Shocking Appearance


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Scene Title Shocking Appearance
Synopsis Savannah and Yana take an elevator ride and get a shockingly naked visitor.
Date January 9, 2010

Dorchester Towers

Dorchester Towers is a huge white building surrounded by a carefully landscaped stretch of gardens. The spacious lobby almost has more window than wall, white and green marble floor tiles gleaming in the light; it is occupied by doormen and a concierge to assist renters and guests. Nine high-speed elevators provide convenient access to upper stories; every floor has its own laundry room. Closed-circuit TV monitors the lobby and grounds, and every apartment has a security system, double-bolt door locks, and even window locks. The complex has its own garage, a bicycle room, and a sun deck.

It is getting closer to curfew, much later on in the evening when Yana returns from her evening at the theater. As normal, she paid for a male escort to escort her, she had him detailed down to specifics, and she said goodnight at the front door of her apartment. They usually get a reasonable tip if they manage to not bring her a sense of irritation. It is rare that they do, and depending on what mood she is in, it could end up bad for them. Tonight's evening went without a hitch, and she is returning to her apartment, traveling through the lobby, decked out in her gorgeous black evening dress, hitting the elevator button and stepping upon, without attendant, or anyone else for that matter. She's just going upstairs to her apartment, no need for anyone else, what could happen?

"Hold the elevator, please!" Savannah calls, making her way across the lobby. While her flight from Europe had returned earlier in the day, there had been positively nothing to eat in the house. And while she would have bothered Kam to come grab food with her, the jet lag was already too much for him and he was asleep nearly as soon as they had come back. Which meant Savannah, tired and hungry, had headed out for a meal. The bedraggled author still manages to look chic, however, sporting designer jeans and a blouse and sensible heels, and she hurries towards the elevator to grab it before the doors shut. "Sorry. I think if I stand there waiting for the elevator I'll fall asleep right in the lobby."

The elevator has apparently recently been inspected, the inspector's panel is still opened. As the elevator doors close, and the elevator starts to move, a small flicker appears in one of the sockets. It's brief, might just have been a trick of the eyes. But then it happens again, a flicker of… electricity? Yeah, likely electricity in that elevator socket, and now another time. Should that happen? Shouldn't the inspector have found that kind of thing, and well… fixed it?

In everyday life, usually to strangers, Yana is quite nice and cordial. She could very well be one of those people to push the close door button on Savannah as she is trying to rush to get this car. She was raised much better than that however, so she keeps the door from closing too early, long enough for the other woman to catch it. "Mm, yes. I was fortunate to catch it on this floor I believe. Half of the time I find it takes far too long, which is something they should probably work on fixing." She explains as the doors close and the car begins to move. Her eyes are drawn to the open panel, "Hm.." she remarks with mild displeasure. She has high expectations, about everything, and an open elevator panel doesn't qualify as acceptable. "It appears that they already have started.. Or some such." her lips purse together.

When there is a jolt of electricity, Yana steps further back against the elevator wall, her eyes narrowing with even more displeasure. "I don't think that is supposed to happen. Is this elevator broken?" she starts to look around, "Surely they would have placed up a sign or something, I would hope there is no one so incompetent as to neglect doing so?"

"They should. This is a nice enough place that they can afford to keep the elevators running fast." Savannah's hand grips the railing behind her as she peers towards the panel. "I am sure they'd have a sign. I don't think they'd want to risk a lawsuit for something like that, especially considering the type of residents Dorchester brings in." She looks around. "Electrical failure is probably better than any number of problems in an elevator, though…"

Another jolt of electricity, but this one is bigger. Much bigger, it takes up a … humanoid shape in the elevator, and starts to … solidify into a young man. A naked young man. When Sven notices that he's naked and with two women, his first instinct is to cover up some certain areas while saying in a distinct swedish accent, "I'm sorry, ladies! This wasn't supposed to happen…" He pauses, "Not quite sure what was supposed to happen, I'll admit, but this certainly wasn't it!"

