "This is a VERY shades of gray group."

Hagan says, "We will kill. We will kill innocents."

Hagan says, "We will kill other Evolved."

Hagan says, "If it serves our purpose."

Paul says, "What about Lawyers with a dream of world conquest? Will he pay them :)"

Hagan chuckles. Well, we'll talk ;)

Isabelle says, "And if I remember right, /we/ the members are also up for death.. if it serves for our cause. Right?"

Hagan says, "Well, ICly yes. But OOCly we'll avoid that unless a character wants to be killed off."

Lou says, "I'd imagine that varies member to member."

Julian says, "That may depend on the individual. ;)"

Huruma says, "Paul, in the best case, there would be no need for SD to have a lawyer."

Isabelle says, "Well yeah. :)"

Huruma says, "because…shadow cell."

Hagan says, "And yes. Whether you'd be willing to die would depend on your commitment."

Huruma says, "and frankly Huruma would probably not die for the cause."

Hagan says, "But Rupe does consider members of the team expendable IF the gain is great enough."

Hagan says, "But not if it would damage morale."

Isabelle says, "That's what I was getting at."

Hagan says, "It's not a kamikaze thing."

Hagan says, "Rupe would much rather abort a mission than send people to their deaths."

Ben says, "What happens if members decide they don't want to kill anyone or not kill specific groups?"

Hagan says, "Because someone dying while on a mission is bound to leave proof of their involvement. Which is priority 1 not to do."

Hagan says, "From an OOC perspective, killing's only likely to happen to NPCs."

Hagan says, "There's the IC mentality, and then there's actually what would happen OOCly."

Hagan says, "ICly, yes, there might be missions where X needs to be killed. But as I mentioned at the top, this isn't a 'Rupe assigns people and they go and do it' kind of organization."

Hagan says, "This is 'Rupe or someone else puts forward an op idea, then people go off and organize it themselves'"

Hagan says, "So if someone doesn't want to kill, they don't go on that op."

Hagan says, "It's a very player-centric model."

Hagan says, "Rupe's not the grand poobah, he's the enabler."

Ben says, "Bigger picture than that. What if they're opposed to Shedda Dinu's killing after a time?"

Hagan says, "Well, that would be handled case-by-case."

Hagan says, "But it's likely that Rupe would impart a suggestion that they leave the group."

Julian says, "I don't think anything in SD is too cut and dry."

Hagan says, "I will get to Rupe's power and how it comes into play."

Lou says, "psst… Ben, that's code for 'they whack you and leave what's left of your corpse in a burning dumpster in Chinatown.'"

Ben says, "That would be logical!"

Ben says, "I find groups like this get hamstrung by logical in that case."

Hagan says, "The group's overall mentality is that they will do what is necessary to further the goal of drumming up public support for the Evolved while making the anti-Evolved look bigoted and violent."

Hagan says, "We won't be blowing up any registration centres."

Isabelle snaps and hides the flames.

Hagan says, "If we can't pin it on someone else/our involvement can't be denied or can be traced? We don't do it."

Desree says, "I heard I could learn how to be a baddie here?"

Hagan says, "Isabelle reminded me of another point: What happens when your character's powers are mostly offensive."

Opal hmms. "Sneaky and underhanded, laying the blame on others. Opal likes it." Snickers at Lou. "What was that in our scene?"

Hagan says, "And Desree, yes. :) I've already gone over a lot, but there will be a transcript put up."

Lou says, "Something like that, Opie. ;)"

Desree says, "Thanks! Perhaps I will read that and go get me so of that RP!'"

Hagan ahem. Yes. If your powers are mostly offensive? Part of Rupe's mandate is to get the Evolved to feel they are more than just their powers. That is why the group will be receiving training.

Hagan says, "Huruma for instance, can help with organization and stealth because of her military background."

Hagan says, "Laura (I'm hoping) will be paid to teach members break and enter and lockpicking."

Hagan says, "Now, eventually (hopefully) we'll be large enough that we could conceivably be noticed by the other factions. That's on my 'deal with it when we get there' list."

Hagan says, "But those of you here from other factions, I don't intend SD to be off your radar completely and forever. The fact is, we're just not that good."

Hagan says, "The focus on stealth is to draw a very firm line between us and PARIAH. We share the same ideology, but the approach is the opposite."

Huruma says, "We'll probably start looking like the Illuminati or something after a while."

William says, "Well, the enemy is primarily SCOUT, right?"

Huruma says, "for now."

Hagan says, "At the moment, yes."

Hagan says, "And I do want to have a chat with you about where that might go, Will."

Isabelle throws a fireball at a picture of Will, for emphasis.

William says, "Yeah. I mean, there's so many different fun hooks we could take this."

Hagan says, "Targeting SCOUT first was a means to get former PARIAH members on board and capitalize on their anger over the raid."

William says, "I mean, I designed William to be somewhat corruptible. And I would love to go down that road. :P"

Hagan says, "But they will by no means be our only target."

Paul says, "Eventually SCOUT will work for Sheddu Dinu?"

