Shibuya Incident


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Scene Title Shibuya Incident
Synopsis Magnes and Jake totally go Superman vs. Doomsday on the Shibuya Crosswalk. Feel free to assume that various parts of this log made it to video. A Michael Bay production.
Date May 20 2009

Shibuya, Tokyo

Lots of Japanese people, a really big crosswalk and buildings surrounding it!

Morning, Shibuya, Tokyo. Magnes woke up rather early to search for Kimiko again, but after around two hours, he stops at a cafe he's begun to frequent, near the large Shibuya crosswalk. All manner of students and business people are rushing to work and school, making the area rather crowded and busy. People barely notice the large pole on Magnes' back, just some crazy cosplay probably.

He's sipping on something he thinks is coffee, but it's hard to know, not being able to speak much more than broken Japanese aided by a dictionary and a phrase book. So now he just waits, and plans, and hopes to God he randomly sees Kimiko walking down the street, possibly in a schoolgirl outfit.

Gaijin do tend to stand out among the other Japanese denizens of Tokyo, but enough of the natives are so colorfully adorned with insane hairstyles or outlandish clothing that at least among the younger citizenry it's easy to look conservative. Then too there are the masses of workers filing to and fro in their business suits and shirts, slacks and ties.

A moderately tall, solidly built, middle-aged white man in paramilitary looking navy blue BDU pants and a tight black t-shirt topped with a brown leather bomber jacket and reflective sunglasses walks right into view from across the streets. He eyes Magnes and then quite deliberately walks across the street looking for all the world like he's got business here. While his route takes him toward Magnes, it's a circuitous route following the foot-traffic, and he seems to be in no special hurry. It's only once he gets within earshot of Magnes even that he can be definitely said to be walking right toward the young man. "Hey." he greets casually, manner relaxed.

Sipping his coffee(?), Magnes hadn't been expecting a random white guy to walk up to him and randomly start talking. Maybe he's just out of place and wants to speak some English? The Delivery Boy sure does, but not right now, not when something may have happened to Kimiko. "Hey." he offers back, appearing distracted, but keeping eye contact anyway. "Something wrong?"

"Nah." counters Jake, standing squared off against Magnes. "You Magnes Varlane?" he asks, pointing at Magnes as he asks.

He knows his name? Magnes suddenly stands up, on alert, leaving his coffee(?) on the table as his face becomes far more focused. "What if I am? Who are you?" he asks, right hand opening and closing as if preparing. With this Kimiko stuff, and Hiro being called a terrorist, this man could be here for any number of reasons.

"Name's Jake." answers Jake. He isn't playing any games. Using that formerly pointing hand, he reaches up and removes his sunglasses, eyeing Magnes with a squint. "I've been sent to get you. Kind of like an arrest, except I'm no cop and it's not legal. So you're not going to any jail. That's good news, right?"

"Did you take Kimiko?" Magnes asks, apparently not concerned for his own 'arrest' as one hand goes to the metallic pole on his back, though not immediately drawing it. He crouches into a subtle combat position, not wanting to alarm anyone around them, then adds with a hint of anger, "Because if you did, you're giving her back, now."

There's a sigh as Jake says, "C'mon, Kid. You wanna throw down here in the street and maybe hurt a lot of innocent people? Nothing anywhere said I gotta hurt you. And I'm not gonna lie to you. Yeah we got Kimiko Nakamura. So if you come with me there's a fair chance you'll end up with her." Carefully he folds his sunglasses and puts them in an inside jacket pocket, most likely predicting a fight.

"No one's getting hurt, I'm ending this right here and now. You're gonna give Kimiko back." Magnes doesn't give a verbal warning for what happens next, he swiftly draws his pole, swinging it up with both hands, then slams it with gravity-enhanced force aimed at Jake's right foot. Crush someone's foot, that should take them out pretty quickly. He appears very angry, but he's keeping focus. Even without great skills outside of his powers, if he just focuses

Of course it takes as much time to go super-dense as it takes to flinch a muscle, and that's what Jake does in an instant at the strike. The effect overall is that the pavement cracks beneath Jake's boot, but his foot most definitely is not crushed.

Jake looks down at his foot. Up at Magnes. Makes a grab for the pole. "You started it."

"What the…" Magnes looks up, allowing the man to grab the pole, then suddenly shifting gravity forward, his entire body heavy. Of course Jake's gravity isn't shifted, but he's suddenly got a ton of weight trying to push him back. "Who are you? Why didn't that hurt? Invulnerability, kinetic absorption?" he questions while pushing, since maybe this guy isn't tight-lipped and an upper-hand can be gained by knowing.

"Nope. Just a badass." Jake says, maintaining his grip on the pole in the face of the gravitational shift. It forces him to lean forward to compensate for the invisible force or else tumble. Of course with density comes massive strength, and with a twist of the wrist he yanks at the pole in a way that threatens to make a catapult out of it and Magnes into a projectile if he doesn't let go.