Where can a person feel safe, if they cannot feel safe in the elevator at their own home? For Yana, she is already feeling just a tad on the nervous side, what with the panel door being open, and the elevator starting to spark. She isn't exactly claustrophobic, but she doesn't want to be trapped on an elevator either. "You're right, of course." she forces a smile to Savannah, "The maintenance man probably stepped away to the rest room, and he just forgot to close the panel, that is all." She rationalizes. Though still, she finds it a little unacceptable. You can bet she is keeping a close, nervous eye on the wiring in there.

When there is a second jolt, Yana of course startles, the woman jumping with a small cry, reaching to clutch her upper breast, near her heart, "Did you see that? I— Oh!!" she cries when electricity practically jumps from the panel and spills into the elevator to form a man, without clothing. Well, Yana is one of those refined women, and naked men jumping out of elevators is something she is not privy to. So her natural reaction is to scream as if she is being assaulted. This is not a pretty scene.

It's funny how two people in the same situation can react entirely differently. There's a sharp gasp from Savannah as Sven just… comes out of the panel. It's a shock, but she doesn't scream. Nope. Instead, the blonde quickly shrugs off her coat, which is thankfully at least decently long, and holds it out towards Sven. She then tries very hard not to giggle at the sheer absurdity of the situation. "Kam will not believe me when I tell him this." Her gaze flickers to Yana, especially since… well, looking at Sven is awkward. "Calm down, I assure you that, um, accidents happen and if this man tries to assault you I'll do my very best to protect you."

Sven accepts the coat and puts it on, giving Savannah a thankful smile. "Thank you, ma'am. My apologies for this… interruption." His more… private regions are at least decently private now. "This might seem like a weird question, but… mind telling me what date it is?" He does his best to keep a respectable distance to the two women, in as far that is possible within the elevator. "I wish I could explain what is going on here… but I'm afraid I can't. Not really, anyway…"

Yana, as you would have it, it s bit on the pretentious side. So a dramatic reaction to what has just happened is to be expected. Perhaps she isn't about to be assaulted, as Sven doesn't seem outwardly aggressive, but Yana is quite sure that someone is playing some kind of lewd, perverse prank on her at the moment. The likes of which she does not find very funny. We are not amused. "Accidents? An accident? Something of this nature, this unlikely is normally no accident." she has her doubts and suspicions. And she is staying far back against the wall as she possibly can, as if she would catch a disease from the naked man.

Yana whips her glare to Sven when he comes up with that explanation, finding it quite unacceptable. "What do you mean you cannot explain? You appear, in an elevator, unclothed, from the maintenance panel, and that is the best you can come up with is that you cannot explain? Who are you? What is your name?" she asks in that 'I'm going to report you' tone. The rush of the situation hasn't passed over her just yet.

There's a stare in Sven's direction from Savannah, as she can now stare without feeling terribly awkward. She clears her throat a little bit. "January 9th," comes the reply, and after a moment of hesitation, she continues, "2011." The author's eyes flicker to Yana and her more outraged reaction. She's got no comment, really, on that. "In my line of work, I run across some… very peculiar incidents. So if you're worried we don't understand… I can at least try. What is this, teleportation?" She questions. "And… when are you from?"

"A month… that's… not too bad, I suppose…" Sven mutters to himself, before looking back to Savannah. "I.. don't know what this is, I… got sucked in an electrical socket on December 9th… 2010, and lost all sense of time. I finally figured out a way to escape, but well… I didn't expect to be naked." He looks over to Yana, but her tone makes him decide not to answer that question.

This is madness! Utter madness! And this man is very suspicious to her. Though clearly if he is some kind of Evolved, Dr. Blite has a bit of a interest, considering he can seem to turn himself into pure energy. A power that is a bit difficult for her grand plans. She pulls her own coat tighter around herself, still not quite trusting the young man to allow herself to relax. And the fact that he won't give his own name, weeeelll that right there, in itself just screams creeper to her. "Peculiar incidents are best to happen in places that are not this close to home." In other words, these types of things are simply not permitted to happen in her presence.

"You mean to say, that you have been.. filtering through the electrical system for over a month?" The dark woman narrows her dark eyes at the man, "Sir, I would suggest that you gain control over whatever ability you may possess. You simply cannot go around doing this to unsuspecting women. You may find yourself in a particularly nasty spot one of these times. Someone you drop in on could have a rather nasty ability themselves, and they just might spring it on you should you surprise them. And then where would you be?" She is a prime example of that.