Hagan says, "We shall chat, Will."

Hagan laughs. Man. I wanna know what's up with everyone misspelling it Sheddu.

Claire shrugs.

William says, "You picked a crappy name for me. I just can't get it right."

Hagan says, "Anyway. Any questions about what I've said so far before I go on to the next big thing?"

Hagan says, "I'm totally willing to sit down and chat with members of the other factions to work out the specifics of how we're going to interact."

Hagan says, "Which leads me to the big'un: Rupe's power, how it plays a part and what it means to have a trigger."

Hagan says, "For those of you who don't know, Rupe has some pretty darn potent persuasion abilities. I hope to use this as a means of getting people involved who otherwise wouldn't."

Hagan says, "First, first first: Having a trigger does NOT mean you are an assassin that will turn around and shoot someone against their will when I say boo."

Hagan says, "(Unless you want that)"

Magnes says, "I'd say my alt would be pretty useful in the group (If my alt gets accepted), though I suspect Hagan might see his ideals as a liability, don't know. *points to Michelangelo's +finger*"

Magnes says, "Er, I mean Rupe"

Hagan says, "The trigger can be very subtle. It can be as weak as, 'tell me what you know about x'"

Hagan says, "We can talk after, Magnes. :)"

Hagan says, "So, for instance: Shedda gets to a member of SCOUT, for instance. They kidnap, let's say…Carol. Carol is taken somewhere and implanted with a trigger. She doesn't remember being captured or triggered, she just wakes up somewhere. She probably has an idea that something happened, but has no idea what."

Hagan says, "Carol goes on with her life, la la la. But say their goal was to find out whose signature is on the funding forms, for whatever reason. A Shedda member tails her, and once she's inside the HQ, Rupe phones and triggers her. She finds the information and gives it to them, then forgets the call ever happened."

Hagan says, "That was kind of a lame example. But you get my meaning. It does not have to be lethal at all."

Nicolas nods.

Hagan says, "But say Billy saw Carol giving the name on the form to Rupe over the phone. Carol completely forgot what happened, but Billy witnessed it. Him confronting her about it would break the hypnosis somewhat, though she still wouldn't remember being implanted. But still, they get that something's up. Voila, hook to investigate."

Hagan says, "This is one of the big reasons Rupe is an NPC. His powers won't be used unless it is necessary for the plot. Now of course, there is the much more violent type of trigger that will most likely be used against NPCs. Also, the trigger is most effective when it is not far from what the person would do anyway. That could mean if someone's the type to draw their gun a lot, it wouldn't take too too much to make them shoot a different target, since the motion is such a small one. Still, the subject could resist enough that it would be a shot to the leg instead of to the head. BUT again I stress that a violent trigger would only be used with consent for a violent trigger and will primarily be used in NPCing situations."

Hagan says, "I see its primary use with PCs to be information gathering, to make people unwilling moles."

Huruma says, "Unless there is a plot surrounding a PC that did want that, right?"

Hagan says, "And I promise these would always provide plot hooks and wouldn't just be to further our own ends (unless you're okay with that)"

Hagan says, "Of course. It can be done with consent."

Hagan says, "If you want your PC to be responsible for a murder, yet to do it beyond their own control, then awesome. We'll find a way to do it."

Hagan says, "Mostly I wanted to dispell the notion that every trigger will turn someone into a sleeper agent."

Hagan says, "Technically that's what they are, even if they just gather info - but that term is loaded with the connotations of murder."

Hagan says, "It's meant to be a plot device, a way to get people outside the anti-hero segment of the population involved with us to some degree."

Hagan says, "Any questions about that?"

Nicolas says, "Where do I sign up?"

Hagan says, "Lou just made a good paged point to me. The trigger can be something completely normal. Rupe could say 'turn off the lights when you see the mailman.' You would do it, not know why, then go on with your life. Like, when you walk into a room and don't realize why. So maybe that light going off is a signal to the team in the building across the way."

Hagan says, "Or 'get your latte at 10:15' so that you run into someone we want you to."

Hagan laughs. Cool, Nick :)

Hagan says, "The process involves coming to the attention of someone in Shedda. That leads to a meeting with Rupe."

Lou says, "Point being it need not even be something that even appears to violate your principles otherwise—or violate them at all."

Hagan says, "Exactly."

Nicolas eyes Isabelle then. "Hurry up and get to him."

Hagan says, "The recruitment procedure might get more complicated as we start actually doing things. But right now we haven't done anything to make people watch us."

Opal says, "For example, one of them looking up something in the library and seeing Opal effortlessly lift a HUGE box of books when she thinks nobody's looking? Just an idea."

Hagan says, "And even if SCOUT busted us right now, they'd have nothing to charge us with."

Hagan says, "Yes Opal. :) A demonstration of power in front of a Shedda member is the most direct way. But it could also be simply that you sympathize with the Evolved. The thing is, if the person gets to the meeting stage with Rupe and they turn out to be a danger rather than a possible help. RUpe can make them forget the meeting ever occurred."