Magnes suddenly jumps back, eyeing his pole in Jake's hands as he cautiously awaits what might come next. People are already starting to cross the street away from them, figuring it's just some small fight starting up. The pole is still heavy for about a minute, lingering effects he can't exactly control yet, but after that it'll go right back to normal. "I don't know what you're doing, but I'm not giving up until you give her back. I've been kidnapped once before, I'm not letting it happen again. And goddamnit, I swear, if she's hurt, I'll throw you into the sun!"

That's Jake's chance to grip the pole with both hands, concentrate on it for a moment, and then drive it about two feet into the solid concrete at their feet. There it sticks like a nail in balsa wood, made relatively dense enough for that maneuver only as long as it took to put it there. King Arthur couldn't pull it back out. "Heh. You're gonna have to take that up with the one that fought her." he says, relaxing and giving himself a density-breather for the moment as he invites with a crack of knuckles, "Still wanna fight?"

"I can fight you without a pole, whatever your power is. I've never seen an Evolved with more than one." Magnes observes, the pole getting driven into the ground causing some women to yell and cross the street, while others start to whip out their phones and record. Someone manages to catch the next part of what he says, "So it's not super strength, it's not invulnerability, that wouldn't make sense. It's something else…" He takes a deep breath, then crouches into a combat position again. "Come on, I'm ready." challenges the Delivery Boy with the slightly longer hair than he had when he first arrived in the country, covering his eyes slightly.

Jake nods once and then closes swiftly. Again, definitely not playing around. He's fast for a man of his apparent age and obviously in fighting shape, and at first seems intent upon picking Magnes up. Except rather than grab when he gets within range he sends a tight vertical fist for the younger man's solar plexus.

Magnes is sick of this man and his ability, he needs to assert himself, show that his ability isn't useless either. He doesn't move, he tenses up, getting into a crouched position with both fists balled up tightly. His entire body gets heavy, trying to evenly distribute the weight so he doesn't make himself fall down before he can even take the hit. Wham, a fist slams right into his gut, causing him to wince slightly, then he opens his eyes and looks directly into Jake's. "Now that we've both established that we've got powers, let's stop screwing around and end this, I want Kimiko back." With the fist on his gut, he tries to shift gravity upside down for both of them, trying to get this fight out of the street and possibly into the sky. This guy can't fly or anything, right?

Apparently Jake cannot fly at all, but he can certainly fall up along with Magnes. There's a moment of necessary vertigo, but Jake seems to get some sort of equilibrium going even though what's happening is certainly not natural. "Man you sure got a hard-on for that girl." he quips, maintaining a grip on Magnes as best he can. Strangely, he doesn't do anything but hang on while they float up, perhaps just as ready to take the fight up rather than make things worse on the ground.

Magnes moves his hands up, trying to grab Jake's arms as people aim their cell phones up, then gravity changes again. It's shifting down, weight is getting faster, they're falling diagonally, something he rarely ever needs to do. "Get out of the way!" he yells at the people below, causing them to quickly spread out, many running on to the side walks. Weight has been greatly increased, and apparently Magnes is attempting to body plant Jake right into the street.

Poor street.

Sparing a glance over his shoulder, Jake just quickly guages how far they have left to fall before using his other hand to grab hold of Magnes. He's gonna take this kid for a ride with him, even if Jake is the wrecking ball. Some seconds before impact, he tenses into a state as dense as he knows how to make himself. It'll take something much harder and sharper than concrete to harm him like this.

When impact comes, it's like landing on a mattress for Jake. Except the 'mattress', as it were, crumbles into dust, rocks, and pebbles, and sends slabs of busted concrete around the impact teetering oddly. In the aftermath of the titanic CRUNCH there is a dustcloud and it's in that that he coughs, spitting dirt and dust out of his mouth and nose. Hard to see if anybody's hurt.

There's coughing, he can barely see, people are yelling and screaming as they absolutely freak out trying to figure out what's going on. Some are filming, some are yelling things like 'Bomb!' in Japanese. Magnes is no longer on top of Jake, he's jumped high above the dust cloud as he tries to clear his throat and eyes, standing on the side of a glass building that people have unfortunately gathered to look out of.

The sound of sirens hasn't started yet, but they've definitely been called. "I know you're alive! I'm not letting you keep Kimiko!" he yells from the side of the building, just waiting for the dust to clear so he can see the surely severely damaged Jake!

From the dust cloud the coughing continues a moment, but once it clears Jake is revealed with one of the concrete slabs held on edge. He eyes Magnes. "I don't even fuckin' WANT Kimiko!" he says loud enough to carry, whirling once, twice, and then hurling the slab of concrete like a discus directly at Magnes!

THe slab is coming, and fast. "Get out of the way!" Magnes tries to yell at the people behind the glass behind him, but they're just not getting it. Then, out of desperation, he raises a foot, then slams it heavily against the glass, causing small cracks. "Get the hell out of the way!" he yells again, and this time they seem to get the message, running away from the window as he leaps forward while glass and pieces of building loudly smash behind him.

The people below are scattering, trying to get the point that this is dangerous. The street is almost emptied but people are staying close enough to film and take pictures. That's people for ya, even in Japan. "You could have hurt someone!" he exclaims, quickly landing on the side of the building across from the newly-damaged one, then pushes off and hurls himself toward Jake, intending to try and slam a gravity-laced punch directly into his nose.

