Shelter Shooting

A small article makes it into various news outlets from the Associated Press.

As the evening rush slowed down at a downtown homeless shelter, several Evolved individuals appeared with weapons. They apparently wanted to steal supplies for themselves or sale, but shortly after their arrival events started to turn against them. A young unidentified woman resisted, reportedly repeatedly attempting to deal with the attackers to take what they wanted but not to hurt anyone. It was also reported by an anonymous source that the young woman entered a physical altercation with one of the attackers before police arrived.

Two officers, head of the SCOUT task force William Oswald Harvard and SCOUT operative Detective Gabriel McNamara were the first to respond. Two of the assailants were shot in the ensuing chaos, while a third was apprehended and taken into police custody. None of the suspects identities have yet been released, or the young woman who had been volunteering. Unfortunately officers did not arrive in time to save another volunteer who was shot in the back of the head. David Martinez will be sorely missed by his wife and their young daughter Alexis.

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