Shining Armour


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Scene Title Shining Armour
Synopsis Knighthood seems an unlikely role for Robyn, but it's one that's warmly welcomed by a wounded young lady of royal descent.
Date February 20 2011

The Dome - or just outside where it used to be

'Organised chaos' might be a cliche, but it's also a rather appropriate description for the bedlam engulfing this portion of Roosevelt Island. The military-run triage stations are operating further South, but here the throngs of people are largely made up of civilians - from reporters to aid workers, though the majority are friends and relatives here in search of those they hope might have survived the Dome. The filtering effect of the security checkpoints has, however, only served to add to the confusion - many who would like to be here aren't, and substitutes and stand-ins have been rounded up from those able to get onto the Island.

One of the array of survivors wearily surveying the bustling horde, Ygraine is presently crouched atop a low wall, her rather vulture-like posture suggesting either great weariness or considerable pain, folded forward around one arm and over her knees, head drooping low as she peers out from beneath lowered brows.

QUinn had come by as soon as she had finished with Abby and Raith, which granted didn't leave her much time to look around, and dwindling sunlight to work around with. Roosevelt Island was even harder to navigate now that it had been before, but she had called ahead of time - briefly, so she knew where to look - so with ehr scooter parked and out on foot, she begins the search for her wayward and injured girlfriend.

And when she turns a corner and finally does spot the other woman, sitting high up on her perch, Quinn's heart jumps up into her throat a bit, a wide smile forming on her face, before she breaks into a jog towards the woman, barely dodging other people and debris and various other things that stand between the apir.


There's a moment's delay before Ygraine's head lifts, swinging round towards the source of the shout. Her name, at least, is distinctive even amidst the babble of the crowd, and only a moment passes before she locks onto Quinn. The stare is intense, almost hungry… then her face cracks into a rather tight smile.

Rather than hopping or vaulting down from her perch, however, she carefully walks down the wall, stepping onto the ground - during which process it becomes clear that one sleeve of her jacket hangs loose and empty, though a second glance should spot the sling she now wears.

Quinn doesn't really seem to notice anything unusual at first, besides possible waryness, about Ygraine. It's when she runs up and gets ready to go for a hug that she notices the sling, barely able to keep herself from throwing arms around teh Briton. Instead, she stops suddenly, staring at Ygraine with a frown.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" she starts, elaning forward to look closer at the sling. "FUck, fuck, fuck, what happened?" Eyes move back up to look at Ygraine's still frowning. "Please tell me you're alright…"

"It's clean", Ygraine says, forcing a smile. She looks… freshly cleaned, but dreadful. Stress and fatigue are writ clear on her features, and she's lost weight… while her whole body language has changed from her customary rather predatory stalk. Now, she largely conveys pain and wariness.

She does, however, attempt to gently slip her free arm around Quinn. "It's clean", she repeats quietly. "But… while trying to negotiate access to food for people, I got shot."

Her eyes widening dramatically, Quinn gingerly wraps ehr arms around Ygraine and squeezes tightly. "Shit! I- oh my god, that must've been terrible…" Duh? "Are you… okay otherwise?" Besides teh obvious, of course. Quinn tilts her head up to look Ygraine in the eyes, a worried expression on her face. "I've been so worried abotu you while you were in here, an' you got shot? Jesus Christ, this city…"

With gentle determination, Ygraine hooks her free hand behind Quinn's head, pulling her in for a kiss. Thanks to her somewhat hunched posture, the height difference is less than it usually would be - but the Briton still seems to have sufficient energy to put some real fire into it. "I'm here. I'll live. And you can probably thank Jaiden for me having an arm", she murmurs when she pulls back an inch or two. "He was… great. But… I've got a stack of new nightmares. An absolute stack of material for them. It was… bad in there. And I feel guilty for leaving now, but… I'm worried I'd be a liability if I stayed."