Madness? No! This… is… Dorchester! Suspicious or not, Savannah's want to take pity on the man. "I can't say I'd like to run into something like this any closer to my place, but… sometimes things happen." She looks towards Yana, then to Sven. "Considering you were stuck for… a month, I imagine this is the first time your ability has manifested? I agree that you should try to get control on it quickly. There are pretty dangerous types in this city, even those without abilities. You look about as surprised as we do, so… my suggestion is to get down to the Suresh Center. They have people who can help, and there's a very nice doctor there, Dr. Brennan… he's got negation abilities, so he can keep your power from going out of control while you're getting things situated. You can tell him Savannah sent you."

As Sven opens his mouth in order to respond, he dematerializes again, the coat he was wearing turning black from the heat released by the process. The smell of something burning fills the elevator, and another jolt of electricity is forming, this time it's shooting back into the socket from where the man appeared. A soft crackle of electricity follows, but after that, Sven is gone, back into the grid he came from.

Dr. Brennen. At the Suresh Center, which is where she works. Yana will have to remember this. It sparks a particular point of interest for the Dr. because of the fact he has the power of negation. Negators are another problem with her big plans, unless certain conditions are met. It is good to know who they are when she can get that kind of information. In that, Savannah was just pretty helpful. "Hm. Yes. I imagine you could get help at the Suresh Center. I could in fact speak to someone there, and see if—" Yana pauses a moment as as the man becomes electricity again, making Yana scoot back almost flat against the wall. When he jumps back into the socket, the woman frowns and narrows her eyes, peering at where he went to. "No name, no goodbye.. I'd say he was a bit rude, to be honest. Imagine, the very idea of causing such a scene and then leaving so abruptly. I'm telling you, it was some perverted prank."

"Oh!" Savannah backs up at the sparks, staring at the rest of the coat. "Uh, I think I'm leaving that there for the janitorial staff." She cautiously presses a button the elevator to make sure that things are working, and sighs in relief when the elevator moves. "I don't know. The kid seemed startled more than anything. Not quite deer-in-the-headlights, but more like a startled rabbit or something. He would have been having more fun if it was a prank." She leans back against the railing again. "At the very least, he knows where to go now, if he's having problems with his ability."

"Mm." Dr. Blite, the skeptic. "Perhaps.." The woman who was rather hysterically screaming moments ago is quite calm, nearly dangerously so. She is contemplating and that is a rather bad thing. Her manicured nail taps against the rail at her side as she eyes narrow slightly, "Though I've seen people put on faces that were quite different than what they want others to see." Her being one of them. After that thought however, she dismisses the notion, "Either way, I'm not sure how safe I feel. It could have been my apartment he jumped out in. Or even worse.." she shakes her head, "This world we live in. So much chaos.."

"There's nothing you can do about the chaotic. There will always be chaos in the world in one form or another. I think it's a matter of knowing it and understanding with it. Adapting. Figuring things out anew. Isn't that the point of evolution? Adapting to your environment?" Savannah breathes out a sigh, looking anxiously towards the elevator doors. "I don't like the idea of someone just popping into my apartment like that but… such things are usually unlikely. This was probably a one-in-a-million occurrence."

Nothing, she says. Yana strives to defy Savannah's logic, by controlling certain factors that will bring her ideal of order. Though for now she is taking things one step at a time. This electrical phenomenon now poses an interesting problem that she intends to solve. "Perhaps.." she comments to Savannah's logic. As the doors finally open however, she adds yet another possibility. "One-in-a-million.. So then.. you think he'll stay inside the wiring this time? I'm betting on no. Next time, I doubt it'll be an elevator."

"No, probably not an elevator," Savannah agrees. "Hopefully somewhere safer and… more private. One would hope." She peers at the burnt coat, shrugging a little. "Didn't love this coat anyways. An excuse to buy a new one, I guess." She moves towards the elevator doors. "Don't lose sleep over this, though. You probably have more of a chance of being struck by lightning than that guy ending up in your apartment accidentally."

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