"I don't have a choice!" Magnes loudly retorts, because there's no way he'll be kidnapped, or let them continue doing whatever they're doing to Kimiko. Then the slab comes, only giving him a moment to increase the weight of his entire body. He goes flying anyway, hitting the ground, skipping like a stone as little body-sized chunks of the ground fly up until he finally manages to stop himself. He may have avoided bone breaking, or very serious injury, but he's cut up. He has various scratches, some wounds beginning to bleed as he stands up, wobbling and trying to get his barings.

"God, what was that…" he says with a groan, looking himself over for serious wounds. "Focus, gotta focus…" he repeats to himself, tightening his fists and spitting blood from his mouth. His shirt is tattered already, his favorite Robin III shirt, revealing glimpses of his slightly more toned form from his recent training.

"This isn't over!" He slams a foot hard into the ground repeatedly, starting to kick up basketball sized chunks of concrete into the air, which start to fall in Jake's general direction from the air.

Meanwhile sirens are heard in the distance, trying to somehow break through the large crowd on each end of the crosswalk.

"Aw shit the cops…" mutters Jake, picking himself up off the concrete. Then he's running toward Magnes with his body in full mass, each boot driving into the ground like a piledriver. One of the chunks hits him and he powers through it, leaning into the collision like a football player in a tackle. A second comes within reach and he grabs the object, whinging it at Magnes like some kind of high-powered form of super Dodgeball.

Magnes only narrowly dodges that bullet as he quickly and not-so-gracefully hunches to the ground, the object slamming right into a display of televisions, sparking a small fire. "I have to end this, right now. It's over, Jake, you're giving her back!" he demands, starting to charge at Jake himself, not pushing up the ground, in fact, he stops touching the ground period, seemingly flying at full forward toward the man as he draws back a leg.

"Give back Kimiko!" is yelled at the top of his lungs, nose suddenly bleeding from the concentration of gravity into one incredibly heavy kick aimed at Jake's chin.

This is the final attack!

Jake takes the hit hard, going backward and off his feet. The force of the blow actually does rock him, but it helps Magnes' cause that his target stood there and took the brunt of it without any effort to dodge or soften the blow. Also it's kind of like hitting a piece of steel. Where he topples backward the man leaves divots in the stone.

He feels a crack when he makes impact, then yells when he lands on the ground, holding his right foot up. Yeah, that thing's broken in all sorts of ways. "W-what's going on…" He looks himself over, and when he hops to try and take the weight off his broken foot, he starts to float.

"I can't stop myself!" Panicking, he tricks to kick, but with the wrong foot, and it hurts. He's only about five feet from the ground so far though, definitely in reaching distance.

With a kip-up, Jake finds his feet and plants two new boot-prints in the pavement, then watches Magnes start to float up. "Shit." he mutters. Kid loses control, he'll go up. Maybe cut out, maybe fall to his death.

In spite of himself, Jake kinda likes this kid. He's got a lot of fight.

He makes the mistake of hopping and making a grab for Magnes, but misses because he's in his superdense state and even a modest hop is too much for him. "Hang on, kid." he cautions, taking a breath. And then suddenly Jake jumps and seems to float up himself, putting a hand in Magnes' shirt. Except Jake's light as a feather now and just about that delicate too. It won't be enough to weigh Magnes down.

"I can't make myself heavy again, my gravity is gone! This has never happened before…" And Magnes is indeed, without gravity, he's not even as light as a feather, he has no weight at all. "Wait, damnit, I'm not letting you kidnap me!" he yells and starts trying to struggle and get Jake's hand from his shirt, trying to get away. Then the wind takes over, starting to try and blow him down the street like a stray piece of paper.

God knows if Jake holds on, he's in for a ride, if he doesn't hurry and make himself heavy at least.

"Quit whining, you'll live. Don't want you to die, kid. You're all right, just kinda dumb." Jake takes a good hold of Magnes and then wills himself dense again, weighing them both down like a lead weight. Then he says with a tone of warning, "Turn it off. I can't keep holdin' on forever."

"I can't." Magnes admits, but he's less than the weight of a balloon, so anyone could easily just pull him around. He tries to pull himself back down, using Jake's grip as leverage, then plans his good foot on the ground and grab's the man's arm. "Our fight isn't over, but I don't wanna go blowing through the buildings either. So how are we gonna get away from the cops?" he asks as sirens get closer, finally starting to cut through the crowd.

"I'll get away. And I'm taking you with me, kid." Jake reveals. Without further ado he takes one hand and gives a swift and hard chop to the side of Magnes' neck, shocking the brachial nerve. It's a strike meant to knock the young man unconcious, and given with practiced confidence. "Thing about the Japanese cops. They don't have guns." Beat. "Usually they don't need guns."

Easily knocked out, not expecting it, since he was going along nicely, Magnes just floats there unconsciously now. So much for not getting kidnapped.

"Oh man. You're gonna make it easy." Jake looks over his shoulder at the police running toward them. Wills himself light, then shoves off into the air. They'll drift away like helium balloons, to come down later some place far from here.

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