The kiss catches Quinn off guard, but she tries to return it equally, though there's a small bit of hesitation. "A liiability?" she repeats, sounding a bit confused. "Have they… cleared you t' leave yet? I mean, you got shot. I'm not sure she should just up an' leave triage…" She lays her head against Ygraine, hugging tightly. "What… what can I do t' help?"

"I've been through triage", Ygraine says quietly, cradling Quinn in the crook of her arm, clearly glad to hold her close - though her leathers, in spite of having received a quick clean in triage, do rather smell as if they've been lived in for weeks now that Quinn is this close to them. "And I've already had Alfred taken away to safety by Alley Cat. I won't be riding for a while. So… if you'll have me, I might be getting under your feet…."

"Under my feet?" Quinn blinks, tilting her head at Ygraine for a moment. "Well… if you're sure, let's get you home." She can't help but wrinkle her nose, but hopefully Ygraine understands. "Int' a warm bath, some fresh clothes, a warm meal and a nice movie…" Quinn shrugs a bit, looking back up at Yg. "I can get Alfred and bring him back, maybe? I mean- I've never driven a motorcycle, but I had t' get a motorbike liscence for my scooter, so… I have an idea."

Chuckling softly, Ygraine gently shakes her head. "I couldn't ask you to tackle a ten-fifty CC bike, love. And I'm happy to throw a little cash at Alley Cat for it. He should already be most of the way home, by now. I saw him off shortly before you got here. And… I frankly want to keep you in my sight as long as I can, Robyn."

That was exactly what Quinn had expected, but she still winces juuuust a little bit. Hopfully not noticably. "I figured you might," Quinn says quietly, hugging Ygraine. "I still have t' work this week, an' I may have some other things t' do… an' I have t' spend some time at my at the Verb. But I'll stay with you. Spend as much time with you as I can."

"I don't want to get you the sack", Ygraine murmurs, by way of instant response. "So while I'd personally love to have you around all the time, I fully expected you to need to disappear off, I promise. And much though I'd like to, I can't expect you to live your life out of my bedroom, love. So… I promise to try not to be too clingy. Just… please bear with me as best you can, okay? I suspect I'm going to be a bit of a flake for a while."

"Ygraine…" Quinn eyes close and her lips purse. Elaine would probably hate what she's about to say. "I love you. You've just been through hell. I can't spend every minute of the day with you, but I'm sure as hell going t' spend as much time as I can, alright? I… don't mind livin' out of your bedroom for a bit. Still need t' go by home, I can't just abandon Elaine for a while, but… the point still stands." The note of Ygraine being a flake goes un adressed.

Ygraine offers a faint, weak chuckle, then nuzzles lightly at Quinn's hair. "I don't deserve you", she murmurs, delivering another gentle squeeze, before pulling back a touch. "Shall we get going? I'm sure I must reek appallingly. It was… a while before I managed to meet up with Jaiden, and… the leathers got a heavy work-out."

"You are a right bit ripe," Quinn replies with a wry chuckle and a shake of ehr head as she pulls away from Ygraine. "But I agree. We should get you home, get you clean an' comfortable. Real bath, real food, real bed. Just… relax. Forget about alla the shit that's happened in the last few weeks for a bit."

"I'm… I'll try", Ygraine murmurs, forcing another smile, before bringing her hand up to caress Quinn's cheek. "I adore you, Robyn. Thank you for riding to my rescue."

"Few weeks late for a rescue," Quinn laments, taking Ygraine by her hand. "Come on. I borrowed a car, wasn't sure you'd be in good enough shape t' ride my scooter. Do you need t' check out, or anythin'?"

Ygraine quickly shakes her head. "No, no. Already done that. I could try walking home now, if I wanted. But I figured I'd let you be my knight in shining armour, love. I… kind of like you in that role, I admit."

Blushing a bit, Quinn tugs gently on Ygraine. "I… that's not my role," Quinn replies with a weak laugh. "I'm usually the damsal in distress, I'm not really good at even mildly dramatic rescues.. Knights in Shining Armour are almost never women anyway, but fuck that."