Hagan says, "And then whoever pointed them to Rupe can just deny they ever set up a meeting."

Nicolas says, "Done that already."

Hagan says, "If a person starts to clash with the group's ideals, then Rupe could simply suggest that they leave."

Hagan says, "The one reason people should not join us is if they expect plots to be provided for them. I will try to keep one big op running all the time, but the only way this will work is by the members being proactive. I'll quickly go mad otherwise. And I don't really have time with school to be lighting fires under people. But the tradeoff to that is that all the members are completely empowered to do what they want. Chances are if it's not exploding the K-Mart and you're willing to run with it, then it's a go."

Hagan says, "Right. So I think that's all the schpeels I wanted to schpeel. I open the floor now."

Claire says, "I have something to say."

Hagan says, "In conclusion: I hope this will be hella fun."

Hagan says, "Go for it Claire."

Claire says, "This is a really awesome concept. Kudos to you for getting the ball rolling with it, Hagan."

Lou agrees.

Claire says, "I would say something far more constructive, but I'm having issues with coherent thought, so I just wanted to make sure you know that I think this is cool. XD"

Nicolas nods. "I agree with Claire. I've read the page on the Wiki while I was waiting to get approved and I can't wait to join.

Hagan laughs. Well, thanks Claire.

Hagan says, "And thank you to staff, and Rose in particular for trusting me/helping me get this off the ground."

Bolivar says, "I excitedly look forward to Hoomy screwing up my character's head!"

Laura says, "You're welcome."

Bolivar contributes.

William has left.

Opal says, "Sounds like fun, honestly."

Hagan says, "I am like the funky professor who never wears ties and keeps his door wide open. I'm willing to hear from anybody about anything they'd like to do Shedda-related."

Hagan says, "There is a bit of a sinister undercurrent to it all, but I want to keep SOME secrets."

Hagan says, "Julian, would you like to give a summary of the op you're working on?"

Julian says, "I can do that!"

Hagan says, "Julian's volunteered to spearhead our first big thing."

Hagan says, "That sounded dirty somehow."

Nicolas grins.

Julian says, "Currently, Julian is working on something that— I have not come up with a snazzy name for yet, but the basics— hot, Hagan."

Hagan sizzle.

Lou says, "Operation: Mr. Plow."

Julian says, "It is basically a radio show that masquerades as an anti-Evolved sort of program."

Nicolas could totally help with that.

Opal pats Lou's hand. "We'll find a way, dear."

Julian says, "It will ideally draw out militant anti-Evolved types out of the wood work, and yes Nic, I think you would be very handy."

Hagan says, "This op is a good example of our MO."

Julian says, "It will be basically hate-propaganda, but still remains tame enough to be legitimate."

Hagan says, "With that, Phoenix for example, could be trying to find the source."

Hagan says, "And certain members of SCOUT could be going 'DAMN RIGHT'"

Julian says, "Definitely."

Hagan says, "My goal is to give people in the know enough of a lead to follow, but not enough information to find out who it is. At least for now."

Julian says, "It probably sits into the background of the game's theme pretty well, but be edgy enough to get people's attention."

Hagan says, "I note that it takes the form of a podcast with ways to interact and leave messages. So PCs or people wanting to write NPCs could post in response to the podcasts."

Hagan says, "As a kind of metafictionesque type of situation."

Hagan says, "And for the game at large, something to yap over a pint about."

Julian says, "I hope to be kicking things off with itpretty soon."

Julian says, "I have no start date, but you'll know it when you see it. :)"

Bolivar says, "Sweet."

Hagan pats Julian. This is a perfect example of how I want the faction to be run. Julian had radio in his BG. I thought, hey, masquerading as ant-Evolved. I suggested the idea to him through RUpe, and now he's running with it. Ding. Perfect.

Hagan says, "It might happen the other way. You have a great idea, you ICly come to RUpe about it. Ding, we're a go. Or 'I have this great idea but my character would never think it up.' So then Rupe suggests it to your character."

Opal says, "Oooh, that sounds more like something my potential alt would be involved in, especially with radio involved…"

Opal considers things.

Julian says, "Yes, anyone interested in involvement with the radio thing, feel free to @mail me or page or whatever."

Hagan says, "The ONE thing I do want to avoid at least to start with is any moles in Shedda. I'd like to get us well and fully established before there's a threat to our existence."

Laura will probably harass you at some point for 'what does Hana know?'

Julian says, "You can tap me on Brooklyn and Sylar (or Kent I guess lol) if you don't see me around."

Nicolas knows what Hana knows. lol

Laura says, "Ah, but you don't."

Julian says, "Fite fite fite."

Nicolas says, "But I can pretend."

Julian XD

Laura says, "That you can. :)"

Hagan says, "I won't dwell on the particulars how how Shedda will internally be organized, because I see we've only got a few current members here. But that is flexible as well, and is unlikely to be a strict hierarchy."

Hagan says, "SO yes! That is all I have to say. Thank you all for listening to me blather on. I hope that cleared things up."

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