"Maybe we should get you some fantasy chick chainmail", Ygraine teases gently, moving to slip her arm around Quinn's waist so that she can keep tight hold of the Irishwoman as they walk. "But I think that you deserve credit for it, love. Coming here can't have been easy for you."

"Not this late, no. Been busy t'day, and gettin' out ehre with an expired work past and the military crawling about…" Quinn rolls her shoulders, letting out a sigh. "But I got here. That's what matters, right?"

"That you were pleased to see me was kind of nice, too", Ygraine gently teases, leaning into Quinn for a stride or two. "You didn't even need a photograph to remind yourself of what I looked like! Not, I admit, that I'm wholly certain I look over-much like I used to. I'm afraid i've not done anything to maintain the hair-dye for weeks!"

There's a snicker from Quinn, followed by a fond smile. "How could I forget?" she teases back, shaking her head. "Don't worry about the hair dye or anythin' silly like that. Not like I've had my hair t' match it anytime recent;y at all." She leans against Ygraine a bit as she guides her out of the triage and back to the car

"No… but it's red because you like it", Ygraine points out simply. "And pleasing you makes me happy. So… I was thinking. If there's anything you'd like a pet Briton for, then… now's your chance. I'm not going to be working many shifts for some time, so… if there's anything you'd like me to do, just name it."

Laughing Quinn grins and shakes her head. "Besides rest an' get better? Nothin' off hand. I'm sure I'll think a' somethin', though," she replies with a smile and a grin, pulling Ygraine closer as they walk.

Perfectly happy to lean on Quinn, Ygraine sighs contentedly. "I was thinking of maybe trying to do some artwork for you", she admits, somewhat bashfully. "If you wanted, that is. Maybe come up with some things for your records. Perhaps put some more tattoo ideas to you. I've… had a few ideas, while I've been in here - in there."

"I would love some art. I need a cover for whenever I put out my next single…" Quinn muses. It'll be a bit of a walk to the car, but she doesn't mind talking until they get there. "Tattoo ideas too, need t' stop puttin' that off. Though… I hope Lydia's okay. I should call her later, make sure her an' the bookstore are in one piece." She chuckles, looking up at Ygraine. "But working on something ,usic related could be cool. Have two demos t' play for you, a signed CD t' give you… Do you know Eve Mas? She wants t' do a song with me."

"I'm pretty sure Ichihara's okay, but I'll certainly help you check for sure, if you like. As for Mas? I don't know her, but I'm very much aware of her. She's on my target-list for Liberty, you might recall", Ygraine murmurs fondly. "And I want to chase you up about that, too. Maybe while I have to travel by taxi I can play up the whole decadent music producer thing, eh? Though I'm not sure that an arm in a sling helps, but… it'd be great to work with you, love. Absoluately fantastic."

"that's good t' hear…" Quinn mumbles. "We'll have t' go see Eve sometime. SHe plays at the Orchid Louge, she's absolutely wonderful up on stage. Been a fan a' hers for a while, so… her wantin' t' do a song with me was pretty amazin'. I'll be sure t' introduce the two a' you." She smiles up at Ygraine again, giggling. "Maybe you can help me write a song…"

"I've never managed to catch one of her performances", Ygraine murmurs ruefully, "though I've been in the Lounge a few times." Including with Robyn, of course. "And if I can do anything at all to help, I'd love to. I'd be absolutely honoured to. And you getting to sing with her - that sounds great. For both of you. Did she approach you about it herself? I hope so."

"I'd love t' have your help on a song," Quinn mummers - and now the car is in sight, parked a good distance from the triage. "She an' I- I went t' see her after a show back in December, asked her t' sign a poster. She gave me her number, we got chummy… she was at the concert too, an' came t' see me an' Elaine at the Verb a few days later. Asked me then."

Ygraine giggles, cocking her head as she smiles sidelong at her companion. "You went and got her autograph?" Clearly delighted, the fading redhead giggles, shaking her head. "There's something really… sweet about you doing that, as a professional musician yourself."

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